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And no matter where I was, where I was going or whether the land or the burning heat
everywhere with me fatherland, shines in the mind.
It is inseparable from the eternal stars.
Revaz Margiani
eve fortieth anniversary patriotic ribbon Georgy Danelia closer to that to be considered more than a parable than a film. Like the legend of the Alazani Valley, it helps everyone to know the mysterious Georgian soul. Warm, ironic, friendly tone so familiar to the director, denies rush steered a careful hand to the atmosphere relaxing stay on a folding chair with a glass of "Kindzmarauli" in his hand. Life is like a rose from the mountains to the sun: yesterday it seemed dark, as if a completely meaningless, and today you are elated this big dream. And conquered the skies in the way of the projectile, and native villagers bless his dear Mimino. Fly Falcon, Fly. Only forward and only upwards. But what will come up, so look around and ask: Are you happy? What is the tone of the melody of your flight? Dream on, but do not get lost, roller, for complicated world where not understand the impulses broad highland soul
End of the seventies -. Time of nostalgia in the work of the Georgian maestro. If we are the example of dissolute plumbing Danelia showed the importance of circulation to the roots, then Caucasian men with him a cult house - to make it easier and more important. All the story is like two parallel lines: his native village, where every one knows, not abandon, approves, and Moscow, with its varnished mannered, pompous and inappropriate humor. In a strange city, where all comers unkind woman on the telephone wire, the only remains proud Georgians to look for a soul mate. Mimino Rubik and - the two torches with pure fire burning glory surprising straightforwardness, integrity and generosity. Descended through the hotel comical circumstances, Caucasians are silent reproach Cold capital, where a step forward can not do without cronyism. No wonder disappointed in yesterday's dreams, when made, they are deprived of their sun shine. It is foolish to deny the importance of any age find a ready response in humans. This eliminates the emotional loneliness is on the life and paints every day, which in addition to walks in the heavens should be something else.
«Ale! Larissa want! »
about true love, honor and fidelity said not a poet, but too difficult to cope with the circumstances, when the foreign country makes its own rules. Mimino - not the last romantic Transcaucasia, and an ordinary person, ability to inspire, to stand up for relatives and reflect on yesterday, so today has developed differently. Without Vakhtang Kikabidze, likely would not be the whole picture, as a talented singer and no less talented actor perfectly combined in his noble face of wisdom, sincerity and reliability. This combination of qualities more important that Danelia turned minor film in which a lot of sad, and even comical situations heap in the end makes you wonder. Kikabidze wonderful duet with Frunzik Mkrtchyan - one of the major achievements of the director in his prolific career, because who else but these two are able to convince the superiority of honesty at the absurdity. Game two temperamental men allows us to see perfectly familiar in Moscow before an unknown world, and he is gloomy melancholy. It is no coincidence in the capital does not meet the sky the sun, and the nights seem unnaturally long. Almost every frame Danelia resembles justice of truth "where he was born - there and handy»
stirs the soul flavor,
With nothing which can not be compared,
to him uncontrollably beckons,
As. in secrecy not to fall in love.
Giorgi Zurabishvili
But where is the pursuit of high, how great dream? And what is greatness, my friends? - as if the director asks. Flying on a giant supersonic "Swan", where around starched command, specifying an unknown manager and an absolute sense of itself as a part in a giant mechanism? "Thank you, I'll stand on foot." With a little exaggeration in the picture it gives a clear look at the problem of finding a truly one's place in life. A traditional Georgian fervor Kikabidze is the best live shows lack of emotion in such a seemingly-functioning Soviet society. The procedure for the definition of soulless. George N. frequently dealt with this subject in his productions, and not without reason Buzykin of "Autumn Marathon" felt like the black sheep, as if all around understand something inaccessible to one only to him. But, perhaps, rather the opposite interpretation? This deserves reflection
Looking to open the pilot roller, betrothed Falcon, the last thing I think about the injustice that thriftily lives in any major city, and in the first -. That the person on the shoulder of his mountain, if it responds at the right time the prompt intuition. Inner voice - the most loyal friend get lost in the thicket of his quest. Under the national envelope Danelia carefully protect important the idea of ​​creativity. As the director tells a habit, "Mimino" turned sad comedy with timeless meaning. Sometimes, as you can see, these complex things better and stay, and trust simple and straightforward. Such as the simple theme of "Chito-gvrito, Chito-Margalit ..." And let the composer Giya Kancheli thought this song ordinary, but traditional in its simplicity of genius that does not diminish. Similarly, nothing can shake the faith of man in his homeland. The memory of childhood, adolescence, pure thoughts - sometimes the only thing that leaves a ruthless life. We would like to preserve it in its original integrity, and now it is even more important than in times when in the Georgian sky flying Mimino.
To my best friend Caro from the heart

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