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There are films, kind and sincere at heart, after which it becomes sad and svetlo..Kazhdy man finds in them something of their own, secret, intimate and friendly. For me, this film is' Mimino 'comedy of Georgiy Danelia, though some critics define this genre as' poluskazku. 'The film's director recalled:' We Rezo Gabriadze always a lot of amazing and incredible stories in reserve. He claims that it was in reality. Once Rezo told about rural pilot, which attaches the helicopter at night to a tree with a chain lock, so as not to have stolen. I liked the story, and we Rezo decided to write about this pilot script. To get acquainted with the life of a small provincial airport, we drove to the city of Telavi - there was such. It was there, and a relaxation room with two beds pilots. In it we Rezo and settled. Get up early, drank warm fresh milk. Then lay on the tarmac, looked at the sky, the distant mountains and composed. The air smelled of dry grass. They come up with a lot of fun. (Something that later became a movie "Mimino".) After 'Athos' I wanted to shoot something plain and bright' .. For the filming of selected mountainous village in Tusheti -. Omalo, which was not even a road, and get It could only be a horse. Danelia vpominat 'Omalo small village. But there is a school - three rooms. In one - the first, second, third class, the other - the fourth and fifth, and the third - sixth and seventh. One teacher. And all the students - eight. There is a hotel - two rooms, four beds. There is a shop - one room. There is a restaurant "Cosmos" - a small room with three tables. In this restaurant shepherds when fetches the mountain sheep for a haircut, the sailors after a long swim, live it. There, high in the mountains, village Omalo was the center of civilization. Valiko Mizandari role was written specifically Bubu Kikabidze. At Buba innate sense of truth. He would never do that, he could not make his hero. In our scenario, roll (Mimino) was close by the nature of Benjamin from the movie "Do not worry!" Cheerful, lively, easy. A Mimino by Buba - a mountaineer. '
film really came out light, but the unpretentious Do?
seems to be simple-minded story -derevensky Valiko Mizandari pilot flying a small helicopter carries peasants and movies to the villages and falls in love with a stewardess of a large white airliner. He arrives in Moscow. Enters into a large aircraft, flying on the ship around the world. But realizes that it is not for him. Returns to the village, in the literal sense, to 'his sheep', peacefully grazing on the tarmac, in the lost in the mountains The village in ..
result was sometimes very funny, but at times poignant story about loneliness and restlessness, friendship and love, and involvement in their innermost roots.
'In the mountains, probably right now okay? Oh, nothing special .. '
But this remote village is for cushions that small homeland, without which happiness to find, it appears impossible. So important for him to bond with the place where he was born and grew up, where he had left his family, the native nature, majestic mountains, green expanses ..
Valiko In a foreign country did not become 'his'., He was weird, sometimes too proud and principled 'highlander' in the eyes of others, could not overcome any language or emotional barriers.
'Do you want to jump out of an airplane? No
-. And I want to! '.
And he returns to the village to her sister, the little nephew, my father, my dog ​​Zarbazanu, and all-all-all
Not without reason one of the wise men said:' Beware of their of their desires, they can be filled '.. Here and rollers mistaking his dream, which seemed almost -that is fulfilled, for a way to realization of happiness. But happiness - is to find his place in life. Without looking up from the roots, and most importantly - without changing yourself .. It is there, it is only necessary to be able to feel it, to consider, to look inside yourself to understand what you really need to feel in harmony with themselves, and, therefore, happy.
For each of us it is sometimes -So what looks like on a roller Mizandari ..
a film 'Mimino' is a simple explanation of happiness.

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