"Million Dollar Baby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Stunning picture of 'Million Dollar Baby' Clint Eastwood will impress even the bore and to find fault with everything that is commendable. So this picture is deep and morally terrible.
The ingenious game Clint Eastwood struck from the very beginning, when he was the hero provokes the priest. Look at his pleased look after the priest phrase 'demigods are no bloody heathen!'. The priest, of course, there is no argument in favor of his religious position. And it may not be. And because Frank does not unbeliever - he strongly doubted. Perhaps due to the fact that his life is horrible, and the whole world around is poor and far from God? And his family, and the church - the same? The priest does not seem a wiser man. But it was he who opens, in fact, that picture. Church pursues Frank, Frank pursues a church. Maybe it goes back not only to to debate with a priest, who did not want to discuss (and not because to lose faith in him and that has never happened before - but only so as not to disgrace himself). In addition, an important feature of Frank is that he read William Butler Yeats and hopes that one day will be able to read his poetry in silence, and not among the pile of people hitting each other how much in vain ...
you find it difficult to reconcile that old age
They are with me -. the desire and rage
and who is better in his youth could
cheer me, so much so that I began to sing
Messy business - boxing. There may be scoundrels everywhere. There may be half-crazy, there may be mocked them, can get caught and frank scoundrels. And oddly enough, wise Eddie (wonderfully played by Morgan Freeman, who for this role, finally got a well-deserved Oscar) moral support is half-crazy by dangerous nickname. A mock him wins in the much-anticipated duel with No. 110. Any crank can help, even if the chances of any win it does not. But the eccentric does not deserve the abuse. That is the true philosophy of few words, but wise Eddie, who sees something positive in life without eyes, and death after achieving
Maggie, who superbly played by Hilary Swank -. Here the central figure, that of whom you can laugh a little at the beginning and at the end and porydat. Boxing - a dirty business, working as a waitress - too dirty, no pure cases in the world, everywhere infiltrated by people who do not need anything other than your own well-being. Neither the church nor pub - nothing is sacred
For her Eastwood hero can spit on the priest's words, to spit on their own principles. Touched upon the negative impact on the human family. When she went to train with Frank, Frank was in, and no one else - she had one positive goal. Help the family. And her family - a thankless task. It is terrible to look at her mother, according to her fatness, obviously not hungry and drinking, which is received from her daughter that she in sweat, with geysers of blood from the nose sought - angry, criticizing her gift, scolds her. Money, here's what to mothers. Money and the opportunity to criticize the one who seeks them. Usually behave so rude children and their parents are bad - but if so behave parents, they do not deserve anything at all. 'Who has less than willing, should know that it has more than worthy "- once said Georg Lichtenberg
Maybe the meaning of life a person begins to lose if it disappears all love to his family.. In fact, the main characters have one thing, the main thing - they do not have family. We do not see any of the family Frank, only the daughter, with whom he tightened conflict, which we can not prove the existence of itself. We do not see any family Eddie, he lives here, in the same place where the trains. We see the family Maggie. But Maggie - she has only a formal family. In fact, she had no family. A real family - is the moral support, not moral humiliation. Maggie tries to help them - but in vain. She knows - they do not deserve this house, they do not deserve the fruits of her moral and physical pain in the ring. And in the end of her life there is only one meaning of life, the most primitive - famous throughout the world. And, perhaps, the main point of this movie parable is that the family can kill a man, and, more importantly, the meaning of his life. Maggie could follow his mother's advice, 'find a good man', to get a more public favorite work for her. She could - with its purpose. But she did not do that, because it was not to her liking. If the family would support her in that moment. 'You blew' - says mother crippled daughter. And why was purged? Maybe it's because you have not supported? Maybe because you have criticized her work, referring to the opinion of the public? Maybe, finally, because she began to fight not to help you, because you are no per gram do not deserve her help, but only to become famous? And finally - maybe because rival came very meanly? Everything has its value.
boxers fighting each other, someone came from the prostitutes, one of the other 'dregs of society', each fighting for their principles. Someone for glory, some for money, some for the sake of family support, some from a desire to make the enemy to hurt. In a fight in the ring - rational thought disappears. And if you're going out with someone who wants to hurt you, no matter what the just principles of combat - you can cause this terrible pain. You and all whom you roads. You could lose an eye, you can die, can disappear from this world. The main thing - what's your meaning of life. And if it is something more than a banal desire to be glorified - will determine not least your family. Than the unattainable goal of life, the patient dies, but no more difficult to live. But the question remains. If you know the whole world, as a candidate, but not as a champion - it is a lot? And there is not much better than the fact that you have no prices for at least one person? ..

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