Motivation English Language And Linguistics Essay


Discuss about the Motivation English Language and Linguistics.



The subject of this essay is about the discussion of self-learning, motivational aspects of self-learning, and a self-change perception. A methodology of a research work has been provided related to the subject. The methodology has to be analyzed and the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology have to be found in this essay. The research work has followed the qualitative methodology and the outcomes of this research have to be evaluated through the self-enhancement programs.

The topic of the essay has a strong connection with the learning processes of the second language in the Asian countries. The second language here has been described here as English. English is looked upon as the only global language in the world and no language comes close to English when being compared. The idea of motivation of the self is described here (Schunk & Zimmerman, 2012). The introduction of the research phenomenon is one of the main subjects of this essay. The research work is done on the motivation and the lacking that it has in the issues of motivating a student for studying and doing higher studies on language and linguistics. The research process is based on the qualitative method and some mixed research methods (Mertens, 2014). The process of qualitative research is followed in the research work as the objective is to make the learners realize the central point of the topic and the learners should be able to describe the importance of self-motivation in their own words (Silverman, 2016).

It is a known fact that English is used as the most common and global language (Crystal, 2012). The desire for learning another language has acquired importance for a long time now. Another flow of tide is shown in the fact that the learners have wanted to get in a closer contact with the language community they are learning. It might help them to get a closer look at the possibilities the particular language may provide or the better opportunities to learn the language than they can do by reading some books or doing some professional courses on it. One wishes to become the ideal self i.e. the kind of person he or she wishes to become in the future (Sampson, 2012). The ought to self and the learning experience are the stages that the researchers have highlighted. The data collection was done in three stages to give a prominent outcome to the research work.

The data analysis was done through the qualitative analysis method. The data collection was done in a way that the learners got ample time and opportunities to show their expertise over the English language. This is one of the strengths that should be highlighted. This gives the students the moral confidence that they can achieve something and fulfill their dreams in life if they study English language and linguistics. English language has a power to assimilate all the spheres of the world. The data analysis process included dividing the students in groups and giving them different tasks and evaluating them, providing them a Learning Journal in four sessions that would help them to realize their responsibilities of learning English language. The stages of the data analysis were completed and then the enhancement program dealt with the betterment of the students (Sedikides & Alicke, 2012). It is a very useful tool to measure the intelligence and the application power of the students in diverse situations. The enhancement program had the opportunity of meeting with the ideal persons of the students. This would give the students the power to motivate themselves. There are several unimportant factors in the study that should not be treated with any priorities like some of the research questions to the students. The strength areas are the enhancement program sessions as they have helped the students to know their actual self. The weaknesses of the methodology lie in the fact that the students had to pass through so many stages to prove their credibility in English. The issue of self-motivation is the most important topic of this study because proper confidence and motivation would enable the students would make the students achieve their dreams in the future.


In the concluding part of the essay it can be said that the given research study in the field of self-motivation and enhancement of the learners regarding learning of a new subject has been explained. The methodology of the research has presented with areas of development of the students in improving their motivation level and giving them the needed boost to become their ideal self by the poer of knowledge in English language and applying them in different spheres.


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