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In America, not like illegal immigrants. In any form - Mexicans, Brazilians, Armenian, Russian, Chinese, and even a single Chukchi, who came just to ask Santa, than to feed the deer, that they were flying, and got lost. But immigrants from China - not the only problem of America. It turns out that the Earth has long been precipitated by illegal and legal immigrants from outer space - yes, yes, the aliens come down to Earth in search of a political, religious or economic asylum, work on the most stupid papers - arms dealers, police officers, athletes, actors, singers, etc. .
Behind all this flow of immigrants follows a top-secret service - Men in black. These people, they are, as you know, all in black. Some even themselves black. And agents Kay and Jay have to disentangle zavarushku not frail - the Earth dragged a giant cockroach with evil ambitions
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I am, I confess, did not immediately understand what is the charm of the film.. After I gave a wry smile the first viewing, the film recorded in obscure children's rubbish and did not touch him. Now, after 10 years, I had the idea to revisit this movie, which I found a waste of time and komiksovoy (hate comics!) Blockbuster, so to speak, to understand why this film has become one of the most box-office hits in history.
What is interesting, now that I have, it seems, on the contrary, grew up, learned much more about cinema than 10 years ago, the film made a diametrically opposite to the first impression. You could even say that I love it! It's amazing, that I fancied child meaningless gibberish, was ... childish pointless nonsense, but so cool put so fun to make, so funny and fun to show so great parodied many clichés of fantasy 90 I could just slap yourself in the head and say: "Where are your earlier cockroach brains?". In general, I was preparing to write a scathing review of the film and measure dermometrom, but it turned out that we could shovel a joy to row.
way, this film is really made based on the comic book, however, is not such a popular and, therefore, no such idiotic as "X-Men", "Hulk," "spider-Man" and other nesusvetny sucks. I do not know who has advised the director to build on a little-known and old comics, but the result exceeded all expectations. However, Barry Sonnenfeld has a great experience in turning old forgotten comics in cash and a cult movie - two series "The Addams Family" - unsurpassed masterpieces of black humor, which in my film library are in the top twenty favorite films. As a director and known cash, Barry Sonnenfeld worked already for sure, that is preparing a hit, having secured a win the support of Steven Spielberg, and if fiction applies to hand the pope Spielberg, is sure to be a hit. Especially because the film with a budget of 90 million. As a rule, calculated at least double profit.
and bombs slammed cockroach burst, sprinkling the whole world! The loss amounted to as much as 589 spectators, 4 million. Dollars! Astronomical sum for a comedy, although it is quite standard for Spielberg. The film is instantly taken away on quotes, called them cult classics, Hollywood machine to work, flooding the market with toys, comic books, cartoons and other rubbish, tearing off the film more and more money. "Men in black" were commercial brand, and Sonnenfeld canonically appreciated as one of the best directors in Hollywood
Especially because Sonnenfeld very well podgadat a parody motives tape -. In 1996 went to the disgust pathetic and stupid blockbuster "Independence Day ", which is already mocked Tim Burton, but his subtle humor and hints have been taken in arms, while colorful, cartoon-veiled under a fairy tale comedy Sonnenfeld broke rooms. No, in this movie, there is nothing supernatural - "toy" special effects, unpretentious jokes, almost absurd situations and characters, but the film just takes his disarming simplicity, a toy - it is necessary, the warrior-cockroach in the skin of a dead farmer ... However, the tape was very clever - the writers have tried their best, especially in the details, look how funny classes of aliens with which the bureaucracy put the whole thing taking them to the ground, with some spark agents do their job ... And especially nice catch funny nama and about Elvis, Rodman, and when the screen showed live on earth aliens, I could not help but loudly grunted when he saw among them Lucas, Stallone and other well-known personalities
As for the showiness of the film -. made all the fun, nothing that Of course you do not believe, but the authors and do not aim for something to convince the viewer. This is not "artificial intelligence", but the aliens are very funny and amazingly diverse, each with its cheerful chip. Rick Baker has received for his work on the make-up and special effects Oscar in 1998, and for good reason
liked and acting work -. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, although look not as advantageous as very long as Vincent D'Onofrio on decaying course of the farmer, but constantly make jokes, thrown frazochkami fun and look great, despite the fact that the work "into the void", I mean on a blue screen.
filmmakers already by the choice of performers gives the image of the main bars. Features of the actor's personality Jones did not allow him to play mediocre superspy. It generally contraindicated flat, small, minor characters. All his characters - especially the individual. And Agent K, too - just overact: absolutely unflappable, well-worn old man, a fearless professional, hard worker and simultaneously tired, tired of everything and everywhere to know who wants to look at the stars and think of their beauty, not illegal immigration zheltokiantsev. With great irony, played more than once emphasized the fact that it is necessary soft and romantic nature of mock severity. Complements its varmint Will Smith - also a great choice. Smith has a wonderful sense of rhythm, feels the partner, it is free, sprightly wit, which, like any victim of hip-hop and TV, all difficult than a surprise. He is nothing for a long time does not think and is always asking for trouble, respectively, and wins. Eddie Murphy would have been too heavy for this role, and lop-eared Smith just right - light, agile zinger. The other characters, except for aliens, very schematically
film is very dynamic and flying one minute -. Nothing more, no sagging of the episode, continuous action, bright, colorful, generally meaningless, but cool. It is worth noting that the film is very stylish and beautiful, do not cut and dried. Energetic, funny, entertaining film ... Children Are? Ten years ago I would have sworn that he was for a younger group of kindergarten, but now sure that the film is the most that neither is vnevozrastnoy
Lovely movie, Sonnenfeld again surprised. Mixture of genres, styles, and the film has turned lush and extremely successful.
10 of 10

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