Morning on the beach Essay

The sky turns red as the sun emerges over the horizon. The red slithers of rays spread as it is reflected in the still waters of the ocean. The calm waves are cast in crimson, bathing the body of water in a rosy glow. The cool evening breeze subsides to give way for the radiating heat of day.

I find myself alone on the beach. It is relatively quiet this time of day; most people are still in a deep sleep. The untouched golden sand covers the landscape as far as the eye can see. A gentle breeze rustles through my hair and the smell of the salty sea air tickles my nose as I inhale.

A lonesome sea gull is scavenging around the remains of food left behind by last night’s visitors; empty cups and half eaten ice cream cones. The rest of the sea gulls sing with high spirits, roaming freely around the sky. The sky has changed from a misty dark blue into an illuminated orange sky. Fluffy white clouds float through the sky and resemble little clumps of candyfloss.

The shops along the promenade prepare for a day full of excited customers. Shopkeepers begin opening their doors to the first wave of customers. The early morning surfers quickly rush in and out of the cafe to get a quick fix before they walk off to test themselves against the dangerous waves that high tide has to bring.

I walk up to a sandbank and watch the beach gradually attract more visitors. Young babies and children rush onto the moist sand, their hands occupied with buckets and spades. I stretch my legs and slouch down into the heap of sand. I run my hand delicately across the grainy surface, leaving a trail from my fingertips.

Laughter and bouts of screams can be heard as people play volleyball and other ball games. Sweat drips down everyone’s faces after playing hard out in the sun; some hurry to reapply sunscreen on their dehydrated red skin whilst the others take a dive into the water to cool off.

As I walk along the beach, I can feel the smooth sand beneath my feet, flowing into and out of the spaces between my toes. I make my way to the edge of the beach and dunk my toes into the crystal clear water. The waves lightly wash against my feet and draw me closer into them. I wriggle my feet into the wet sand beneath me, squishing it between my toes. I begin to slowly make my way through the currents that splash against my calves, going deeper into the coolness of the crystal clear water.

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