"Modern Times (1936)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the most popular and loved by the public film Charlie Chaplin, movies of all time, and, as they say, for all occasions, ' The New Times ', and to this day does not lose its originality, irony and sparkling humor, amuses and entertains the audience his extraordinary antics, special situations and events are constantly taking place with little tramp -. puny hero Charlie Chaplin
As it is impossible by the way, among the rapidly developing technological advances, more and more advanced technologies and improved, modernized annogo production Chaplin shows the way of life and standard of living of all citizens of the same - ordinary people of the lower class. Noting pathos, cardboard and unreality, the same incompatibility of newer, expensive technologies and miserable existence, pagan standards of living, and life, is - miserable existence, survival in hunger, filth and oppression of the people by the authorities
. Charlie Chaplin in the film openly protesting against non-target orientation of consciousness the higher strata of society, yes, and in fact, the very democratic state, with a laugh and a joke points to the poor, to poverty and bestial conditions of life of the department nogo class dreams of inhabitants of the country, the country of freedom, the same America . Repeatedly falling into the jail repeatedly otsizhivaya arrests in prison hometown Little Tramp does not cease to search for, to hope and believe that the same free, rich and secure life, a life without the need and sorrow is still there, but it needs to work, it is necessary to work and if necessary it will be possible to break free from the bonds of suffering, misery and deprivation
first working in the factory, pretty successfully screwing nuts on the conveyor production, then, with a crash and came out fired in the store, to work as a security guard, then -. to shipbuilding Flax shipyard, previously having stayed in prison for divulging and propaganda of communist ideas, Chaplin character meets her friend in adversity, and in combination, and quivering, tender love in the face of a homeless, destitute women, which in its beauty can compete only with Aphrodite, or any someday beautiful goddess. Literally disparate notions of beauty, charm and impoverished life, theft and crime, forced to rally the little tramp and his newfound girl. Together, they have no time to run away from the police, hated the owners of bakeries and coffee, which recognize a mile away vagrants and homeless.
Hero Chaplin, courageously meeting slap destiny, proudly and confidently turn the other cheek, not falling to his knees and did not want to die in that disgusting mixture of lies, hypocrisy and, ostensibly, a decent life of every American. Not just getting in a situation from which there seems no way out, he had no problems and confusion is selected from the rough and tumble, as a rule, with a win in their favor, although the police of this fact always seeks to challenge and prove his innocence force and power.
it should be noted that the opening scene where Chaplin first shows the running guard pigs and boars, and then puts the frame on striving to recruit people, alone saying something, somehow it makes the viewer understand what can be compared to society and that it is capable of clearly recall. Original, wild and impetuous, and, as always, fun, interesting movie by the great comedian, reflecting the essence of being and making fun of the vices of mankind, again does not give peace and quiet spectator, who in anticipation and waiting decides to see this film. And laughter, and joy, and experience more than are provided, and the characteristic is the pictures Chaplin swiftness, speed and fun, to bring before the eyes of this film, full of surprises, original jokes and bold statements, speeches, Chaplin, as always bordering on the laughable, bright . and memorable humor from the King jokes
from some moments I personally still precipitates - from lunchtime little tramp with chronic limb pull is enough accustomed to tighten the screws, before the first and posledneg on the day of the Chaplin at the shipyard, where he accidentally launches an unfinished vessel, thereby causing the anger and the desire to kill workers puny loser. These points, together with every minute antics, jokes Chaplin, are irreplaceable and inalienable viewer while watching the satellites of this, and many other films of Chaplin.
Actually, this movie I was still in early childhood attribute to the category of your favorites-kinotvoreny for because their openness, honesty, brightness and cheerfulness ' The New times ' does not just attract, delight and interest, but also pushed to repeat from time to time, a welcome and very much out of place rated this worthy creation from the Charlie Chaplin, the beloved comedian who the first viewer feels and best helps interested, to get carried away and spend some unforgettable moments of joy, laughter and fun, despite the well-known picture of this man, the same Chaplin Little Tramp.
not one generation that has grown up on Charlie pictures, thanks and still thanking him for the enormous material and the invaluable contribution to cinema; contribution that is worthy of respect and attention to modern audiences who prefer this eternal pictures something different in terms of culture, immoral and spiritually netsennoe. It is a pity, for such films, it is similar to ' New Times ' paintings are the backbone of the cultural heritage, which is not replaced by anything else, especially some modern representatives of the cinematic 'pride', 'classic' modern values ​​that not bear, in fact, nothing but emptiness. However, that's another story, another chapter in our lives and in our history ...

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