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... MOVIE has long been one of the types of art, of art that can alter, destroy, transform, improve this complex world, make it a better, kinder, art is capable of, we people show that meaning of life is not only to materialism, because there is something much higher and more beautiful than what we can measure, describe; the reality is sometimes an illusion, mist, beyond which there is nothing positive for us, only the negative, which is capable of «present» us our absurd, at first glance, the existence.
very art and Culture make us who we are - hUMAN, a man who is able to interpret the laws of their being, of existence; live !
With art we are able to perceive the world not only from a scientific point of view but also from a philosophical, ie literally feel, learn this world his spiritual nature and at the same time to identify themselves as a person smart, know the beginning, which is higher than our surrounding world
Literature, painting, theater, music, cinema ... -. it series goes on, but I would like to separately select Cinema Studies, a skill that can be artistically interpret reality, which e able to give a sense of something majestic, beautiful.
Movies is also capable of a osredotochit in all the other arts and that it, like stop our lives, taking us to another reality, giving us the ability to comprehend its potential, it is capable of completely, in all its beauty, show culture the idea as a whole . Literature, painting, theater, music - it's the pillars on which rests the movie, and that it enables us to grasp as much as possible, to see, to feel yourself in person, nature; it shows that we still have a chance to emerge from the present crisis
But to cinema was flourishing and need creator .; artists who are able to connect all the necessary elements into a coherent and balanced whole. In the film world a lot of talented individuals, who gave us a number of masterpieces for the ages, among them can be singled out one of them - Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky - a genius out of time, which has done much to bring the cinema a new stage of logical development, a big man, but in the world of cinema - talented artist, from under the brush that came out masterpieces paintings, which by themselves are able to captivate, surprise, give us the understanding that people capable of cultural feat which we can a change generations; Tarkovsky became a "cult guide" in our dark world.
In the course of his life Andrei Tarkovsky created a 7 full of films, each of which became a kind of large, magnificent masterpiece in the world of cinema. A. Tarkovsky once again (in a very long list of big cinema figures) shows us his work, that cinema is capable of changing a person to disclose to the invisible world of our eyes, which can be felt, rejecting materialistic patterns of our world, it is one of the Arts
In his films, Tarkovsky raises enough many complex philosophical questions -. «What is the meaning of life?", "What is happiness?", "Who are we, what is our target on this planet? "," Where is God? "," what is our essence as a human being? " What awaits us in the future? ", Etc .; almost every picture, you can select one or another question, designed mystical symbolism, which is closely intertwined with the logical rationality of the mind, of consciousness. But not only live among the issues his works, the author, together with a viewer is also looking for answers to these questions, using art as a means of cinema as a form . But more can be a problem when we get answers to their most complex issues - whether they satisfy us; paradox
«Mirror» - is a kind of one of the seven wonders of the world of philosophical genius outstanding film A. Tarkovsky, which is permeated with existential-symbolic ideas, which author discovered and carried throughout his life and has given us the opportunity to feel the spirituality and peace of this world and of human nature, sharing with us his personal feelings, experiences, emotions, for which Many thanks to him ! In the words of Tarkovsky «Cinema - is an art that displays time» and is in the "Mirror", he not only stopped him, but also to some extent, opened its essence, has reminded us that we are spiritual people and everything runs (such as childhood) and you need every moment of his life did not just exist, namely lIVE
only analyze the film itself is not enough!; it is necessary to understand, but sometimes comprehend hidden symbolism in each frame of Tarkovsky's films seem difficult, impossible, it is for the viewer and the distant genius and at the same time close, native. That picture of the "Mirror" shows us this: how many different interpretations there - this is: personal confession; sensual dream; a movie about a mother; a movie about the feeling of guilt towards his family, sincere conversation with loved ones; a movie about the difficult times of war and its consequences; cinema of the time, childhood experiences of unrealized affairs ... - the list goes on, everything depends only on the spectator and his experience - that is the pinnacle of art, giving us a sense of their «I» - spiritual life, human ... and to show our world in very different colors (repeatedly in his memoirs, Andrei Tarkovsky said that rejoices when people have a different perception, interpreted his movies) .
Each frame in the films of the artist-philosopher Andrei Tarkovsky can be "cut" from the movie set the frame and the wall: all so thoughtful, sublime, good, like some mystical master took time and space, and gave us the opportunity to enjoy, think about it abstract aspect of our lives in this world of time <. / i>
«mirror» - a mystical name for the picture-parable Tarkovsky, which in itself carries a hidden symbolism - the mirror of the soul, the personality, the world ... Probably each of us mysteriously staring in the mirror, I saw myself reflected, but whether one looked back on, at the inside, to a circuit I material illusion of the "I", or trite "did not want to see its essence." If you put a two mirror each other, they form infinity, and with the person, you can look into themselves and see an endless line of time, no doubt, his fate ... or try comprehend the infinity of the other, spirit th point of view; because if you look into the black abyss for a long time, then it can absorb for all of us.
«Mirror» is one of the few films - masterpieces, to comprehend, to know you need not only the mind, logic, but feel the heart, "let him through his soul», it was then , we will be able to speak on full breasts - "I can ..." "I understand ..." "I feel ..." "I trust ...", "I live!" ... In the film, says that the "the poet should cause emotional distress" and Andrei Tarkovsky, and so was - a mysterious artist on Thus, a philosopher ... and our life of this world - «The man who saw an angel» ...
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