LIFETIME TO EAGLE PATH (October 2016) P R O J E C T A P P L I C A T I PROJECT — Download the Eagle Project Workbook — Begin record maintaining (TIME, notes, plans, phone log, expenses, etc). — talk with Scoutmaster about your ideas… — Scoutmaster assigns you an adviser. — speak to your Adviser. -Always wear your course A Uniform to all project associated conferences!!! -Contact prospective companies -Select task and discuss with Organization Rep Prepare written ?Pre-Approval Application for Eagle Scout provider venture usually do not Begin assembling your project! — just take ?Before? photos — With adviser?s guidance, prepare written ?Project Details? (step-by-step preparation and arranging) Get pre application signatures in this purchase: — Organization Benefited — Scoutmaster — Troop Committee Chair Get approval from Nittany District Advancement seat, Mr. Fonda 814-238-4758 MERIT BADGES Complete Merit Badges needs Complete!!! — have the ?Eagle Scout Rank Application? report (ESR) from Troop Advancement seat — Write your COMPLETE legal title in the ESR (show center title) — if required, correct the knowledge about Cub Scout experience — Write into the Project Name and Total hours for your Eagle provider venture Obtain Scoutmaster signature & date regarding the ESR just take or mail the ESR to Juniata Valley Council, BSA 9 Taylor Drive Reedsville, PA 17084 717 667-9236 A WEEK Call council office on status of application. -If OK, visit Council and get your new ?Verified Eagle Application? -If perhaps not OK, resolve and resubmit. — Sign the application — Right any errors regarding the application Obtain Unit Signatures on Verified Application — Committee Chairman Present assembling your project plan to Scoutmaster, and then Troop Committee DIFFERENT REQMTS Obtain your advancement report through the Troop development Chair to validate your development status. Review your status utilizing the Troop Eagle Adviser. ACCOUNT Be active as a LIFE Scout for 6 months
Complete Leadership PART 1 ROLE 2 crucial records: -After each brand new signature make a few brand new copies of documents. — Project date arrangement just isn't official until once you have all four signatures on your task Pre Application. You mustn't intend on a certain date until those signatures are acquired. — Under no circumstances may your title appear on an Eagle ceremony invite or system until BSA nationwide approval is obtained. SOURCES Request Letters of advice from your recommendations 6 months PRIOR to BOR (see requirement # 2 regarding Eagle application) suggestion letters should really be mailed or emailed straight to: Brad Haldeman, Adv. Chair
O N E C T Candidate review ?Project Details? and work out preparations and changes demands Complete!!! Accomplish Project Get letter from company of in which task happened acknowledging conclusion. -Take ?after? pictures -Complete ?Carrying out of the Project? and ?Changes? Write Report. Have actually Adviser review report. Forward to Mr. Fonda for suggestions to improve. OBJECTIVES Write your achievements, Goals & aspirations essay (see requirement # 6 regarding the Eagle application) SM CONF. — Scoutmaster meeting — Inform Troop development Chair of this date Review Project Workbook with Troop Eagle Adviser Coordinate task date with Organization AND Scoutmaster at the least 2 Troop meetings before task, announce task: — pass out flyers at conference — provide scribe with information for webpage — blast email Make one additional copy associated with Verified Application aided by the new signatures (they are to use in the event of losing the initial). Assemble (Verified Application with brand new signatures, venture Report, and Goals Essay and submit to Council Office. TWO WEEKS enjoy notification of National approval from Scoutmaster forward invitations to Court of Honor — Provide Mr Haldeman with two copies of: * Project Workbook * Goals Essay * Eagle Application -Verify that Mr. Haldeman has gotten the guide letters -Coordinate and set date of BOR with Mr. Haldeman Mr. Haldeman will setup the Eagle Board of Review. Your Eagle Adviser is not permitted to attend your BOR. Assemble a packet the BOR — Project Workbook — Goals Essay — Eagle application Make a duplicate for every single Board Member and Scoutmaster. Keep the Eagle Board of Review, Obtain signatures on application To PART 2, Application 9/01/2011 All requirements should be finished before your 18th birthday celebration except the last Board of Review

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