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The mirror dropped by a clumsy hand, are attracted downwards by gravity, falling at the last moment, it manages to capture the beauty and the indivisibility of peace, and then, crumbling spiny drops on the floor. And it does not have the integrity that was familiar and clear before, but there is a mosaic of fragments, each of which is still a mirror, but truncated, humiliating fall. And these fragments, but it remains like a dream longingly reminisce about the past, when they fused together into a single form, admired the world, surprised him, gave confidence viewer.
"... playing the piano three-year child. Here, at random finger touches the key, and there, little fist blow to the hated instrument without understanding its complexity, and what is it, and how he came here. Foreseeing a child, it's a massive great thing is for something important, but do not understand what this beast is committed, kid furiously Loops keys, do not forget to touch and black strips. Extracting random sounds unrelated harmony; to which have not yet matured, but by applying an internal sonar, which has no age, and guessing the "folly" of his compositions, he leaping laughing to hide the annoyance and embarrassment of composed by cacophony ... "
Like this, I thought about it film output, upset, out of the theater, "Spark", a summer evening in 1976, looking at the backs of retreating viewers who abusively quickly disappeared somewhere, as if upheld difficult to change in the workplace. And now, after so many years, it is not yet calmed down, a long walk in circles around the table, where lay a snow-white sheet of paper decorated with helium pen, and still did not dare sit down. Still, not everyone dare to write their impressions of the film that took a genius. You can lose vigilance, to stray from the thought, and without noticing it showered the film with powdered sugar, sparing no words to bestow all the filming team of superlatives: masterpiece, atmospheric, a truly unique film style icon, and so on. Or worse, snap with unfounded reproaches. Combed film to itch, scrape it, as if it smoked frying pan, scrape, enjoying their impunity. And so, to cheer up and to restore emotional balance, look in the mirror, I saw him as the creator of the film in total confusion and uncertainty like a disorientation in space, in a pensive posture and meditation. Simple, inexperienced viewers the film is not touched, it seemed to him boring, and not serious. For independent professionals, freely oriented in and cinema, eager Well, at least, some kind of novelty, as we now write: visual installation. Tarkovsky's "Mirror" is delighted at not a great intellectual of the moviegoers: demanding, jealous, wanting to argue, and express their opinions, even amateur and subjective. But through the years interest in the film has dried up, and remember it, except for the anniversary of someone from the crew. Tarkovsky theater director, he mixed up the rapids, not guessing yourself. If he has devoted himself to the theater, the masterpieces would get one after the other, and life would have been happy, long for the joy of theater-goers. The theater, with its soothing, pleasant, casual and predictable sanatorium routine where everyone knows each other, respect and "love", where even groups c bloc mentality forgetting strife in difficult times, strongly merged together, in unison, like a close-knit family, resist external influences, reflecting enemy attacks, showing miracles of ingenuity and courage: this is the place where you can carry out any plans with the exception of inadequacies, hard cut off by censorship. No need to sacrifice time and energy to travel, to quarrel with the invited celebrities to boss awkward extras, follow the schedule, which stiffens the sense of responsibility. Filming - an endless risk, which is not the latest "role" played by luck, where carelessness leads to failure, as the lost time
Tarkovsky difficult director, neformal;. he shot his films in the "dark" times it "messy" uncertain encoded. In his films, the fundamental laws of place of cinema. Ruddy common sense is absent, as it is frighteningly bright. Developing it, it would be difficult to explain the hidden connection of real and fictional. Seduced associations, metaphors, he is immersed in his "submarine" in the depths of the human subconscious, and with diligence scientist studying the mysterious world closed. And here it would not hurt to stop, look around, to rest, and at the same time turn on for one second, "tradesman", to be understood and accepted the general environment. But no; it irresistibly attract depth, as if he were a child, there is the treasure seeker dropped by Byzantine-bags, forgetting fascinated by the game of life-giving oxygen, so the film by Andrei Arsenijevic pereutomlon tse excess of two. Even the recognized classics of Russian and Soviet literature, doomed shrugged, acknowledging the impossibility to express the exact words, everything that is placed, is accumulated in the lower levels of the human soul: bubbles, vibrates, suddenly calms down, and with fresh energy again breaks out obscuring the minds of the dark haze of vague desires, unconscious desires, and this even more embarrassing the person. And there in the world equal to it, so this is equal, their sympathy and their thoughts, looked like so exactly as if two molecules of matter oscillating with the same frequency and knowledgeable about each other everything. Man alone - so it should be him. Its internal element never sleeps, there's no time, there are those damn seconds and color - only black or white. There can only be yes or no. Names and titles either, and even fearful of the Council of hiding, blending with the environment, trying to be invisible. These observations and experiences can not be transferred to the frame; of film lacks a sense of expression. Andrei Tarkovsky film resembles a thesis student who in good faith, without sparing himself, disaccustomed due time, and now stands at the crossroads of embarrassment opportunities worrying, knowing "what" is expected of him. And this "that" may not be issued in the idea, but not nagging, barely audible melody sounds, is only to be left alone. Images of the characters in "cooling" to such low temperatures that they lose their ability to be recognized, and the viewer, lost in conjecture, what is in front of him, and not wanting to participate in the investigation, a moment forever forgets them, shrugging
Indeed. ; reviewing the films of Tarkovsky, like standing on the cold autumn wind, back to him, huddled lonely looking around. But there is this evil Razorwind, some primal truth: a thin, barely perceptible transparent. She was forced to stand without moving, in spite of bad weather, as if arguing with the whole world, to prove to him his right, in its place, to be here and now. Tarkovsky, cold, cloudy creation, both mysterious and pushing for new discoveries. But his frankness at low temperatures, resembles a laboratory experiment, and most loves the sun and smiles.

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