"Million Dollar Baby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I am not a lover of sports dramas, though I admit that in this genre has a lot of very deep and interesting films. It just so happened that 'Million Dollar Baby', Clint Eastwood, I decided to look after the picture grabbed the prize Oscar in the category - the best film of the year. I understand that the reckless rush on these facts, especially in view of the subjective opinions, and each person's taste, but for me personally, being a great admirer of cinema, I wanted to still see with your own eyes and make a personal opinion about the movie, which is one of the most famous and respected movie awards, recognized - the best! So, in my collection was the first sports drama about boxing and simultaneously became the first tape on the shelf, orchestrated by Clint Eastwood. Honestly, I knew what I was going. I knew that I would see at least a very moving, generally, very profound and largely philosophical work. 'Million Dollar Baby' and indeed very significant and multifaceted picture - that is exactly the case when its author has something to tell the audience, having not only the idea, but also a deep desire to bring people something important. Promise is definitely a success - the picture has collected more than a hundred million only in America, but it is not an indicator - the most valuable thing that the film truly loved his audience, as evidenced by their warm and touching testimonials. And the critics are not left behind, with tearing his mouth commendable compliments of the tape itself, as well as its creators.
Eastwood, not only directed the 'Petite', but also played in the film one of the main roles, showing that in spite of the already advanced age, the actor and director there is life in the old dog yet. Despite the somewhat tired appearance, Eastwood, the screen provides a very deep and subtle game, giving his character's inner core and charisma, as in this help him and the writers, creating a very difficult conflicts to Frankie image. By the way, one of the writers is Paul Haggis - also wrote and shot a film 'Clash', which also became the winner of the 'Oscar'. Very touching and that the soundtrack also wrote Eastwood, which once again underlines a real passion for their work. But to return to his acting roles. As I wrote above, it turned out great Frankie and complex conflicts taking place in his life and in his own soul - make it terribly interesting character. He plays a boxing trainer Frank, who has his own gym in which he prepares for the tournament - fighters. In this room, there are many different events - there lives his friend Eddie - a former boxer having over their shoulders 109 fights, but in the last battle abandoned coach by Frank he defends the fight until the end, though losing him one eye ... This event bear another burden on the conscience steadfast Frank. The image of Eddie, as always deliciously embodies Morgan Freeman. Let his game is typical, but not bothersome, and vice versa -. Very, already in the native palpable and touching
One day it comes into the room unremarkable girl thirty-odd years. Her name is Maggie Fitzgerald and she works as a waitress in a cheap diner. Maggie lives a dream that one day she will be a famous boxer. Frankie, Maggie is the idol and she is willing to do anything as long as it took her to train. At first, Frankie and will not hear of some kind of little girl - it does not work with the women and said given not serious. When from him to another manager leaves his protégé, receiving a title, hostile to the girl, Frank, it is taken to train, but warning that when it is ready, he will find it for another manager. So, Maggie becomes invincible, repeatedly putting opponents on the shoulder, but the departure of another manager will not hear. So, Frankie leads their pupils for the world of her dreams, until this winning road does not lead travelers to the most decisive battle. Hilary Swank, is an actress very specific role, which allows it to play a certain role. Yes, in her filmography there are different pictures, with absolutely different genres, but it is easily given the roles that are generally not eligible for other actresses. Hence, it has two peak present in the quarry. First - this is the role in the movie 'Boys Do not Cry', the second - the image of Maggie Fitzgerald, of the 'Million Dollar Baby' - for both, she received the Oscar for best actress, becoming the owner of this double award
Her Maggie is! really a lot of emotions - from pity to admiration. Tenacity that she carries in her character, powerful experience. So much energy, so energy, so much obstinacy, and all of this gives rise to - a dream. She is confident one hundred percent - that would be bad no matter what happens in her life - to endure and put up with all this, it will only exercise its main purpose. In principle, and so it turns out. It is also very delicate and graceful, the authors are confronted Frankie and Maggie on the path of life, showing their family souls. Both - they have there loved ones, from which they are far - Frankie constantly sends letters to his own daughter, to which she sends them back to him. In his loneliness Frankie blames only himself and trying somehow to understand and accept their errors, he regularly goes to church, the priest asking questions about God and the truth. And of course they can not find - even in the most terrible day of my life when he needs to make a very difficult choice, by asking a priest, he was once again convinced that the answers to his life have to look inside yourself. He would make one more sin, adding to the treasury of his own conscience, another incredibly heavy burden, but it frees the one who has helped fulfill the dream of his life. My precious, my flesh and blood ... Mukushla - so nicknamed the one that without a soul nothing could reach her dreams. And no matter what happens in your life further - it is important that your most intimate happened, and in their ears, until the last breath, you will hear the roar of the crowd with the chant - Mukushla ...
P.S. Clint Eastwood has created a truly great feeling and touching picture. His "Million Dollar Baby" carries a lot of deep thoughts and frank, sincere promise. Each viewer will certainly find something to learn from this tape. As well, every viewer after watching, definitely can leave something for yourself ...
9 out of 10

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