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Use every man his chance!
Well, the great Clint Eastwood made, without exaggeration, a masterpiece, a film to become a maestro. These things happened at the same time the movie is incredibly atmospheric, just awesome aesthetic in terms of shooting and many details, but most importantly, it is very instructive and life. No kidding, it contains a whole heap of necessary and sends the cornerstones that define our life with you. But let's start order.
The plot of this film, though simple in appearance, but at the same time is quite meaningful, dynamic, and because and interesting. It was built by more than half in the relationship between Frankie and Maggie, through the relationship of the characters and reveal themes such as man's responsibility for his ward, the theme of self-importance. But not only this rich syuzhetets: the relationship of old cronies Frankie and scrapie is also very interesting, they built the lion's share of humor of the film, their relationship and brilliant dialogues perfectly convey the character of the two heroes, show bad side of Frank, and thereby develop the plot. Other details of the story are also important, they complete the picture, expanding representation of the viewer not only about boxing but about life. That only is the storyline with the parents of Maggie, which is in two stages with the house and that, when the vile, selfish parents try to take money from the main character, shows how well hard to realize that you and your achievements no one needs. Also, through many scenes in the hall director brings to us as a representation of the box through a replica of scrapie, Frank, and other ideas. For example, the idea that stumble Anyone can shown not only through the history of Maggie, but also through the history from the mouths of scrapie about himself in his youth, as well as through the tragicomic 'Dangerous', which throughout the tape acts also a symbol of stubbornness and dedication, both actually and Maggie :).
Go to the characters and acting work. I must say, cast in this film simply excellent. And if mastadonty like Eastwood and Freeman do not cause issues with regards to the quality of the roles performed, the hitherto unknown to me, Hillary Swank simply stunned. She played a woman just with steel eggs, however stupid it may sound. And in truth, the authors of the film as for me, even a little went too far, making the heroine of a die-hard fanatic, with the right natural and masculine character, and manners. Realistically, probably had little to dilute the image of femininity, and it can not be prevented. But still, it is in any case not minus.A special feature. The character was very good in terms of attitudes to life and to a favorite cause. This image is fully presents us credo obliging and diligent student, a very self-critical, but in a good hard-nosed, always ready to listen to his mentor and for whom the concept of self-discipline and respect is not an empty phrase, and the foundations of success. Success, for which will have to pay a lot. Maggie is well aware. Scrapie character is too great, and Morgan Freeman regains it as alive, following the canons of such characters: phlegmatic, calm, in the soul who already experiences ceased fire and passion. But Frank Dunn, on the contrary, is the bearer of a storm of emotions, both positive and not so. Of course, it is the multi-faceted character of the film, in his heart there is so much that he can not even cope with all this. He can not, for many years to cope with the 'pain mentor' so to speak, can not cope with a heavy burden of responsibility for their charges, believing that fate led them to the people depend on the choice of its decisions. He does not want to risk the fate of people who are for him the road, where he put his heart and love. It describes him as altruistic caring father, whom he becomes Maggie later. On the other hand, some scenes are mostly at the beginning of the film show us how Frank's impertinent tyrant, but still then, with the passage of the tape as a rapprochement with Maggie gradually transformed into a person who will never give up, and always will.
Finally that makes this film vitally important for the viewer. His problems. The ideas raised in the film, chrezvachayno important even for a man distant from the sport. Some of them I have already touched upon, and I will not repeat. Talk about the remaining important
One of them - this is the problem of underestimation of the situation:. You should always be on the alert, and as Frankie said, mindful of self-defense. Can not relax ever! And in anticipation of winning especially. Ignoring this advice worth Maggie lifetime
Another important issue -. Human problem of choice in a difficult situation. In my opinion, in the movie it pops up repeatedly, and not just at the end of the film where Dunne makes the right choice (because life Maggie had for her the most weight is only in boxing where she has achieved what she wanted, in a wheelchair, her life was empty and meaningless) ; This problem can be traced throughout the whole picture, then how would the film itself has some subtext about the choice in every moment of his life. For example, take the risk and go into battle for the title, which at the same time can deprive you of career and even life. Or whether to train a person who, in one case can become a champion, and bestow on you, and the other for you to become a burden, crippling your soul. As they say, the choice is yours. Risk or not
And then comes to the ring on the third, the most important problem. Can still take the risk? because this opportunity may be my last ... So our main character does. It puts everything at stake, because the whole point of her life she sees in a dream, in its implementation, the purpose for which it is ready for anything ...
In conclusion, we say that our life is not worth anything if we in this life to nothing desire. The arbiters of their destinies are the first thing you do, so do not miss your chance, because the second this brutal world you can not give more than ever. You can try one day and fall, losing everything, but at the same time, before death you will never blame themselves for what did not try to conquer the summit, which did not use their opportunities. You will be proud of themselves, and come away with dignity, like a real fighter, Kojima was Maggie. And the last your thought is "I did everything right».
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