"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Quite difficult to write a review for the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" and even more difficult to identify with this assessment. Quite extraordinary happened cinema. On the one hand fairly easy cheerful film, bribe you with this, on the other hand, this simplicity does not allow him to open up to something greater, with a complex meaning, able to make you reconsider the view of the world, although the potential is there. In this film, it should be noted, is well transmitted not only to the main storyline, but also a few side, plus a well-reliably and convincingly show the audience just how people lived at that time, it will be interesting at the present time young and old alike. The first will be plenty ponostalgirovat, and the second will be happy to purely out of curiosity, and no special knowledge of the features of that period.
would seem that there is not a new attempt to show the difficult life of an ordinary person with a rather bleak beginning and a happy ending, always with a love theme is not aside, a sort of Soviet Cinderella with relevant features, but the attempt was successful.
honestly make this movie not just melodramku third grade, and more the task was not easy. Vladimir Menshov was able to do that, having received two prestigious awards in the world: the recognition of mere spectators beauty of this film, and raising it to the status of people's eternal and was praised film critics from around the world. And to achieve this result, perhaps managed by displaying precisely those same characteristics "of our Cinderella", and not forgetting the usual and familiar to every man situations. Not surprisingly, many will be able to see yourself in the place of the characters. This movie is so simple to us that we can easily believe that the Soviet Union
documentary, not an art to us. Transmitted simultaneously and true (as we see a foreign audience) and idealistic (as wished the party), but really yet there was no place anymore. Perhaps this is why he was so attracted overseas contingent. Interesting point, which shows the influence of public opinion to privacy (the first minutes of the film shows a scene where the terrorists are accountable couple, because they were close to each other on the street). Quite entertaining rather it not demonstrated the problem of fathers and children, and their world. Like, generations change, and the idea we are all the same. In general, the script of the film is built as if glued to otryvochkah individual topics, but the main story is not very original and rich. Why is the script I want to compare it with such a long straight corridor on either side of which are the large windows. While watching this film you if you walk along the corridor, without turning, guess without difficulty that will be the end of this passage (the end of the film), and make it more interesting glancing in the windows, watching the nature. A side windows symbolize the themes in the film, whether it's crumbling life perspective hockey player or a relationship with the guy (guys) have grown-up daughter of the protagonist. You can not certainly say that the script is frankly boring, no, it's not, just like we have already seen more than once. And no matter how you adorn this "corridor" various "decorating" techniques like too successful careers of our heroine, with the result that she again got into a situation in which already was, though now it is the role of the Prince, and its choice-Cinderella. So we do not have to fully meet the story of a couple of unexpected accidents, saturation of the narrative, although it may be at that time and all that is in the film was enough. In the second part (series) of the film to the stage more and more often leave good good humor, the main carrier which is certainly Ghosh (aka Yuri, aka Zhora). Perfect Man, as he himself says. The character that is present, it would seem, are incompatible qualities like audacity and generosity, friendliness and self-love, of caring and selfishness. Alexei Batalov played his character perfectly. He brilliantly coped with their role being able to fall in love with Gosha half of Soviet women. Since I came to the actor's game in this picture, it should be noted, not everything here is wonderful. Actors played in different ways, some at the proper level, and in the other there are not a few flaws. Fortunately Irina Muravyov and Vera Alentova pull the entire film (and I have just been told Gaucher). True to the leading lady is still there exists a couple of unkind words. In most of the film is doing well with his character, but at some point, especially during strong emotional experiences of its heroine, is clearly not finish the game, though, and remains indifferent to what is happening. Although in general I managed to convey his character as it should.
very memorable was the musical component of the film. Such light and calm melodies perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of joy and bring a lot of positives. The main composition will look good and apart from the tape.
general go to the main picture "Moscow does not believe in tears" turned out pretty happy and calm. But it is too easy for the understanding of our consciousness, passing through it, she leaves nothing behind. You're happy and having fun while watching the film, saturated with positive emotions, but it is necessary to move away from the screen as the all immediately forgotten. This film is perfect for that would see him in the company of a cup of tea, but unfortunately, he ends up on that end.

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