"Men in Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Even without seeing the new "Men In Black", I wanted to see the film, which began with the franchise - the first part with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Various special services - they filmed a lot of movies, but there is one that is valid for all to see and not to mask their activities. It is useless, because these guys are special pieces that blur the memory of the people, and forget what happened a minute or two ago. Name them - Men in Black. They wear strict black suits, only white shirts, black ties, sunglasses and shoes. They ensure that the land is not attacked by aliens, so that those who come to it, to live in peace and not hooligans. It is here and works Agent K (Jones), who puts in his partner Agent Jay (Smith).
Despite the fact that the movie came out 22 years ago, it is still interesting, fresh, and, what is most interesting, relevant. I think that many watched it many times, but he was not tired. There are some pictures that no matter how look, will be in demand and which will be interesting to see once again just like the first. And the majority of the jokes will be perceived as recognizable but fresh.
The fact that it happened is great merit of Barry Sonnenfeld, who chose on the role of Jay Kay and Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, respectively. Both played incredibly cool - one - dry, hard campaigner, clearly following the charter, the other - a young, uninhibited guy hitting energy. One elderly, the other - the young. One white, the other - black. One lives on the old principles, the other - the modern. In short, they are the opposite as heaven and earth, but they complement each other, making up for the shortcomings partner its advantages. Perhaps the pair of screen heroes Kay and Jay - it's one of the best screen couples in the history of cinema (that's my opinion and I think that it has the right to life). But the young agent Kay's role could get Chris O'Connell, but he refused it, believing that it will be enough to play inexperienced teammates someone more venerable. O'Connell, if you remember, played Robin in "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" right in the middle 90s.
The advantage to this is going and the Russian dubbing from Rudolf Pankov and Vsevolod Kuznetsov, which perfectly fit into the images of heroes, and if, instead of their voices to hear the other, I think that the feeling / viewing experience will be completely different. Again, if you imagine the role of Jay O'Connell - this would be very difficult, because Will Smith is already inseparably associated with the franchise (and now, something unusual will look new Man in black without him and without Tommy Lee
If. remember the movies about aliens that were released before the "men in black" - most of them strangers -. it is evil creatures seeking to kill people Yes, the project Sonnenfeld they also killed, but that genre affiliation at the paintings of aliens completely different Te. as "Aliens," "Predator," "Something," "Invasion kidnapped firs bodies "," Department "," Independence Day "," Abyss "," X-Files "- these movies and TV shows talk about evil aliens and movies are fantastic thrillers and horrors, and" Men in Black "- a comedy fantasy thriller ., filled with a mass of gags and funny situations Even the final battle with a giant cockroach riddled with jokes, why not perceived as a battle on which depends the fate of mankind, and as a gay attraction
«Men in black» 1997 -. this hour and a half passion that taking with ne O seconds, starting with the most titles and releases only with a black background on which melteshat final credits. Excellent computer graphics, a smart game and chic cast tandem, cool soundtrack, stunning make-up, cool images of aliens and great chips such as celebrities who are actually aliens - these are the key advantages of the "Men in Black", which after years do not lose their qualities. I think that no matter how much or how many restarts franchise sequels would not have been shot - the first part of anybody and never surpass
However, watching you.. His opinion will not impose.
Happy viewing.
10 of 10

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