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Rock Musician Suicide - The unexpected missing of famous figures

It is fantastic to dying for music. Even though this is not understood by all of the people worldwide, the individuals who have enjoyed it's in depth at least once in their life are dying to hear the wonderful sound of music. There are various different genres in it. Everyone does not like the same style. There are different flavours in it. Some of the people love pop style while others are like the traditional style. The flavours are like this. The main genre of rock music also an important aspect of it. The music addicted peoples are not only dying to hear to music, but they also loved very much for the vocals, songwriters, producers and instrument players as well. When there is a sudden death of such musicians they actually worried a lot. Today, I am going to tell you such sad stories of musician suicide in past few years due to various reasons.

The 10 rock musician suicided due to various reasons

Mark Linkous Sparklehorse

He is a famous musician and a songwriter. He was born in 1962 and after completing forty-seven ages of his life as a famous public figure in the world, he died on March 2010. He was a multitalented person in many directions of music. He has played the piano, keyboard, bass guitar and drums. In addition to that, he was a talented vocalist. During the time of suicide, he has depended on the education for depression. At that time, he has suffered from some problems with his wife. And also, the sudden death of his close friend named Vic Chesnutt has made a significant influence on his life. However, unfortunately, he left us with the gunshot injury in his injured heart due to social and private problems.

Vic (Victor) Chesnutt

He is the friend of Mark. He died in 2009 at the age of forty-four years. Even though the reason behind his death was recorded as over intake of medications to keep muscles relaxed during his hospital admission, he has attempted to suicide before for four times. He revealed about this during an interview. However, ultimately, we lost a valuable person for rock music. This musician who was fluent in vocals as well as playing the guitars has released seventeen albums throughout his life. Folk Rick and the roots rock are the famous music genres of him.

William Reese

Even though his birth name is this he is known as Owsley in professional and peers community. He is a pop and rock singer. Not only that he played several roles in this field of music including record engineer, record producer, songwriter and the guitarist. He has won several awards for his talents. He has been nominated for an award at the time of apparent suicide as well. But, unfortunately, he could not be able to see the actual results of it. He left us at the age of forty-four years. His peak active years were 1985 to 2010.

Chester Bennington

Chester is a one of lead vocalist in the American rock music field. He is a singer, songwriter and sometimes worked as an actor. But, his life was full of barriers. At the time of his suicide, he was on antidepressant medications. And also, he was addicted to alcohol as well. The autopsy of him clearly states the amount of alcohol content in his blood at the time of his suicide. Actually, he had hung. The housekeeper of his house has discovered his body. The death of this talented rock musician became a very unfortunate incidence for the field. He left us in 2017.

Christopher John Cornell

There are many unfortunate records in 2017 regarding the sudden loss of famous musicians in the world. The Christopher also left is life by committing to suicide by hanging at the fifty-two years of his age. He was also a lead vocalists in many of the genres including alternative metal, heavy metal and hard rock. However, he was an alcohol addict or as many of the rock musicians. In addition to that, he is addicted to analgesic medications. The depression made a significant change in his life by leading to suicide. All these bad incidences may be due to the uncertainty of his personal life. Hence, it is a most important factor to keep our mental health in a standard level to avoid such bad influences as this.

Keith Noel Emerson

Sadly, this wonderful songwriter, musician and who were participated in programming and arranging rock musicals were left us in 2016. At the time of his death, he was a seventy-one years old very experienced musician. Later in his life, he had suffered from the common nerve compression disorder known as writers cramp due to his playing style. Therefore, ultimately, he has to take breaks from his professional life in accordance with the medical advice. It was a very difficult period for him. After his death, the autopsy revealed it is a suicide by a gunshot injury. Actually, it is a self-inflicted one. The medical team, as well as his close friends and relations, were believed this suicide attempt was due to depression he felt after terminating his works. Not only that, he has suffered from heart diseases as well.

Since the depression has become a major factor behind most of the suicidal attempts it is important to introduce healthier management techniques of it in order to spare our valuable human resources to develop this music field with their experiences.

Fergus David Edward Miller

This talented personnel in the field of music was born 1990 and left the world in 2016 during his 26th of age. He was an active singer, songwriter and producer of many of the records for a period of six years from 2010 to 2016. He was known as Bored Nothing in his professional setup. Finally, this young and energetic man who was the husband of Anna Davidson left his whole life including his personal lifestyle and the occasional achievements just because of the same reason we saw in most of the suicide of rock artists. It is the depression! How unfortunate to lose a talented youngers who are there to take responsibility for the future generation in early in life? But, it happened.

Craig Gill

He was the drummer of the popular rock band on Inspiral Carpets. His death was recorded as a suicidal attempt. After a period of his death, his wife revealed the disturbed ear condition called tinnitus had become a terrible thing for his husband. Years and years he had lived with it. But, at last, he was able to say goodbye to it, but at the same time, his life also missed. Not only that, he has suffered from sleeping problems and anxiety as well. All these conditions have badly affected for his carrier life. According to his wife, he had suffered all of it's for twenty years silently. But, at the end of his patience, he has taken the worst and sad decision to revenge from himself by suiciding.

Ronald Douglas Montrose

The Ronald is a name which will be there in the field of rock music for forever. Even though he left us four-five years back in 2012, the rock fans still remembering his name in front of most of the products. He was in sixty-four years of age at his death. He was a songwriter, composer and producer. He has led the most famous bands named Monster and Gamma as a talented guitarist for years. The hard rock, instrumental, heavy metal rick along with blue rock was the most famous genres of this great musician. He had suffered from prostate gland cancer at the time of his self inflicted gunshot injury which was lead to his death. In some of the places, the reason behind this suicidal attempt is known as the clinical depression as well.

Robert Lawrence Welch

He was also known as Bob Welch. He has also taken his life during the sixty plus years of his age by a self-inflicted gunshot in 2012. It seems it is not as musicians who died recently by hanging themselves. Most of the artists who left the world in 2012 or the same period has followed the self-inflicted gunshots to leave their lives. However, most of the singers who hung themselves were younger ones than Welch.

Who are the musicians who died in 2018?

Even though there is a huge list of musician committed suicide in the early years of the 2010s, it seems there is a reduction of the number of suicides during the late periods. However, there is one record during 2018 as well. He was not a rock musician but a talented record producer and the DJ remixer. He was the Tim Bergling. He was also known as Avicii in his professional life. He left is life at the age of 28 with no identified cause. But, later, it was identified as a suicidal attempt with a broken wine glass. He has kept a note on his leaving before his death. Therefore, it confirmed his death as a suicide and due to huge blood loss.

However, after his death, there were no any deaths due to suicidal attempts up until now. No doubts, all the music lovers may wish to see this type of situation. They never wish to lose their heart touching voices so early due to avoidable, but, unavoided causes.

3 musicians who killed themselves on stage

Even though there is a considerable list of musicians who died on stage while performing their favourite job, there are no histories of suicidal attempts on stage. Most of the deaths at the performances were due to sudden deaths of heart attacks. The musicians have reacted to this situation in many ways. But, ultimately, they have died on the stage. It was an unfortunate fact that some had to leave their life while doing the things they really love.

However, we can not say there is no any murder cases behind the one stage deaths. There are few murder records as well as some unusual attacks of animals which used in the show times. All those unexpected moments cause to made sadness in their fans.

How musician suicides affect badly on the music industry

Are there any other disadvantages from these types of deaths during unexpected moments for the field of music other than the loss of an excellent voice? Sometimes, we think that it is easy to replace their talents. Therefore, there is nothing much disadvantages. But, actually, it is not so. Once, we lost a human resource who was excellent in a particular aspect, it is not easy to rebuild the same talents. Actually, some of the talents depend on personal factors. But, there are some of them which we can acquire by practices as well.

When there is a sudden death of musicians it will become a great fact to consider by cancelling future events, releases as well as other productions. Therefore, it will take lots of time to settle those. It is a wastage of financial incomes for the music institute as well. That is why it is mandatory to take actions before happening these type of unfortunate deaths.

As we highlighted above, most of the rock stars who died recently has suffered from a period of depression before their suicides. Therefore, if the music industry has paid their attention to arrange mental health programs for all of the members in their industry, they could be able to avoid such an unfortunate death of a talented musician.

The final comments in a few lines

It is so sad to hear those stories of musician suicide. Actually, losing these talented stars in their early life is not an easy and simple problem for the music industry. Most of the reasons behind these suicide are preventable with adequate measures. Therefore, we all have to have a discussion on preventing such a bad incidences just because of bad habits such as alcoholism, analgesic addictions Etc. At last, taking steps to prevent those in the music industry by improving the quality of their life is a responsibility of administrative levels. We hope to post again again on this facts to make a concern in the society. If you eager to become a part of it, keep engaging with us!

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