"Modern Times (1936)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The worker becomes the poorer the more wealth he produces" (Marx, "alienated labor")
genius of Charlie Chaplin in a simple and understandable form brings the townsfolk ideas of Karl Marx's labor of the worker, the senselessness and which monotony leads to degradation of the individual, simplification of thought, turning off from reality and impoverishment.
picture opens huge, filling the entire space, creepy and tiny machines, busily scurrying, gray man, who, it seems, is about to flatten any mechanism. Previously, such a monopoly of a whopping had mostly temples and statues of the gods, but a new god and personification of technical progress becomes a faceless machine with lots of leverage. Such devices serve obtuse pitching or frail cranks type Chaplin character. In any case, both are gradually becoming one of the "bodies" of the machine, while the narrow-minded capitalist mind the fun with puzzles, then with his secretary, only bothering distribution teams
The film's protagonist -. A worker, and tighten the screws he tried not to become a nut attachment to the machine. His colleagues tightening seems to have completely lost the rest of his "I" (apparently practiced administering to the conveyor years with 13), their movement has clearly adjusted to the rhythm of the conveyor so that seems to have fallen on the plant the bomb will not be able to tear them from their beloved and this unpretentious, does not require mental effort, classes
However, Chaplin, in contrast, is not completely switched off from reality:. is a fly distracted, the nails had a drink, then for the girl with gaykoobraznymi buttons and run about
masterpiece. insanely ironic based scenarios on the machine, Reticulated, guinea pig which turned the poor fellow Chaplin. Impossible without tears of laughter to look at how the machine is messy, and Charlie wonders powerless to deal with distraught appliances. However, all in the spirit of the time: to produce more, it is necessary to spend less time working on yourself more on the pipeline. Actually machine offers absorb food without departing from the manufacturing process, but is crazy. Rationalization of production and embroadening nursing enforcement officers failed (fortunately).
At some point, and the character of Charlie loses his mind and is literally devoured conveyor and enters the body of the machine. What is he doing in such an absurd and incomprehensible situation? Yes, the same as always - casually spins-tightening the screws. Eater of men apparently did not like such a strange and cavalier treatment of a Chaplin was spit out. And this event is, oddly enough, was the beginning of the liberation of the factory worker from a factory Charlie camera. At first, he had no idea what to do with fallen down on him in a flash of freedom, when the conveyor is stopped, so behaved usual way, following not the brain, and memorized the movements, thus creating chaos around him. After tightening the screws on the line, not the women, adorned with buttons, nuts. Even from the guardian of order he runs very strangely, trying something to spin, then throw it. Only nuthouse finally manages to pull the hero Charlie from the clutches of the machine template.
revolutionary adventure, jail, failures at the shipyard, meeting beautiful but very poor girl, again prison, spending the night in the shop, where the revelry with the impoverished former colleagues in the service conveyor, etc. gradually freeing Charlie from nuts and mechanisms, which was subordinate to his whole life. He was already beginning to think like a person, not a slave.
funny, but at the same time not devoid of meaning, it seems the moment where the hero sniffed drugs and behaved totally inappropriately, but it helped him escape to freedom. It is a pity that the drugs, not something else helped him to behave decisively and unconventionally. Although, apparently, to withdraw from the wrench-factory fog brain hero could only be something very strong.
Filled lyrics episode with crumbling house that and look to turn into dust. However, this miserable hizhenka seems much more beautiful than shiny polished form machines.
Re-entering the factory already makes no laborer, cog Charlie and his strange companion, who is stuck in the mechanism.
apogee exemption wrench thinking becomes performance of Charlie in the restaurant, where he sings deliriously cheerful gibberish. After Charlie and his girlfriend is waiting for the road ... What there is on - do not understand ... I think that everyone is able to finish a sequel. Perhaps this will be the way nomad, hippies or daunshifterom continuing and is now run by the nut (managerial / ofitsiantskogo / Kassirski) thinking.
film looks very easily and naturally, though the story of the serious problems of society beginning of the XX century. The entire film is built on the wonderful game Chaplin, against which the game of his girlfriend seems not strong enough. Other characters are not retained long in perception. Playful, sometimes lyrical music is a good background ... but sometimes it is too much.
10 of 10
theme of man and his absorption machines fully disclosed and relevant to this day.

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