"Men in Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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K and J - agents of a secret organization "Men in Black," whose members, on behalf of everyone on earth come into contact with alien life forms. Home planet is under threat of destruction, and his partner are given the task: to find a smaller sized thimble galaxy stolen interplanetary terrorist Beetle
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the summer of 1997 "Men in Black "broke all records at the box office in the genre of" science fiction. " They went into the history of pop culture as the first triumphant kinodetische Marvel and most successful film adaptation of the comic book before leaving in 2002. "Spider-Man." Success, it now seems, was quite predictable. The lion's share is due to a rare on-screen partnership Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith's rising star. Mulder and Scully, Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield, Worcester and Jeeves, Agent K and J become strong kinoparoy 90s. Collision of two dissimilar and independent characters and their gradual convergence - unconditional success of the film, which became the starting point of the story of the franchise. In addition, the "Men in Black" - a great comedy with excellent script and witty dialogue. After 8 years since then, as in the first viewing VHS «MIB» stuck on rollbacks in my VCR, I still laugh at the expression on his face, and Tommy Lee Jones jokes about Elvis
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However, when Marvel in 1994 acquired together with the publisher Malibu Comics rights to "Men in black" Lowell Cunningham, it was not the most obvious choice for the film adaptation. Based on the American urban folklore, comics readers exploited fears of secret organizations and supernatural powers. "Men in Black" - dark inconspicuous person, somehow related to a UFO whether aliens themselves is whether the conspirators, ruled by the planet. The comic is a bunch of grim, broken with the outside world and, in general, miserable seekers after power flowing into the paranoia, the obsession. Stubborn and ruthless agent Kay trains (or, better said, to train at the destruction of the witnesses) in all obey him Jay, and aliens sometimes flashed somewhere on the periphery of the fruit of the inflamed consciousness agents. The literal translation of the comic's release could be accusatory force "Guardians." This dream Clint Eastwood, who refused to play by Kay rewrite "positive" scenario. But the film reflected a very different spirit of the time and other trends in cinema
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Ed Solomon (writer) Steven Spielberg (producer) and Barry Sonnenfeld (director) - Three. the natives of the American-Jewish ghetto - completely changed the meaning of the script, the film bringing in an atmosphere of genuine love for strangeness, otherness and otherness
was found the exact origin of Men in black: The Earth.. This gave the organization patriotic pathos, changed its goals (protection against intergalactic garbage instead of domination of people) and facilities (storage change instead of murder). MIB office turned into a white spacious room with lots of reflective surfaces. Mock seriousness hardened MIB-ovtsev Otten continuing hohmachestvo Jay. Note New York humor adds that J is a native of Harlem, and it gives him immunity to any psychological shocks. However, the main idea, broadcast by the film - the idea of ​​the adoption of other, no matter how strange it may seem. Others among us: we buy vegetables from them, we trust them children, we read about them in the tabloids. Strangeness can be charming, casual, funny, touching and majestic. Such qualities embodies a series of alien characters in "Men in Black", partly replicate the appearance and characters of the previous heroes Sonnenfeld and Steven Spielberg -. From the members of "The Addams Family" to ET
positive acceptance of strange and difficult life circumstances - this is the idea from which will Marvel repel subsequent film adaptations of fiction. The new center will kinokomiks strong characters emerging victorious from the fight due to the unbending will and armor-piercing mix of family, religious and civic values. It began this bravura march with a three-minute flight dragonfly music by Danny Elfman in the opening credits of "Men in Black".

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