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Architectural design seeks integrating engineering and architectural into various potential ways that blends innovative design of architecture with top-notch engineering concepts. The current essay analyses and critically evaluates Bond Bryan’s Sandwell College UK. Sandwell College situated in Spon Lane, West Bromwich accommodates around 10000 part time and full time students in a single structure. It depicts a neo-futuristic architectural design with a distinctive waveform roof that features AshZip standing seam system of roof in stucco-embossed aluminum. The building has a high quality BREEAM rating as well as the 130-meter long AshZip roof system with optimized weathertight integrity. The AshZip was installed as a double skin roof construction that includes quilt insulation as well as linear panel that helps in achieving U value of 0. 20 Watt per meter square Kelvin (0.20 W/m2K). The neo-futuristic elements of architecture have become an integral element for the creative process-generating emergence of artistic modes that would have been impossible before the advent of computer technology. Sandwell College is an example of such materially rich and complex structure. Bond Bryan and Interserve uses the word ‘Jigsaw’ for describing the convoluted and rapid process of reservation and understanding of Sandwell College. The current essay has analyzed and evaluated the design of Sandwell College and commented on the architect designs in institution’s significance of the project. Sandwell College has also been compared to other similar neo futuristic buildings of UK. The AshZip elements contribute towards high-precision concave areas as well as tight convex eaves. The AshZip spacer support has been fitted around roof perimeter zones for providing extra protection against wind uplift. Adequate wind and snow load analysis have been undertaken in the construction that outstand the design flexibility and configuration with unique benefits of seamless integration (Mcrma.co.uk, 2017).

Neo futuristic architecture projects traditional aesthetics, and depicts the contemporary life that is based on two critical issues of motion and machine. According to Ballantyne (2013), futuristic architecture includes simplicity integrated with dynamics of architecture reinforced in concrete, steel, glass, iron, cardboard, textile fiber, substitute softwood, brick and stone that helps in incorporating maximum lightness and flexibility. Neo futuristic architecture also exhibits extreme strength and quality (Bashir, 2015). Neo futuristic architecture through initiates calculation and designs using computer based structural analysis and drafting software. Horizontal and perpendicular lines are not used in futuristic architecture, instead oblique lines and elliptical lines are used which are largely dynamic and have an expressive power higher compared to that of horizontal and perpendicular lines. A fundamental characteristic of futuristic architecture includes transition as well as will lapse. With increase in technology and extended computer aided tools, machinery and techniques, the construction, design and drafting of complex architectures have become very easy. As per Ching (2014), the complex architectures are supported by detailed structural analysis and design methods that provide solution to extremely impossible solution to highly complicated structures and impart strength and durability to them. Unlike olden times, structures presently are not constructed with resources based on experience estimation but on detailed mathematical estimation for making the project economically feasible (Ching, 2014).

Sandwell College is a seven storey tall, state-of-the-art campus building centrally located at West Bromwich. The college in UK has an iconic architecture that replaces other former campuses as well as accommodations of about 10000 full as well as students of part-time within a single, modern, ultra purpose location built (Crinson, 2013). Facilities at the new building central campus includes centre for specialist automotive, hairdressing and beauty salon, suites for computer, engineering and science laboratories, workshops for construction, studios of photography and fashion, a sports hall and a 170 seated theatre (Dovey, 2014). The trainee dental nurses help in practicing the simulated surgery as well as tourism students gets the opportunity to get training in a refurbished Boeing 737 aircraft. The cabin has been provided to them to get a hand on experience of a plane in working condition. According to Hale (2015), the total area for the building is around 25000 m2, which has a distinctive and beautiful waveform roof. The roof features Ash and Lacy’s AshZip system of standing seam roof in aluminum stucco-embossed. The building has received a good rating as per BREEAM standard and the total length of the roof sheets is optimization providing weather tight integrity (Kalogirou, 2015).

AshZip roof provides ‘zero penetration’ roofing systems that enhance the flowing waveform roofs. Pre formed AshZip elements helps in contributing towards tight convex eaves and concave areas. AshZip has been installed as an integrated double skin construction for roof that includes quilt insulation system and panel liner for achieving a U value of approximately 0.20 W/m2K (K?rrholm, 2014). Full height and extruded halters were deployed for reducing the installation time when compared to top sheet attachment methods. 100 mm Ash and Ash grid spacer supports is used for providing extra wind uplift protection. Ash and Lacy also provided technical support for designing the team through completion of early stages. The involvement included snow and wind load analysis that was undertaken in conjunction with engineer of the project. Detailed audits and site inspection of construction were undertaken during construction as well (Kim et al. 2015).

Sandwell College also demonstrates AshZip desing flexibility that helps in configuration of curves of wide ranges and waveforms such as taperes, steel coated, zinc and copper finishes. AshZip is approved by the BBA offering unique benefits of seamless integration that helps Ash and Lacy to be comprehensive and envelope building solution as well as components. Sandwell College has a product of AshZip (Leatherbarrow, 2015). The primary architect being Bond Bryan Architects, main contractors of bond Bryan College is Interserve. The structure has been designed by Sinclair Knight Merz and serves for education purpose.

Bond Bryan has 48 employed architects that designed Sandwell College. West Bromwich where Sandwell College is located is a small town northwest to Birmingham having a total population of 75405 (Liou, 2014). It has a long history before 12th Century making the town a connection between Shrewbusy and London. The town generally contains Victorian era buildings in abundance. After World War I of 1914, the houses built for the local inhabitants became unfit for habitation by humans, as they were old and unhygienic. According to Mac Ginty (2013), the sanitation was very much inadequate with decaying and the homes were becoming danger to safety and health of the inhabitants. After the world war was over, local councils of West Bromwich started to build new homes for providing shelter to people that have lost their homes. However, numerous 19th and 20th century buildings are present in West Bromwich. The first council housing was built in 1920 on the estate of Tantany to the North of town centre (Marchand, 2017). West Bromwich council of County Borough in the region built several council houses. Largest development of houses developed in the Northern town that included Estate of Charlemont Farm around Walsall Road as well as estate of Friar Park, which is near to borders of Wednesbury.

The Sandwell Council had borrowed a total amount of 70 million GBP for leasing it to Sandwell College that provides the new sixth centre form for complementing the recently opened town central campus. Tesco that helps in development of extra store as well as shopping centres known as the New Square built on top of old hospital has procured a large portion of the town. The only two modern neo futuristic architectures in West Bromwich are ‘The public’ and ‘The Square’ (Mcrma.co.uk.web18.testurl.co.uk, 2017).

‘The public’ is an art and venue gallery built for multipurpose in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England. The art centre provided the largest Tesco, a multiplex cinema, retail centers and restaurants. ‘The public’ is developed by Will Alsop architects creating attraction to around 400000 visitors each year brining leading international and national artists to town. ‘New Square’ is a leisure and shopping venue located in West Bromwich with over 40 restaurants and shops including Tesco extra, Card factory, Charlie Brown and other major brands of the area (Martindale, 2017).

Although ‘The public’ and ‘New Square’ both are considered, as grade A buildings of West Bromwich, Sandwell College has a better aesthetic view and beauty integrated with serenity in the architecture compared to other two buildings. ‘The public’ follows a linear block architecture that is patterned outside with vibrant color and exotically designed windows. The windows glow at night providing a mysterious outlook in the dark. The windows are patterned non-uniformly that depicts blend of linear with non-linear structure. The color that has been chosen for the structure is charcoal black with pink shading to create a vibrant catchy and trendy outlook. It depicts a feminine outlook and the lighting is distinctive making it look fresh and new. The square on the other hand has a white linear structure. It is a simple structure with some outstanding glass decorations outside the buildings. According to Murphy (2013), different shops and retail outlets are scattered in a linear fashion throughout the building. The building rather depicts an open courtyard gathering numerous shops being clustered as a family. Finally, Sandwell College depicts a wavy structure with a sober color matching the surroundings. The neo futuristic architecture provides a full purpose utility roofing systems that serves as an excellent aesthetic purpose as well as drains storm water effectively without retention. Sandwell college structure has a well furnished glass walls which is both tough and durable compared to the other buildings. Sandwell College depicts a well blended connection between unsymmetrical aspect of the structure and linear module. Sandwell College has a tremendously large architecture that is the largest technical academy of West Bromwich and hence forms the most essential elements of West Bromwich regeneration of Town centre. The seven-storey building used an unusual ‘seed pod’ reception structure. The lightings and interior trussing are magnificently blended with flamboyant color. Exterior architectural coloring, flooring, walling and roofing systems highlights excellence in structural integrity and style (Mcrma.co.uk, 2017).

The graceful Sandwell College has become an iconic structure striking through the posed permanent. Elegance in Architecture makes it a fashion not bounded by time. The structure provides aesthetics an imparted visual identity to the buildings. The performance, behavior and structure of the building provide component fa?ade elements. Structural from having aesthetically appealing driven engineering considerations have been highlighted in Sandwell College. Elegant design although highlighted by ‘The public’ and ‘The square’ are less creative, satisfactory, efficient and economical compared to Sandwell College. The college exhibits elegance as well as structural art without having a structural; engineering design. However one thing which is common among ‘The public’, ‘The square’ and ‘Sandwell College’ is that they exhibit neo futuristic architecture in a town that has majority of the buildings built prior to 90s (Schuppe, 2017). Innovative structure has been blended with charming futuristic design for the generation that is cladded in stainless steel as well as built as flattened arch centenary in case of the roofing system for the college.

The curved roof of Sandwell College can be compared to that of The Riverside Museum designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects and constructed majorly by BAM Construct UK Ltd. The difference between the roofing system of The Riverside Museum and Sandwell College is that riverside museum has a zig zag linear structure while Sandwell college depicts a parabolic rounded structure. From an aethectic point of view Sandwell college looks better as well as has enhanced water drainage system. The large glazed panels of Sandwell College can be compared to that of fagus shoe factory designed by Walter groups and Alfred Meyer. It highlights a modern construction structure however not an enhanced aesthetically beautiful structure have likes that of Sandwell College. According to Zhu (2013), Jiangsu Provisional museum also highlights similarity with Sandwell College in terms of different sized windows. The Sandwell College depicts non-uniformity of window size and highlights an overall balance between uniform and non-uniform structure. Repetitions of the floor are compared to Rwi University of Zurich. Rwi university of Zurich also repeats floors with a neo futuristic design similar to that of Sandwell College.

Structure aesthetics of Sandwell College is comparable to King’s Cross-station of London, which is a Victorian era building. The structural symmetry makes it aesthetically appealing as well as iconic. The Refurbishment of the roof through structural steel makes it look like a reversed waterfall with white grid of steels that swoops up from ground and cascades over the head (Ballantyne, 2013). However, Sandwell College is an unsymmetrical structure that provides aesthetically appealing outlook blending the architectural beauty and unsymmetrical. Birmingham library has beautiful lighting systems with adequate BREEAM standard rating efficiency of the lights. The lighting provides efficient luminescence within the library hall with not too much bright lighting and not too much dull lighting. Lighting systems of Sandwell College can also be compared to that of Birmingham Library with much more efficient BREEAM standards and installations done with precise lighting engineering. Lights within the buildings are positioned at strategic locations to effectively light up spaces properly. Flooring of the Sandwell College is well furbished with highly durable strong flooring systems. However, Rwi University of Zurich has a flooring system in which students sit in a hanging oval shaped balcony. As per Ching (2014), each class is positioned on the floor and can be accessible around well. Well communication among the floors is present as well. Another college designed by Bond Bryan architects depicts a linear block model structure. The glazed window can be compared to that of Sandwell College however; the overall architecture does not depict much innovativeness as well as uniqueness (Architectsjournal.co.uk, 2017).


It can be concluded that as the beauty of snake (serpentine) lies in the twisting and turning of the snake structure, the beauty of Sandwell College also lies in its twisted and turning structure. According to Hale (2015), snake has a passive and aggressive aesthetic attraction that allures danger. The snake resembles both danger as well as beauty perfectly blended into a common body. Sandwell College provides a contrasting depiction of the snake and its serpentine structure of twisting and turning. The structure provides aggression and passivity suggesting a slithery, squirmy and ancient subconscious with modern neo futuristic design concepts. The twisted, turning and wavy AshZip seam roofing system provides both aesthetic as well as characteristics of performance. BBA certified with mobile roll forming units that are efficient in achieve concave and convex curves with a tight radius, a mobile curve technology is incorporated. A radial roof on plan can be if enables attractive architectural features such as high quality gauge materials and ease of installation throughout the building life (Kalogirou, 2015). AshZip also provides Sandwell College to incorporate exceptionally attractive and stylish solar PV systems on almost every roof that needs to be refurbished. The mobile roll forming system helps the roof to be rolled on site any time as per the requirements. Judging on the characteristics of Sandwell College, it is found to be much more visually attractive better than the glazing, window size, roofing, flooring, lighting and other elements of architecture.


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