Message Of The Schindler'S List Movie Essay

The movie’s plot follows Oscar Schindler, a businessman of German origin who is working to exploit all the possibilities that would prevent his employees from being killed in the Holocaust. He opens the factory by bribing various officials. Schindler does all the efforts to save his employees fro being executed especially, Amon Goeth. He informs Goeth that his efforts to protect his Jewish employees is due to financial matters only but as the movie progresses, he is seen to sacrifice his resources and finances to save as many Jews as he could. By the time the film is coming to an end, the World War 2 has already ended, and Schindler has managed to save over a thousand Jews despite losing his fortune in his efforts. The Jews saved by Schindler regard him as their hero, and the very last part of the film features the Jews and their descendants honoring Schindler memory.

The message in the movie is that ignorance and power are a dangerous combination. The movie’s hero Oscar Schindler was a businessman who happened to be wealthy. He witnessed the devastation that was being caused by the Nazis, and he had to act sympathetic to them so that he could save lives of many Jews. The movie shows that power and ignorance can lead to the creation of a monster that has a desire to consume anything and anyone in its path. It was only through the combination of the two that Hitler managed to do the Holocaust acts to the Jews. He caused a human devastation that is somehow impressive but in a way that is sickening. The movie shows how power hungriness, exerting control and tolerating ignorance can create a perfect storm like it was the case for the Nazis. They caused a lot of human suffering that has never been equaled in history.

The movie has been rated R indicating that use of slang and informal language has been rampant in the film. A sad tone has been utilized throughout the movie. It is about the events of the Holocaust and therefore it is understandable why the producers used such a tone.

The movie relates to the country it was set in by the use of trains. The trains were very vital during the World War 2 in the movement of Jews by the Nazis. The trains have been used by the Nazis to transport Jews to the concentration camps. Most of the film depicts Jews being brought to camps to Auschwitz. This symbolizes a motion towards death. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when a train full of women arrives in Auschwitz. At the end of the movie, workers of Zwittau wake up on train tracks top. This event happens to occur at the per with their liberation symbolizing conquering of trains as a death weapon.

For criticism of the society, the film has used children throughout to depict various events and occurrences. The film has used children to portray family loyalty. During the ghetto liquidation, there has been featured many parent/children pairs. There is one instance where a father tries to make a soldier not shoot his son and ends up losing his life in the process. Children have also been used as a symbol of hopelessness with the Jewish situation. One notable instance is the girl in the red coat. Despite her red coat identifying her as special and also her efforts to hide, she ends up losing her life and being piled with other unimportant and nameless victims. The society was unfair to children and treating them like that was uncalled for.

The film has a lot of entertainment value and at the same time educative. It is based on a true story but has been fictionalized which makes it easier to comprehend than when compared to a supposed pure account of events of Holocaust and its horrors. The film has an ending that is uplifting whereby the right wins over the evil. It serves as a confirmation that one determined person can bring about a big difference. It has also focused on one group of people providing an easily comprehended scope. Viewers only have to follow one group of people and not take in all the total Holocaust horror. This makes it understandable and entertaining.

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