"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Three close friends, young girls-provincial divide the room into a working hostel Moscow, hoping to find happiness in the capital. Modest shy Tonya. Bright, cheeky Lyudmila, assured that she will get the main prize in the lottery of life. Dreaming to go to college, buried in books Katya. City - a cheerful kid, and you - the red paint, which he licked with his toys. Around you and with you there are important and unexpected events. You overwhelm examinations to college, but to move to the month of the hostel in a separate flat-uncle professor at a prestigious high-rise building on Uprising Square. Acquainted with the handsome prince, behind the television camera and inspired to broadcast on the role of the emerging television. Falls for him, but falls from Olympus vysotki back to dorm room where you have to raise a daughter torn between work, kindergarten and evening Institute, hoping and relying only on itself. Moscow, of course, one of the main 'actors' picture, but the story that unfolds over 20 years, is universal. It is dedicated to a close and important for all the themes of love and professional success, the eternal battle of the sexes and the implementation of themselves as individuals.
film's director Vladimir Menshov and his wife, who plays Kate, an actress Vera Alentova experienced the life of Muscovites in the first generation, having through the hostel, through creative failure, through the struggle for survival in a large, not always welcoming city that someone's mother, and to whom - a stepmother. That's why the movie, anyway, his first 100 minutes, to obtain accurate depiction of life in the capital and its inhabitants in a very ancient, 1958th year, and then, twenty years later, in 1978th. Menchov successfully uses the realities of Moscow life of the late 1950s, such as songs and pop numbers that sound in the first series. Bessie Mae Muche, and a song from the Indian film 'The Tramp' really were very popular at the time. The youth gathered at the Mayakovsky monument to listen to verses of young, promising poet Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Robert Rozhdestvensky. Virtuozno written and filmed the scene soon popular movie actors late 50s to the festival of French cinema in Moscow, during which Kate and Ludmila with fans crowd enthusiastically greeted film idols of the time - George Yumatova, Tatiana Konyukhov and Leonid Kharitonov. A then unknown to anyone, later began performing career Innocent Smoktunovski shoots an extra ticket, as well as mere mortals. And it's just a few of the signs of the times, which are organically woven into the fabric of the narrative. They give the opportunity to join the country's history, in Moscow, to understand concerns, hopes and joys of our mothers and grandmothers when they were young, charming, full of hopes and dreams, ready to conquer the capital. Even if it was not built, and once everything was settled.
In the second half of the film is in the center of Katia, which for twenty years that passed between the two calls, alarm clock, took an admirable way. Provincial in a strange city, a single mother, she has worked, she studied, she raised a daughter, has achieved a high and responsible post, became a member of the Moscow City Council. But a successful career does not save us from loneliness, which in a big city seems even more acute shame for snatch secretly meeting with a foreign husband, a passionate desire to meet her only, narrowed. As befits a melodramatic comedy-fantasy, meeting, of course, take place. Cinderella met her prince. More precisely, Zolushok meet unrecognized princess. Baly in the royal palace, and in the late train. And it will be on the filthy boots instead of crystal shoes. But he will be confident, with engulfing charm, golden hands. A more intelligent, knows how to take care and prepare. Why did demeanor of a woman who caught his first sight, begins to cause confusion, then anger and a desire to expose him and shut the door behind him? He strangles her in any momentum personality, suggesting that better knows what she wants, she is suitable and what is not. He did not hide the fact that it refers to down; humiliates her, perhaps without noticing, and without thinking about it, starting with the very first words' 'You have eyes unmarried woman'. The one she was looking for many years, in whom had hoped to find a soul mate, sitting in her house, for her desk, in the presence of her adult daughter says: 'I will decide everything on the simple grounds that I'm a man!' To some this may seem disarming simplicity, and someone coarse familiarity, and on anything not based arrogance.
'Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears "was released only two years later, not a lesser-known and loved by the audience of different generations' Office Romance "Eldar Ryazanov. Moscow is deeply in spirit, both films peer at exceptional women approaching forty-year milestone, made a brilliant career, but single, never-married. Both heroines supervise hundreds of subordinates. Both - strong, strong-willed person, whose lives missing something very important and necessary. But if the 'Office Romance' leads to the conclusion that there was in a woman's life of true happiness without love and vzaimopominaniya, the "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" is trying to convince that the main thing for a woman - a stamp in the passport and the man behind her desk. Timid and shy Efremovich Anatoly Novosel, Zolushok 'Office Romance' seems at first direct heir Akaky Bashmachkin. But how many there dignity, nobility and strength of character, to open gradually and especially evident in the scene to explain the bastard, standing far above him on the ladder. Novosel learns to resist the imperious character, chat with her on an equal footing. He saw in her thinness, vulnerability, deeply hidden femininity and, at the same time, always treated her with true respect. Gosh, he also Gogh, aka Zhora, 'a real man' Moscow does not believe in tears, and seeks to put in place Katerina - 'shut up and do as I say'. Interestingly, the role of the artist Gosha, beautiful and subtle actor Alexei Batalov very skeptical of his images intelligent mechanic. He believed that the single Soviet women, became an ideal, is simply not considered it as a must for many of them Gosh. Is this man for so long sought and waited for Catherine, overcoming insurmountable obstacles alone, realizing their potential, reaching a certain height? A man without sharing the hardships of her life's journey, indifferent to her inner world, shout at her in her own house. Yes, just do not respect her. How long can she put up with it? Is this the only possibility of happiness for intelligent, independent, self-sufficient woman, tired of being alone?

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