Moving memories Essay

Moving can be a life changing event. In fact, by definition, moving is a process where you change the location where you live. In the fall of 2014, my dad decided to take up a job offer in Nashville. My family and I currently lived in Montana. I was in the middle of fourth grade, my sister was in third, and my other sister was in first. To move across the country to Nashville, my family and all of my family’s belongings would have to travel 1",500 miles.

In December, we sold our house and packed up our stuff into a moving truck, loaded up the van, and headed for Kentucky, where my grandparents lived, so my dad would have time to find a house. He was already working in Nashville at his new job and we were eagerly awaiting our new home. After Christmas, he found one, and my Grandfather, my mom, and I headed down to Tennessee to scout out our new residence. The realtor who was helping us took us three out to dinner after seeing the house, and we happily started driving back to Kentucky to arrange the final trip. Almost immediately, my mom began to feel sick. At first we thought it was motion sickness, but we soon realized it was food poisoning. Something at the restaurant she was allergic to had affected her meal, and she was having a strong reaction. Luckily, we were able to get back to my grandparents’, but but my mom was sick all the way there.

After living at my grandparents’ for three weeks, the whole family packed up and headed to the new house. Our furniture and clothes had been in a storage facility while we were in Kentucky, and there were sooo many boxes to unpack. Until we had our dishes and kitchen appliances out, we had to eat fast food, and Wendy’s was the food of choice. At least until we’d eaten it for six days straight--lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast. Soon, our new house was primitively decorated and livable, which meant we had to go to school.

Moving may seem easy, but making new friends in a school full of strangers after leaving friends you had known for five years is stressful. It took a long time to acclimate, and the first friends I made were in a reading group. My sisters made friends quickly, but I was shy and didn’t make any more friends except the four boys that were in my reading group. Soon, however, I was comfortable with my new life in Goodlettsville.

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