Great tips on filling in the Eagle Scout Rank Application (the ESRA) & Req. 7 Documents Nov. 2014
Use the latest variation from nationwide BSA web site – currently, the 2014 publishing is current.
Start gathering the info you need by asking your device development Chair for a printout of both your
unit’s record in regards to you, and of BSA’s record about you. Most units use a pc program such as
Troopmaster (there are certainly others). They normally use it for member monitoring about attendance, advancement, merit
badges, and unique prizes (like a Religious one, or 50 Miler). The BSA provides a course called Internet
Advancement, which just tracks development and merit badges – but which is your formal record. Get both,
and make fully sure your BSA record is correct and complete.
If you have your rank cards and merit badge blue cards, compare those records using what your records say. If
need be, get unit and BSA records corrected and/or updated by the device advancement chair.
Fill the ESRA kind out on line – it is a fillable pdf, together with type size will adjust immediately as needed.
Fill in your determining information at the top left.
At the most effective right, complete your earlier in the day rank advancements utilizing those (up up to now) device and BSA documents.
Fill in Req. 1 information.
Req 2 requests the names and contact information for Letters of advice:
Your Scoutmaster will write to these people, asking for a confidential page of Recommendation.
Get most of the information: the e-mail and telephone number are helpful for their follow-up, if they don’t respond eventually.
Your task is think about whom you want (to determine them), then question them if they is prepared and in a position to
provide your Scoutmaster with a Letter of advice, responding to a request from him (maybe not you).
(Able: often individuals travel for all months, and simply might not be in which they are definitely.)
Scoutmasters frequently offer some criteria for the Recommender to consider – that’s not your work. Letters will
be came back on Scoutmaster in sealed envelopes, and are also only exposed throughout your Board of Review.
Some special considerations:
Religious: This letter is supposed to be from a church official. A neighbor whom attends the same church does
not qualify. If you do not attend a church, in that case your parent(s) are designed to compose a separate letter
speaking about your ‘moral upbringing’. If the church official who you would state understands you best went to a
new project at another church ‘recently’, and you may nevertheless contact him/her, you'll be able to use that person.
Educator: This letter is from a teacher or administrator or expert staffer; they could be a current
teacher or one you had in (a) present year or years. A teacher you'd for a sequence for the past two years
but no further have actually as an instructor will be the educator who knows you best.
Employer: This page is optional: in the event that you had or have a paying job, if it had been recent enough, if you can still make
contact with them. You can select. Stay away from a summer camp staffer, until you are still in touch with
them and are really yes you understand their current address. College students can be quite hard to contact.
Others: These may be any grownups you realize. Scouting expects you have actually a certain amount of involvement
in your community. While you can choose a Troop frontrunner or another educator or boss, you're encouraged
to select some body from other regions of interest in yourself.
Req 3, Merit Badges: utilize the information through the BSA’s record. Don’t guess. Your ESRA is likely to be compared to
the BSA record. Utilize the merit badges you regularly earn previous ranks – your device record usually shows you
that data. Cross from merit badges which you couldn't utilize for advancement within the three places (slots 7, 8 and
10) in which you need to show your decision. You'll select (highlight) those to cross away, right click, and
choose Strike Through from the pop-down list to do that crossing out.
Req 4, Leadership Position: the proper execution is made to make it possible for the clerical calculation for the six months
needed to satisfy this requirement. If you are still doing the qualifying job, enter the date that you sign the
ESRA, therefore the difference between two times is determined. Remember that Assistant Patrol Leader doesn’t count.
Req 5, provider venture: You developed a quick title for your task in your Workbook’s front cover. You can use
that title here, too. Use the total number of hours being in your venture Report within venture Workbook.
Req 6 & 7, Scoutmaster’s Conference and Board of Review: Print ESRA out in color; sign it.
Note you need to bring two other papers to your Board: a statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose,
and a list of leadership positions as defined in Requirement 7 of this Eagle Scout Rank Application. These two
documents are designed to inform the Eagle Board of Review about you. Scouting encourages you to think ahead
about your daily life. Scouting wishes you to definitely be active in your college, church, and community.
The “Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose” is probably simpler to write when it is:
a. Focused your aims for the following ten years, rather than the next sixty years.
b. Contains your thoughts on future education, about what your task might be, on what you certainly will do for enjoyable,
and the way you will be involved in your church and community.
c. Pictured as just a good-sized paragraph (1/2 to 3/4 web page) in length.
The “List of Positions of Leadership”
a. Will be an easy list, maybe not an essay.
b. Are organized as you choose, either chronologically or by order worth addressing.
c. Should list everything you have inked recently plus in yesteryear while a Boy Scout – things not on the
Examples are Assistant Patrol leader and Patrol Leader jobs done early in your years within the Troop.
d. Should record your part in activities and groups which you've got been active, even in the event not the
president, team captain, first violinist, or main character within the play. In many cases, your participation is
an work of leadership towards classmates in school, your church, town, etc…
e. Should record involvement in the Order of the Arrow, if relevant.
f. Ought to include academic success, like Honor part and/or National Honor Society.
g. Will include honors and honors as requirement 6 says.
After your Scoutmaster’s Conference, your Scoutmaster and Committee seat will even sign it. Get a copy.
They are responsible for its subsequent processing, beginning with copying the signed version due to their usage.

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