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Mimino 'long since become classics of Soviet cinema. Perhaps that 'Mimino' love not so much as, say, a wonderful comedy Gaidai and Ryazanov, but still 'Mimino' is also one of the most beloved movies of people, not only of the Soviet era, but also the next. A brilliant cast duo consisting of Vakhtang Kikabidze (fillets) and Frunzik Mkrtchyan (Rubik), became the mother of many, and many, despite the fact that the main characters - the Georgian and Armenian, but once we were living in a large country and the Georgians with Armenians we were like brothers.
Why, 'Mimino' perhaps (I emphasize that it is possible!) not so loved by the audience as Gaidai's movies? No, no there is no racism, things are going from the genre. Speaking of tape Leonid Iovicha and there a genre absolutely clear - it's one hundred percent comedy, and here at the George N. Danelia genre - a tragicomedy. His best films, including 'Mimino' end is not a happy ending, they conclude, if I may say so, life. Among comedy from George N. has a distinct way of drama, sometimes it becomes very sad, but, alas, not Danelia sees life in pink glasses. It can plenty to laugh, to give opportunity to laugh us, but also a place for drama has the viewer to recognize the same 'Mimino' they do not make up a story, as well as the lives of people who are nearby, smiling through the Georgian mustache, but in the eyes of transmitting grief situation.
yet 'Mimino' left the deepest memory thanks to the wonderful aphorisms related to the mentality of the inhabitants of the mountains. Probably every family is an expression that often wanders than other great sayings and aphorisms of "Mimino", one immediately and remember that it is because of this wonderful film, so here is firmly entrenched in the life 'Mimino'. For example, you can often hear the statement: 'I tell you one clever thing to say, but do not be offended!'. It 'Mimino', this confusion with the cases of these transfers Georgians who do not pay attention to the conventions of grammar of the Russian language, which made it only gets more fun. 'Larissa want!' - as a joke sometimes by telephone. Although this proposal is hidden quite lyrical tragicomedy warehouse, but more love to smile than to be sad, so 'Larissa' came as a comic appeal. 'And how do you this of color?' - these words may not be the most memorable, but the quiet, slow voice Aristophanes mimics some construction teams, so that 'Mimino' movie not only for pilots and flight attendants, but also for other professions came to court
can not, not without a slight smile. recall these delightful roller and Cube. Being together in a hotel room, they suddenly became friends fast, the pilot and the driver. When opened confusion with the name Khachikyan, when he came Leonid Kuravlev, and rollers and Rubik appeared on the street, without joy and respect it is impossible to watch as their friendship is only strengthened. They argued dance in the hotel restaurant, and now Valiko knows where lost the car and he thinks right. Ruslan Mikaberidze, who played chief bead in Georgia excellent amuse, I really even thought that this man's honest good humor to settle in Odessa, where he will not get lost. A small role in the rascal Archil Gomiashvili, the best according to many Ostap Bender. All the bad people in the 'Mimino' you will not find, so Gomiashvili - the main antagonist, with pozvolneniya say. Small but vivid role Yevgeny Leonov, Marina Dyuzhev and Vladimir Basov, who in unison, we were told that the world is supported by good people. He flashed and Savely Kramarov, and he somehow had to play prisoners (hint understood?).
'Mimino' must be stored not only in a special fund, but also in our hearts and souls, Georgy Danelia took a little about zarisovochka that era, which has remained in the past, but it is necessary to respect and remember our past, whatever it is. A roller and Rubik put a monument in Dilijan, if it says that deserved in his own good and his own sad picture?
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