Motivation To Lead Essay


Identify ways in which they can apply the results to improve leadership ability within their organization.


Effective motivation and leadership helps every individual to get success in the workplace (Geller, 2016). In this assessment, the researcher is a Senior Personal Banker in Wales Fargo Bank. The process by which the researcher is leading the bank is quiet appreciable as the characteristics required for being a good leader is present in the researcher. As the researcher is more interested in becoming the leader rather than follower, he or she will surely benefit the bank from the policies that will be implemented by him or her. Apart from this, the nature of helping others in team without being a leader shows his or her ability to become a good leader. Moreover, the ability of researcher in leading others without any expectation in return is very courageous for others to follow (Tuckey, Bakker & Dollard, 2012). Therefore, the assessment can be concluded that the researcher can be proved as a good leader in generating new sales and lead the bank towards success.

The researcher has some other qualities that can be assessed in this study, which are indicating that the researcher can become a good leader. The interest of taking responsibility and getting responsibility in groups made the researcher more efficient for becoming an excellent person in charge who always agrees to take the responsibility and never expect any advantage from that. Therefore, finally it can be said that the researcher has the efficiency to become a better leader for the bank that will improve their sales as well as the internal environment of the organisation.

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