"Modern Times (1936)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

1932nd year. Tu-tu-tu-tu-TAM, Modern times, new times! One of the most famous paintings of Charlie Chaplin, no wonder, since the film contains the best tradition of cinema early years. Picture, where words are not necessary, as in the magic: everything is clear without words. The film definitely want to laugh, but "the farther into the woods," the more the audience understands that this lightweight, plain film is not devoid of drama and sad music, which sometimes barely audible ring, but they are perceptible.
painting starts from the stereotypical but very close to the image of the people, the image of an ordinary worker who works there is a force, but gets into various funny situations. Because he's a great worker, he was not going to fire, for the time being, at least, is that the hero of Chaplin made a big mistake. In this film, Charlie Chaplin once again shows what he is a talented actor, plus strong in pantomime, as in the movies, where there are few words, pantomime is very important; emotions to convey the desired feelings and experiences, sometimes words alone are not enough to need a game with facial expressions and gestures, and in the old days the movie was not very "talkative", gestures and emotions, that's what was important.
In the picture so easy, do not tense plot, but even in the most primitive actions have so much action that the film can not tighten. Recall at least the stage with "experimental table", like Chaplin, especially anything and does not do, but on his face as though displayed his feelings, he plays really plays and plays great, even if just sitting at the table, we believe him, knowing that he is not sitting at the table missing when shooting ends, and plays an episode where he sits at the table, this is good and this is bravo! As professionals in the film Chaplin, and professional colleagues, because the world and the way the characters interact with the hero Chaplin, another important component. Colleagues Chaplin bravo!
film as it is divided into different situations and stories, but this one is a movie, a movie with transitions from one situation to another, on the whole, is connected with the story and these transitions and screen saver, which often flashed on the screen, it is very important, it is not just the style, this kind of "buttons", which sets the goal to facilitate viewing. "New Times" certainly not just to entertain the movie, but it shows something different, a little bit of a slightly different, drama and comedy, and comedy with drama. History becomes more soulful and sensual, when there is the main character and social satire overshadowed, love story begins. It is important to resist the kind of reform, and it is important not to survive, but to live, especially if there is to whom and for what, still with satire and humor, with the above mentioned dramatic story will develop the story of the hero Chaplin, ordinary factory worker.
He's crazy !!!
Yes, indeed, the hero of Chaplin's a little crazy, but this state is the work, which is so monotonous and boring, it's hard not to go mad. An ordinary employee would certainly completely crazy, but not a hero Chaplin, Chaplin's hero helps the ability to turn normal unwinding of the nuts in the adventure. But the fact that Chaplin's character can earn much and come out of oneself, it is even possible, and then ... Uyyu-uyyu-uyyu.
She's crazy !!!
And then the story of a girl, which is also difficult to survive in such " new times ", but unlike the hero of Chaplin, she do not have a job, sadness trouble, but it is very clever and resourceful, and even when barefoot tramp, still finds the food to help his father, who, judging by the sad sight, became a victim of the new times, and sisters to feed
Fun and joy
film like a jump in the transition:. not Foot of fun, a little melancholy, a little bit of fun and melancholy, and so on. Definitely the balance respected, there is a balance between sadness and joy, plus elements and love. In general, the jokes with Chaplin able to amuse, even many years later, Chaplin cleverly clicks on human "button" of fun, and the story of a girl makes mourn.
The film "Modern Times", and all the films of Charlie Chaplin worthy of viewing and attention and they are to be commended.
Review of "at a Glance"
10 of 10
PS do not give up and believe in the best and modern times.

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