"Men in Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

UFOs, aliens, life on other planets, space research spaces - such phrases can often be seen in the headlines or in the names of TV programs that pretend to be documentaries. After all, humanity is not easy to consider themselves alone in this vast universe. More than once, it would seem, we have found traces of the planet other sentient beings, but the hype surrounding these cases suspiciously quickly subside. Apparently, someone is very beneficial to keep calm and not to wreak havoc in our world. These people always appear exactly where careless aliens had become a sensation, and sweep their tracks in seconds. They always wear black suits are the best in their field and have sacrificed their lives for our usual name of security. And they proudly call themselves Men in Black.
After its successful works in the genre of horror comedy, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and swung on alien science fiction. With the help of Steven Spielberg, who has repeatedly called to the subject, he began to implement such an unusual story to life. The plot is about two undercover special agent, whose job is to protect humanity from the illegal invasion of other minds. And when our planet again in danger, they are taken for their futuristic weapons and prepare to re-enter into a dangerous battle with the enemy mad
«-. You know what we're different? I like this suit goes. »
The main characters are completely opposite to each other, but it also helps them to become a great team. Young, ambitious, self-confident and newly Agent Jay has not yet become accustomed to this unusual work, in contrast to the experienced and well-deserved Agent Kay. The first considers his new position a fun adventure, but soon he had to demonstrate their skills, because this will depend on the fate of our world. The second is to constantly take care of the conspiracy, permanently erasing the memory of a curious civilian and explaining all the details of their partner works. Actors Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, despite the difference in age and experience, as well as their characters were able to be a wonderful kinoduetom, without which the film would be unlikely to get such a serious and comic at the same time. Thanks to his talent, they have immortalized their agents in the history of sci-fi movie, showing how dangerous and difficult is the struggle with alien visitors.
Among vtoroplanovyh very memorable characters in the body of a stranger farmer Edgar, whose excellently played by actor Vincent D'Onofrio. It is fully accustomed to the role, embodying true obsession with human beings other screen. And thanks to his hero was more impressive than the computer graphics creation. Also perfectly fulfilled its role and actor Rip Torn. Its a bit turned on their work character practically dedicated his life to capture the aliens, so it is not surprising that he's a little crazy. And Linda Fiorentino showed us all unsuspecting worker morgue, where countless times erased memory. But to be honest, for the inconvenience brought to her, she received a good reward.
films managed to stand out from the crowd fiction movies in particular by a large proportion of black humor and just relaxed attitude to aliens (without it squawks, general panic and apocalyptic war ). I felt that Steven Spielberg personally have hereunto set my hand creation, although this does not decrease the merit of the director. Barry Sonnenfeld made this film fantastic live, without further ado and with the atmosphere of a secret mission. He unerringly chosen for the main role of these actors, because they failed to provide the kind of success story. It is therefore not surprising that they have not time to return to our screens, that would fight against the harmful aliens and save our world from complete destruction
«-. Not bad for a second day, intern
-. It pulls on 9 points in my personal dermometru. »
Humanity can sleep peacefully until we guard the two heroes in black suits.

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