"Million Dollar Baby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

But, hello. You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful, in the words of its author, a review of the film "Million Dollar Baby." You guessed it, green review will be praise and perehvalebnogo character. In order to separate the "vkusovschinu" from an objective analysis, the author divides the text into two stages. The first - the enthusiastic outpouring of subjective perception flows. Second - attempt this rambling stream of laudatory weight put in a no mainstream rationale for the test of emotions. Well, let's get started.

Part One. Emotional.
Boondock Saints, oh, what a movie! What a wonderful, sincere, lovely! Well where, where the guys in the unit # 000000, when it is so necessary? I want to use it to re-experience these emotions! Oh, those who have not seen the "baby", how I envy you - you can experience it for the first time and did not even guess about your happiness
And I thought that the old Clint can cause bouts of separation only H2O these their "my horse does not like merry" and "I know what you're thinking." And it turns out that the heart of the old warriors, too, is capable of melt and pour out a stream of tears from the eyes of prey, moisturizing pitted wrinkles manly face, like rain, water, dry, cracked earth Texas.
Yes, my friend, welcome to the club of the amateurs sports drama. If you have not cried like our emotionally mature director, and you need to let the feelings out - do not be shy, you will be a place we ... Listen, there, outside the window, you will hear our cry. Do not be ashamed of his tears, do not! Since the story presented to us a director, a truly tragic! This is a story of loneliness and friendship, achievements, victories, ups and downs, great designs and frustrating story of willpower and spirit. This is the story of the winner and the defeated. And do not judge strictly female boxer (namely, it is the protagonist of the picture), it's not every man is able to pass the test fight, what else can be said about the fragile girl ?! Ring - it is an absolute indicator of truth, a kind of solution, getting into that, man, like litmus paper, showing its true color. As boxers say, "all show ring." Masks thwarted, now there is no lie or falsehood, only the absolute pure aggression in its original form. You do not know your opponent, you can see it for the first time in my life and not have him any complaints, but for the moment you do it as painfully as possible, and it is you, too, to the sound of the gong to hug him, as if nothing had happened and go in peace, and maybe even your friends. In these circumstances, we see who coward and who is brave, who is worthy of the title of champion and who is an empty space. And, perhaps, a girl has more courage than most of the stronger sex together. So pay their respects, my friend. This girl - a real warrior, one in a million
That's the first part of the review ends.. We will not yet make any conclusions and familiarize yourself with the second part, in which he promised to reveal to us directly analysis of the film.

Part Two. Rational.

Hilary Swank perfectly able to get used to the image of cheeky and perky Maggie pretty darling girl. And by the way, on account of nat. training - this is not a sad sack of the "Legends of karate." Skill grew and matured girl. Clearly on the face of repeated trips to the boxing hall and is now unlikely villain from "The Gift", played by Keanu Reeves, have reached her with his fists. Very commendable, when the actor so hard to get used to the image, it is preparing for the role, including visiting the gym. Recall at least Wahlberg, Bella, Crow, Rourke and Smith, who were like boxers, not only externally. I do not remember them in vain, because Eastwood is truly able to reach the level of paintings, starring the actors: "Fighter", "Cinderella", "The Wrestler", "Ali", "Rocky". And I knowingly did not mention Stallone, because this guy took as "Rocky", but did not deign to more or less to study boxing techniques to scenes in the ring a little more realistic look. But, nevertheless, "Million Dollar Baby" is not just boxing. This is, first, all the drama. And the drama is not sport, but in life, and even - dare I say it - philosophical. Reducing the scope of reality to the framework outlined by the ropes of the ring, the author talks about the bread through boxing. And thanks to a simplified scheme, it becomes easier to express certain thoughts. Thoughts on the desire to live, desire to die, and on the issue of the ethics of desire. On the strength of will and the moment when it has not left the attempt to reach a star called a dream, shining in the sky dream. About the meaning of the word "family", and that when most native person on earth to become a lonely old man frowning. And these motives do "Million Dollar Baby" is a real drama with a capital letter. Drama, beating on emotions at Tyson, artistic Jones Jr., eloquent as Ali (or Klitschko), tragic as "Thriller in Mannile».
Well, if you like the exclusively military component in sports films is easier said scuffle, then I recommend to see something else, called the action movie. There are excellent representatives of the western branch of the militants, but I would advise you to look to the East, as the best fight scenes than in Asian films I have not seen.
So we can sum up the results of our review "Million Dollar Baby" . The author chose some artistic style of narration and assess the quality of the picture, based on personal emotions and thoughts, as a film, and boxing in general. Promising to split the text into two parts - the emotional and the rational, the author is clearly cunning, starting with the emotions and gradually going to them as in the analytical part of the opus, thereby not allowing the actual evidence of his personal delight. Well, let it remain on his conscience. And you, dear friends, do not worry: if you want facts, is at your disposal there is always the Internet resource "thousands approximate truths", where you will find probably ...

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