"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the modern era of domination of Hollywood movies of our cinema and our television completely forget about the classics. As foreign and Soviet. And I want to say thank you to my dear parents, who, aware of my passion for the cinema, try as often as possible to remind me of the great Soviet tapes. About the film, on which whole generations have grown up, who sought recognition not only at home but also abroad. I think I've heard a million times the name of the movie and, finally, it was shown on Channel!
Not once everything was settled,
Moscow was not built,
Moscow to tears did not believe
And believe love
snow covered,
foliage fascinated,
find a warm passer,
A sapling -.. the earth
Moscow, late 50s. Three girls, three best friends - Kate, Luda, Antonina, live together in a hostel, all the work, and each of them dreams of love. Antonina works as a painter, where she meets her future husband, marries him and happy. Luda Moscow seems lotteries, where you have to pull the winning ticket, which for her means - special happiness and marriage with the rich and famous husband. Katya, most of them single-minded, wants to enter the Institute of Chemical Technology, and she works in a factory where a model worker. Yielding to the adventure Luda, they present themselves as the daughters of the well-known professor Tikhomirov, who offered them a month to live in his apartment while he was away. There they invite many intelligent men, Kate meets and falls in love with a cameraman Rudolf, Luda and - in the famous hockey player. Luda lucky to be married, and Kate throws Rudolph, find out the truth and knew that she was pregnant ... 20 years later, the life of each of the characters have turned out differently, but they still are friends, visit each other's homes, and for some search for love is still going on ...
Alexander, Alexander,
This city - our with you,
we began his fate -
You Look at his face
. Whatever was in the beginning, he
quench all the sadness.
that was a wedding We
Garden Ring.
After the huge number of Hollywood melodramas, there are certain article stereotype of - what is there to develop action. And our Soviet films completely refute these ideas. That is not much kissing under some romantic music, screams and tantrums when parting, rebellious children, envious friends and people ... But of course, some actions can bring to tears, and the heart-rending separation seem incredibly unfair. I can not believe that there are so selfish, heartless and helpless man, who can not be responsible for their actions. Why was terribly sorry Catherine, who had to bring up her daughter alone, without the aid, relying only on themselves ... And what an incredible way is the fate that after years of work, it may surprise you.
rowan Moscow painted,
Oaks were dukes,
But they are not, and ash
without asking narosli.
Moscow is not in vain hopes,
That all dressed in leaves,
Moscow will find
trees although the edge of the earth
main heroine of the film -. three best friends, that in spite of the different lives, have retained the friendship and not experience a drop of envy, etc. yr other. This can be seen when the three of them sit and cry over the grief Catherine. It is true - each of them has their own idea of ​​happiness. Happiness Antonina ( Raisa Ryazanov ) - to become a loving and beloved wife and caring mother of three boys. And if she's happy - that's fine. For adventurous Lyudochku ( Irina Muraviev ) happiness - is to be rich and famous, and of course, the favorite. Only the fate has prepared her many trials as a bad marriage, and work at the dry cleaners. In this situation, the main thing - not to lose heart and continue to look for all the happiness. What Lyudochka and does! The heaviest fate awaited Catherine Tikhomirov ( Vera Alentova ), which did not get 2 points on the exam for admission and forced to work in a factory. Then - still one with a baby in her arms. It is not clear how, but it is not desperate, I went to college, and after some time - became the director of a large company. Only in love Katie not se right - he meets with a married man and feels unhappy ... And it is true - in fact a woman's happiness seems so simple, but it is extremely difficult to achieve. How to find among the entire world - one person who will love you not because of your merits, not for your money, but simply for being what you are. Katherine fate in 40 years brings such happiness in the face of an ordinary electrician, and a wonderful person, who seems to Grigory aka Gosh, he's Gogh, he is Yuri, aka Hora, aka Zhora ... His played Alexey Batalov, which has become for me a model of the Russian men. And even if women are not afraid of this terrible figure - 40 years. How correctly observes Catherine: In the 40 years of life has just begun
Alexander, Alexander,
What's winds before us
This ash seeds
Circling waltz over.? bridge.
Ash overlooking the village
to join the Viennese waltzes.
He will break, Alexander,
He inhale Moscow.
When you watch movies like it, we can see the Moscow Soviet It has not yet been such a huge and crowded, but still the capital of our country. Every year it attracts thousands of provincials to find happiness in it. Many years ago, arrived in Moscow, young Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova - they studied together on the same course in the Moscow Art Theater School, got married and have been through the same tests as the heroes of this film, starting with the dorms and finishing magnificent career. Vladimir, as we know, the distinguished director, who shot such legendary paintings as the Love and Pigeons and Shirley Myrli, and faith - became a famous actress and TV presenter to be withdrawn in the movies her husband, and other equally well-known films. This is a prime example of what the fate of favors to those who are not giving up, goes to his goal and Moscow may each be a hometown!
alarms Moscow does not hide, Moscow
seen any,
Now woes all sorrows and
bow before her.
Moscow does not love fast,
Now loyal and pure,
Since maternal love
other stronger.
Moscow to tears does not believe - one of the few Soviet films that received Oscar, deserved a lot of other prestigious awards, and ... a great love of the audience, as well as those who grew up on these films and those for one such time has passed, but the movie of this does not lose its relevance and charm
10 of 10
Alexander, Alexander,
This city -. our with you,
We began his fate -
You Look at his face
Whatever was in the beginning, he
quench sorrow
That was a wedding We
Garden Ring ...

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