"Metropolis (1927)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is believed that in our time all - a remix; it's even a great movie on Youtube. All copy and modify an existing material - and it is not bad in itself, it is the reality. In many works, we can trace the origins of rough. 'Metropolis' - the founder of a whole galaxy of film about poor co-existence, and then the confrontation of different social strata: workers, just little people with the inhabitants of heaven, with those whom they serve. And if this idea is too general and previously beat in the literature, this film we can assume a certain cinematic original source, at least the most important, if you argue about a preferred component. Almost verbatim retelling we see in 'The Matrix' and 'The Hunger Games', and in 'Time' and 'Through the Snow' and 'Elysium', and in a recent 'high-rise' and their ilk. And if Metropolis was inspired by New York at Night, it can be assumed that Gotham was inspired by the Metropolis; and Metropolis, where Superman worked - even a direct copy of the Metropolis of the sample in 1927. The whole heap of films we can also meet the compositional structure of the 'Metropolis', essential components which are passionate uschemlonnaya part of society, some elected, his lover, mystical prophecy, the special role and importance of love and the logical outcome of revolt and revolution.
But otoydom the search results of influence of 'Metropolis' to the film itself. As it shows the device of everyday life of people in the high-tech city, which is literally divided into two bipolar social class - in the depths of the residents, underground service machines for the sustenance of the upper town, and, in fact, residents of the upper city - the elite. Workers are identified with the prisoners - faceless, powerless, reaching marched with heads bowed low from the grille to the grille, whose movement is strictly controlled by traffic lights - even machines that are entirely dependent on these conditional prisoners have on them more power. But prisoners - not quite the right word here, and we will not fail to remind about it, comparing the convicts naturally slaves. These people have no right to sadness and even on their own feelings - even death itself is nothing more than a routine than a failure of the worn-out, the end of their term of parts that will be replaced in the blink of an eye. Not in vain film begins with a demonstration of the various mechanisms and rotation gears, pointing us to the place of man in the lower city. Even vremyaischislenie is switched to the 10-hour clock, counting down the start and end of the work shift. But life in a rhythm exhausted all human resources - the way it seems that the workers look oppressed which is why, not because of the pressure of a totalitarian government. Generally should specify that in many ways (by today's standards), the film is quite beskhitrosten; totalitarian system itself is not enough is totalitarian, and the confirmation that we are seeing on the screen repeatedly.
On the upper city residents benefit 'fall from the sky', as well as leaflets advertising the services inherent in the empty, idle lifestyle of its inhabitants. Of course, in such circumstances, social tension increases, reaches its limit and as a result of the explosion happens. Nothing new and unusual here, and 'Metropolis' - a pretty universal story about the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters for power and justice. And as we have seen above that this topic is still very relevant, we can call Fritz Lang true visionary of cinema, anticipated the creation of descendants for generations to come. And what can we say about the distant descendants, if we see a repetition of many parts of the film in the steady long dictatorship of the Third Reich. One of Hitler's favorite film in more than a decade before the tragic events predicted and experiments, and prisoners of concentration camps and gas chambers, and strict ornamentalistiki, constructed of human bodies. Generally on the visual component of the film is necessary to pay special attention to.
In the film, there is no deep philosophy with respect to the irrational nature of the riot, his spontaneous and inconsistent specificity, the nature of his unintended consequences. So if the story told in 'Metropolis', can be called a typical and uncomplicated, these epithets are clearly not suitable for describing local video series, because it is a truly remarkable and perhaps anticipating the time - because this unique film interest in the viewer as years did not cause. The plot here is of secondary importance, and gives the most important art images of the events. The film was applied innovative special effects, made with extreme technical thoroughness, although the story that is not required. A brilliant episode of the creation of the robot, the Tower of Babel, fantastic machines, 36 thousand extras - special effects are valuable in themselves, and only tell us about the tendency to Lang pompous ornamentation. But if in the "Nibelungen" she possessed a mythical value, there is an end in itself. Visual side in the "Metropolis" was it poses, and muddled plot points do not occupy such an important place. Sami actors here - the way great to work out their roles in full accordance with the set conventions of silent film - only the parts live "motives" of the entire large-scale decorative compositions. As well as orchestral music, designed here only to help the viewer to strengthen and clarify the emotions caused by the "picture" - for example, remember the disturbing truly bloodcurdling motives at the end of the Prelude
"Metropolis." - the most expensive film of its era, as well as two films, two of his mental-similar followers, who have chosen the path of complex and meticulous cinematic artistic techniques: "A Space Odyssey," Kubrick and "Avatar," Cameron. This film, with detailed plans for a fantastic city, like it was designed for us - to people living in the modern technocratic society. On the people who were actually part of the appendage of the world machine. "Metropolis" is included in the UNESCO list of the highest achievements of humanity, it is largely determined the development of modern Hollywood and all of commercial film production with its special effects. And any person who is interested in cinema, have to see this grandiose architectural monument from the cinema.
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