Men are better chefs than women Essay

Men are better chefs than women

Culinary science is the fusion of food science and the culinary arts. This science helps in the evolution of individuals into chefs. This science also deals with the preparation, cooking and the presentation of food in the forms of meals. People working in this field, especially those working in the food business are known as chefs.

There is a widely accepted belief in this field that men are better chefs than women. This is due to a number of reasons. The first and the more formidable one being that men are more willing to take risks than women. Another reason being the fact that more men take this profession than women. Women are also more perfectionist than men on a general point of view. This leads them to being more neurotic and less prone to negative reviews than men. Another reason can be that hotels and restaurants prefer to hire men over women because men are more dedicated and less nosy and are familiar with a working environment. Above all of these, the greatest reason is that

The purpose of this topic in particular is to eliminate the phenomena in the society that just because a woman is the better cook in the domestic leagues doesn’t mean they are better than men in the professional world as well.

The reason I chose this topic is in no way to degrade the female chefs but on the contrary to aware the female professionals about this widely known fact. This will not only increase the competition within the industry but also the quality. This is so because wherever there is competition, there is quality and I alongside numerous food enthusiasts love it when we are offered a perfectly cooked steak or a mouthwatering and a chocolate filled dessert.

According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, just 17% of the total chefs’ positions in the country are held by woman. According to a widely known female food journalist Sheila Dillon (2018), women are historically better at home cooking but that is not the professional world or any real job. She also states that this is a financial thing as well because male chefs bring in investments, however female chefs do not and just like any other industry , money is everything here as well. Sybil Kapoor, a successful food author and chef also talked about in a BBC article that it was really difficult finding a job for her and some restaurants would not even consider her because she was a woman.

There are many people around the world who think otherwise which is that women are indeed better chefs than men. Michelle Stewart a female enthusiast claims that men are not better chefs, they are just more patient than women who are victimized by male restaurant owners. These owners are often men who are vulgar and do not seem to care about the woman’s sensibilities. But as time passes women are getting more “rhino-horned” just as men and are starting to stand up against mistreatment and sexual harassment and are making through culinary schools and terrible kitchen conditions. Michelle also tells us that chefs like Cat Cora, Jehane Benoît and Lidia Bastianich are indeed now in the mix of the top chefs in the World, which further solidifies the status of women in the culinary world.

Regarding the aforementioned, isn’t there a solid belief that men are more sensitive than women? Gordon Ramsay is the best chef in the World right now with a total of 16 Michelin Star Awards to his name. He was just a young apprentice working under the mentorship of Marco Pierre White when once he got belted so much with insults that he started crying. That is said to be the moment which shaped Gordon Ramsay into the chef he is today and there is a general belief as well that you have to go against what you dislike to get what you desire, you just cannot be handed out opportunities on a silver platter.

Aparna Varnasi (2013) says in an article that women are way better chefs than men because men lack things such imagination, patience, curiosity and innovation and women are better at these because naturally the art of cooking is like a chore for them.

If this is so, why are all the culinary legend in the world men and not women? This is so because according to many point of views, the chore of cooking is considered as drudgery in the eyes of many women when they cook for their families and not and art. On the contrary, whenever a men does something for money, he is always into it and so is he when he cooks for a living.

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