A Review:
The Civil War and Reconstruction Era
Spring, 2008
Professor Blight
The final exam will contain two essay concerns and some identifications. The essays are going to be equally weighted; you are able to intend to compose roughly one hour for each. The very first essay is likely to be on a question within the whole associated with the program; the 2nd will deal only with the Reconstruction era. You will definitely have
choices in each category.
Essay Topics
I. Listed here are sample some ideas the comprehensive questions. A. Why could not the usa create or maintain a democracy/republic in nineteenth century without
civil war?
B. The Civil War, in its causes, course, and consequences, is an exceptional exemplory instance of exactly how Progress
is the central theme of US history. Defend? Criticize?
C. Review the Republican Party and its own importance within the factors, course, and effects of the
Civil War.
D. How did what causes the Civil War shape the army conduct associated with the war, and in turn the truly amazing issues and consequences of Reconstruction?
E. «The Southern ended up being the situation.» The tragedy associated with Civil War period stemmed through the Southern's «peculiar» relationship along with the rest associated with nation. Protect? Criticize?
F. The Civil War as ?turning point? in US history: the general fat of armed forces, political, constitutional, social, moral, economic explanations?
G. Exactly how did debates over or interpretations of this U. S. Constitution shape the causes, course, and
consequences associated with the Civil War?
H. Inside our study of this Civil War we have utilized several forms of sources? main papers, fiction,
autobiography, historic scholarship, and movie. What are the merits or issues of every in conveying knowledge and interpretation of Civil War era?
II. Listed below are sample ideas for questions regarding the Reconstruction age. A. The consequences for the Civil War interpreted while the «Second United states Revolution.» Consider
Foner's utilization of the term «revolution» as a framework for interpreting the Reconstruction age, 1863-
B. Was Reconstruction a «failure?» Why do we ask that concern? How should we ask that question? Which are the criteria for assessing this question?
C. Should Reconstruction most readily useful be viewed through the historical lens of politics or economics? Both?
Separately? Together? Neither?
D. Should Reconstruction most readily useful be looked at through the historical lens of battle or section? Both?
Separately? Together? Neither?
E. Exactly how or to what degree had been African Americans the manufacturers of their own fate during Reconstruction, and to what level were they the ?problem? about which everyone else struggled?
F. Some have actually argued that the coming of Civil War ended up being ?irrepressible? or inevitable by the late
1850s. Was the ?retreat? from Reconstruction inside 1870s equally inevitable?
G. Why did the Reconstruction years result in unprecedented quantities of political terror and
Sample IDs
The IDs will likely to be selected from entire program and we'll attempt to circulate them on the three chronological parts? antebellum, war years, and Reconstruction. Listed here are merely examples to give
you a feeling of things to expect.
Republican Party John Brown Fugitive Slave Act Kansas Nebraska Act Honor Slave society
Secession commissioners
Election of 1860 new york draft riots Election of 1864 Battle of Antietam Louisa May Alcott Contraband
Loss of Will thesis
Southern lady Election of 1868 Sharecropping U.S. v. Cruikshank ?state committing suicide? 15
th Amendment
Southern Redemption Ulysses S. Grant The Lost Cause Exam and Review Info
Review sessions:? last course and review session with Professor Blight? Tuesday, April 29, 10:30 a.m.-noon, SSS 114
? review session with TAs? Monday, might 5, 1:00-2:30 and 7:00-8:30, LC 102
Final exam is on WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, at 9:00 a.m. in SSS 114 and DAVIES Auditorium.

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