"Men in Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Something new and amazing in the movie about alien invaders of Earth and cosmic beings in general, we showed this film. The creators took great risks by issuing this to the audience. Usually all the movies and even comedies, with the main theme accompanied by about aliens or something real or similar to reality, or something new, scientific and NOT visible in the pictures of this genre before. But we have shown ridiculed in all respects agency 'Men in Black', engaged in catching all sorts of aliens and other extraterrestrial scum in black suits. That is, fighters, protect the earth, do not wear no armor - they are dressed in black elegant suits. But soon everything falls into place when watching a movie: because the heroes are working here in a top secret organization, they merge with the crowd. And of course, in addition to the costumes, the characters are equipped with super technology, namely, weapons and a car. To arms have no complaints: it is ridiculed as it can, it looks scary and funny at the same time, it is a lot, so some sort of references and parodies of this can be seen. But the car, though, too, with his 'tricks', but it's still there, I personally saw no parody, and to some extent lapped up the idea (such plagiarism is impossible to call it). Their cars on a large extent is a bit like a car from the trilogy "Back to the Future '- differences have little
plot in the film is very good.. We show a lot of things that then, later, served as an impetus for other films. Here shows how difficult to get into a secret organization, how difficult it is for beginners, what kind of work doing a 'Men in Black'. Despite the fact that the film is a comedy, this kind of events simply can not fail to please. Since this is the first film of the trilogy, but the creators did not initially thought of extensions, it is paid during the formation of one of the character and development, proper development, another main character and the main villain. In the film, a lot of hidden philosophy, although, again, on its genre, the events taught us a lot. It was chosen for the picture, as it should have been: nice and unusual action for an action movie, a simple and entertaining story for a comedy, a lot of unrealistic things for fiction. This is one of the few films in which all genres, of which there are many, are made with taste and just the way we would like to see to fully relax and have fun. Picture easily fall in love with absolutely any audience, because there a lot of things combined, and, for example, fans of aliens and aliens can now understand exactly how that's in these universes, where we are not the only living beings are important just the same these our 'neighbors ', and that they are even and harm our planet is actually as complement the entire galaxy, they need it and we.
soundtrack turned out pretty quality, although it seems that not all so smoothly. Very often, sound compositions, and they do not always accurately convey all the emotions of the characters, and yet here due to a combination of comedy, thriller and science fiction soundtrack is a little slack under the impression from a picture. The special effects for the time made very soundly. Immediately evident that the creators have done a lot of work, because for such a computer graphics movie had to be enough, otherwise the film did not look at all. And in my opinion, of the entire trilogy in this film is less noticeable bad effects. Acting Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent D'Onofrio is gorgeous; Will Smith plays mostly comedic character, of which we have already seen in his performance many times. Humor here a lot, he just did a family, laugh can both children and parents: for comedy-science fiction is a very good approach. I would like to highlight the Russian voice acting and dubbing is complete, that is, frankly, a bad. For the Russian audience it is easy to view can spoil the picture, but everyone has different tastes, so that's you, maybe even pay attention not.
film, or rather embodied in it the idea of ​​a secret organization to fight the alien invaders, I turned and was able to surprise many. This development, which seems to be ridiculed, but actually teaches us a lot, definitely is the picture at hand. Very good movie, which unfortunately is not free of errors, and yet with fantasy somewhere even overdone.
8 out of 10

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