"Metropolis (1927)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

January 10, 1927 in Berlin the premiere of the film, which influenced the subsequent development of cinema. January 10, 1927! I imagine how this picture looked at the time, even if today it is striking stunning special effects, superb editing, directing, operators and actors. Frankly, I watched this movie with credits transfer. I think I would, and so understood, as a silent movie filmed in such a way that without words is clear. Therein lies its magic! Still, I watched this movie with translation to understand everything to the smallest detail.
'Metropolis' film with a great storyline. It captures the audience from the very first minutes, more precisely with the seconds. With the epigraph: 'mediator between head and hands must be the heart. " It is this motto is the basis of the whole film. He is shown at the end of the film, the entire film takes place around him. This movie bears this epigraph. But the plot of this movie, like himself, is multi-faceted. Therefore, to say that this epigraph single meaning of the film is not quite correct. 'Metropolis' film about two classes: the working class and the elite. 'Metropolis' film about the relationship of these two classes. Though people speak the same language, they still can not understand each other. 'Metropolis' film about what connects these classes: the heart, the soul. The head and hands, and between them the heart. But beyond all this 'Metropolis' and the movie about love. He is the son of the ruler of Metropolis lives upstairs and has a good time in the Eternal Gardens. She's out of the dungeon, teaches workers about the world. She opens his eyes and he was the head and the heart. As I wrote, this film is multi-faceted, so to define the genre of this movie is not so easy. It is fantastic. But not quite. It is a drama. And not only. 'Metropolis' dystopia.
Fritz Lang. This is the name I heard not so long ago. At the same time I heard about it 'Metropolis' film. From the moment I really wanted to see this movie, and today I finally looked at it. I do not even know if what I write today will hear a corny, but in this film is excellent. Look at the story - the story is great. Look at directing - directing is superb. Look at the effects - they ... they ... do not even know how to say it, probably because it can not be explained, it may be possible, but I can not. The effects are just marvelous. Of course the modern spectator, watching this film, with me probably would not agree. The things we have not seen. And spaceships and aliens and flying people. In general, you know that. But all this is created with the help of computer effects. And all these gorgeous models of spacecraft from plastic and cardboard in the past. they were in the past, but now look perfectly. The whole city. Imagine! The layout of the entire city. How much effort has been spent on creating it. After each frame rearrange small cars that are on the screen for a few seconds passed. A model towers themselves. And all the rest! Apart from the city, in this film there are still effects. After watching the movie on the Internet revered as did the effects for this film. Retell read, I will not, I will write only that it was excellent. Connect actors and miniature models. Process Shyufftana. In general, what can you say, the work of Fritz Lang's above all praise. Direction, as I mentioned earlier, is gorgeous. The style and atmosphere are perfect director for the excellent work of the operator. 'Metropolis' very cleverly removed. And not just special effects prove it. Shooting a very strong point of this film. And assembling all this perfectly secured. For example, when showing dozens of eyes, as if several frames are combined into one.
actor plays too great. And there is nothing surprising here. While theater actors play the game and movie actor almost did not differ. In our time, as there are clear differences. Theater acting is more dramatic, though, of course, it all depends on what movie you are watching. It's one thing to talk about the game of actors in any American comedy, and another thing to talk about the game of actors in the author's cinema. But still. Silent film is another. Almost everything depends on the actors. They should play so and without captions it was clear what was happening. And they have played. Actors in this movie performed their role, again, excellent. They play dramatic, but not forced. They perfectly capture the feelings and emotions. While watching you worry about the characters, you think what would happen to them. And this is very important. When actors are really actors, rather than the usual scenery.
My acquaintance with the dumb cinema it happened long ago, when I was five or six years. This meeting took place with some great Charlie Chaplin film. Then, about three years ago, I looked 'Nosferatu, symphony of horror'. I remember that without the Internet to find it was not easy. And it is from that movie I loved those old movies of 20-30-ies of the last century. Then, when the movie was art. Cinema Now, as an art form is not as common. And yet found. Silent movie gone with the advent of sound. It is gone, but not dead. And remember it is also necessary.
'Metropolis' real movie. Classics of all time. A masterpiece of cinema.
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