"Metropolis (1927)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Mittler zwischen Hirn und Handen muss das Herz sein!"
[mediator between head and hands must be the heart!]
epigraph to x. f. "Metropolis", passing through it refrain 1927
"Führer saw your film" Nibelungen "and" Metropolis "and said, Behold, the man is able to create a National Socialist cinema!"
Dr. J. P. Goebbels, Reich Minister of Public enlightenment and propaganda, in an interview with director F. Lang, presumably in April 1933
"! Vote heart"
poster campaigning for Yeltsin's 1996
Common sense teaches us lean better than a good feud. When this judgment of common sense into the realm of politics, there is a theory of the world class, also called the theory of the third way: not the left or the right. Such theories are many, but the path is essentially one, because any form of political centrism, ultimately, victory turns into the right camp. Therefore, in the thin world politics still leads to good feud, but only on less favorable conditions for the vast class. This is true for any class formation, but particularly clear consensus of all concepts of class peace can be seen in the history of capitalism in its pure capitalism is there are only two classes, which greatly simplifies the political calculations. Under capitalism, the third way is exactly one - class peace between big business and workers, corporate state, fascism. Speaking about fascism, we mean, generally, an open terrorist dictatorship of finance capital the most reactionary circles, but let's not forget that this is called a fascist dictatorship precisely because ideologically it is made in terms of class peace. So, not the welfare of the people shall be the peace-loving song of those who sing it - not the peacekeepers and warmongers; not virtue, and robbers and thieves. The peoples of the Soviet Union have experienced first hand the consequences of failure of the class struggle, let the bourgeois ideologists and put tremendous effort to confuse people's heads. It would be desirable, however, to hope that for a long time in this respect will remain unsurpassed German experience.
Before proceeding it is already an abstract argument, I need to stop at the concept of culture. Under the culture usually refers to the experience accumulated by mankind, the spiritual and the material. With this approach to the culture of each of its subject should be considered in a historical context as a certain reflection of all human development. Production of lampshades of human skin, as well as the design of the gas chambers - of the human culture. One can say, of course, that culture includes a negative experience. But only now that this experience was negative, it is necessary to oppose him something that excludes the possibility of its recurrence, at least in the social scale. Otherwise, we are dealing with unauthorized logical synthesis. We are here, of course, restrict the notion of culture to the spiritual - namely imaginative and ideological culture. Ideosfery layer, which is more or less professionally engaged in the development and reproduction of such a culture, we avoid the word forms and kulturosfera kulturosfernoe consciousness, we will also be called culture.
It may be wrong to carry a significant responsibility for what happened to the German intellectuals and on German culture . But it would be strange to say that she was not responsible for what happened to her after the Nazis came to power, especially since the key positions she became pro-Nazi before their arrival. Therefore, if we do not want to experience the transformation of this culture - in a positive, - we should look closely at the fact that the club is in it for the decline of the Weimar Republic
film by Fritz Lang makes this an excellent material
Nodal metaphor of the film.. It is a tower of Babel - through it, and the film is transferred to the space of biblical parables, and Metropolis itself is identified with Babylon, and the image of the harlot of Revelation, John receives a rather unexpected connotations, which are below. Metaphor for this movie reproduced literally light a human head conceived to build a tower height in the sky, for her, this tower - Babylon - was a joyous hymn to humanity, to the creative world, but to build a tower, she had to find hands - crowd rather unsightly wage slaves - their work was so heavy and ungrateful, that for them the word "Babylon" - was the most terrible curse. So people no longer understand each other, speak the same language. But if the heart was the mediator between head and hands, everything would be quite different. In short - this is the contents of the movie
(omitted a detailed examination of the plot of the film)
film by Fritz Lang -. Characteristic product of its era. Hardly authors deliberately created an anti-communist and pro-fascist agitation, rather they simply wanted to tell a romantic story with a sharp social message
. «Unity - Oracle announced today, -
Perhaps only welded iron and blood ..."
and we will try to solder it with love, -
and we'll see that strong ...
Tiutchev wrote this about the Slavic world (familiar phrase, is not it?) and obviously contrasted his western, primarily German, and not in an obvious way - Asian ie some chthonic world system entropy. Russia has also - obviously - his way, not subject to any law of historical development. The trouble is, all that, to be above any law whatever, need to know their use and thus overcome. The knowledge of the laws which are now in question leaves no room for a third way: we can use them wisely, or to carry out a revolution in their country, or to strengthen a global fascist state worldwide
Thus, although not. should take away from the Metropolis of unprecedented masshatabu and complexity of the shooting, comparable only to that of the works of Eisenstein, and most importantly - that metaphor, which slipped in the film only in one scene, though very strong in him - devouring Moloch, rebuking those attributes hnokratizma, but although the film still was inevitable and will remain a sort of sacred cow, it is best to summarize our review would have been the words of Goebbels: "Even the bad ideas can be promoted by means of art."

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