"Million Dollar Baby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sports drama about boxing often turn violent and touching at the same time. This is the classic "Raging Bull" with the "Rocky", is a modern and "Cinderella Man" with "Million Dollar Baby." Only in the "baby" sport relegated to the background, the main thing is human relationships and feelings.
good coach and a bad manager Frank Dunn, played by Clint Eastwood's character is interesting, but that's an actor, he has performed, does not correspond to its scope, even though For all his experience and achievements. Eastwood hero, a man who has seen a lot in my lifetime, who knows the secrets of success, the bitterness of defeats, a master of his craft, who lives by the rules currently drafted.
He is very lonely, he has long since lost contact with his daughter, he does not know his faith and understands why still go to church the priest pulling his sole meaning of life is not to burn bedraggled boxing hall to some off the beaten path and make a single talented fighter, he trainee champion. Dunn experienced person is not risky and it prevents him from old age to succeed - the exact opposite of the hero of the film directed by Clint Eastwood, such as I imagine it
But Eastwood, a great actor, has always played its role at a high level, so this old man looked. his performance is natural, but disgusting, not even clear how he got the nomination. Eastwood becomes annoying at first the film, not a game, and not their hero, but while he is in the frame, almost always in the foreground, of course, the role of the main, but not the main, that is it could fulfill any other actor or close the corresponding age. But the director, of the fact and concurrently the leading man to show off in the frame -. I did not like his acting work in this film as heroine
Swank, Maggie, and a hard-nosed character of naive, trusting in the goodness of man and morals, a lot years working as a waitress, but dreaming of something more for themselves and for their loved ones, she does not want to be famous or rich, she wants to be happy. And happy she was just a child. But to get from the provinces to the top, the problem for many difficult and not feasible, but the work of all peretrot, and will have a chance to go above it can not be overlooked.
Swank very well managed to convey her character, to portray her naivety and even stupidity, pain and happiness fleeting and quick. Swank will never become a sex symbol or a beauty queen, she will never manage these sorts ratings, but it has a chance to become one of the greatest actresses, she, like her character, can achieve this enormous success, and how there will be further unknown unknown when the hand is no script.
Heroes movie opposites that find similarities, and they are more than communicate, the more you realize that they can become a support to each other, they realize that loneliness is left behind, and in front of the joint the success that they alone n achieved. But they are united not because of selfish principles, they have a spiritual connection, which leads them to a new life where they never dreamed already reached.
script was written specifically for the big awards, the film forces the grief and trying to pull a tear, I do not like those movies, they usually turn out boring, but strong, this time turned out well. The plot is good, but too tragic and sad, he created crush of people are depressed or reduced to, the people full of optimism. Every character, every plot twist, every hero story make vzgrustnut, and it seems that Haggis sitting at a typewriter, wanted to bring the mood of people watching the film to its lowest point.
impossible not to mention the character Morgan Freeman, full beyond praise, Adult binder a two protagonists, the line between them and pulling the blanket. But his most touching character in this film, it accounts I would have carried her half-success, despite the minor characters, and the episode of the holey socks just killed me, this is one of the most memorable roles Freeman.
fights in the film does not take a special place as well as make-up, they are, because it must be so, otherwise it will not complete the film, it's like that in a movie about a nuclear explosion does not show itself fungus. But women's boxing is not boxing, this is an anomaly created in order to amuse the fighters for equality of the sexes. At the hearing in women's boxing only one name is the name of the daughter of Muhammad Ali, and then because of the father's name. And the makeup does not look familiar, very clearly, when the wounds did not have to pay a lot of attention.
And thanks to the film "Million Dollar Baby," in which a special emphasis on women's boxing and not put, it becomes clear that this sport is not particularly He deserves to be, at least because of the tragedy, not so women are treated, and it is quite impossible to see, despite the fact that women's boxing can be cruel. Only without the fights at weigh-in or press conferences, promises to break each other out before the fight, and with sympathy for the opponent and with the sincere hope to help her at least by check, but tend to it as it turned out, not all boxers Women's League, even there "Tyson" - dirty fighters
also used in the movie damn sad music, and tries to download the final, has not yet reached even to the isolation tape, but about music in the final shooting galleries completely silent.. The denouement of the film anticipate, but at this point I want to have another final, that's just boring operation at the end of the film works well with the atmosphere of the film, it is also slow and boring, but it adds to the film his scarf, which I'm not very pleased.
On director's chair, though it was almost all the time empty, Clint is more impressive. It is time for him to not hesitate to carry out the casting for the lead roles in his films, as director's work is successful, it would appear from this incredible spectacle or some crap, but Eastwood found a middle ground, but I would have liked it more if he tried to give more entertainment ...
As a result, "Million Dollar Baby" can be called a good film, which is difficult to watch due to the boredom of the plot and tragedy in every minute, and it seems that the movie lasts a very long time, but this does not prevent him to be an interesting cinematic value, which also has its fans, but I was not among them.

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