Mobile Sensor Localization In Wireless Sensor Essay


1.What research question does the paper address?
2.What was the conclusion of the research?


1. The research is being carried upon to have a proper insight to know whether the user pin can be stolen with the use of mobile users or it is just a hyped myth and has no practical grounds. The study is also based on the viability of the information leakage from these sensors, and further investigation is carried on to know have an in-depth analysis of the other sensors and functions[1]. The research question being pursued in this study is: as the mobile sensors are getting powerful and have access to more and more data about the user and its surrounding environment, the study is intended to know about the knowledge that the mobile users are having regarding this sensors. And also the study wants to investigate the level of fear people among people regarding these sensors which threatens the security and privacy[2].

2. After an in-depth study, it was revealed that the access of mobile sensors with the use of Java scripts is limited to some sensors at a time. But the number is going to increase in the future with development and innovation. The users are least concerned about these sensors stealing the PINs or personal data. There are many proposals for developing a secure and usable solution waiting for future analysis. But according to this study, it can be concluded finding a proper solution for this is a bit complex. Thus, it can be relayed that an extensive study is needed to develop a permission framework which is secure and at the same time usable.


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