"Memoirs of a Geisha" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Before, I could not even think about the fact that US producers will be able to make the films made in the manner of the Asian countries. However, for me personally, the first such a big breakthrough in this degree has become the drama of Edward Zwick's "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise in the title role - a film I was very touched and loved me from the first viewing. And like, many of these experiments, I have not seen, until the day when he found the drama "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Rob Marshall.
Japan. After the death of his mother, little sister and Satsu Chio, a father sells them in a geisha house. Chio If something - both came to this role, Satsu sent to another district to another profession. From the dark and rainy day, for Cio begin the real test in the form of hard work and a negative side of a Geisha Hatsumomo, but soon the pain and all the bad steps aside when the young Cio falls in love and gives himself a true oath to be happy ...
The film was well-known by Rob Marshall, on account of which was then the only musical 'Chicago'. It was enough to give such a bold hard and heavy project novice, so even a novice is not that genre. But surprisingly, the most novice cool coped with his work, fully lived up to my expectations, making it a very stylish and atmospheric movie. A lot of time was devoted to precisely the scenario of the film, which is based on the eponymous novel by Arthur Golden, but the author himself worked on his brainchild and was invited Robin Suikord, which is more - less versed in this genre. The script, as the film shows not very easy life of the main character, as well as many of her emotions - fear, from hatred, betrayal, pain, suffering, and it seems that the poor girl could not come to terms with their lives and dies by his own hand but this film as Sayuri and unbroken, as well as the dream of happiness of which she dreamed. The script is very interesting and strong. Excellent performance shows the operator Dion Beebe, adding their efforts a style of film - very light hops from one scene to another, great, soft colors of the film only for the benefit and gives even more atmospherics of the picture, and wonderful scenery and did immerse the viewer into the world of Chio . Film composer is the owner of 5 prizes Oscar, John Williams - his music, especially the initial soundtrack from the outset filled soul of the viewer which - the purity and sincerity, as it is coming into this dramatic story, and this feeling will occur in a soundtrack, because it is made with the soul and for the viewer. Excellent work
film is rich and many successful and well-known actors - Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh - basically, it is the characters these actors will be key in the 'light' and 'dark' strip life of the protagonist but played them the same - excellent, completely having filled his character, feeling it, and by doing so, it would have the viewer could feel the soul, the emotions, the position of each character, which is very difficult to make a movie, but our hero to deal with it, showing audience full arsenal of his skill!
funny that ilm virtually torn to shreds in the west to the east, to mention some inconsistencies, nekudyshnaya cast, and that the film at all is to forget about the rewards and even payback. But alas, it was a surprise press when 'Memoirs of a Geisha' received the award for the reward - 3 wins in six categories at the 'Oscars' (' Best Operator ',' best scenery 'i'Luchshie suits'),' Golden Globe for ' Best soundtrack ', 3 premium' British film Academy for "Best costume Design ',' Best operator ', as well as the' Award named Anthony Eskuita for achievements in the creation of music for the film ', and even Grammy for' Best album, which soundtrack for a movie or TV 'and several nominations from the' MTV ',' Screen Actors Guild Award 'and other successful ceremony rewarding. Agree, not a bad 'failure' has turned
'Memoirs of a Geisha "- this is a movie that will be able to conquer the audience is not only a very interesting script and talented a director Rob Marshall, but also the remarkable work of the operator and the composer - it is adding another workshop and the acting, as a result gives a great movie, nice to see everyone. Very bright, interesting film about the life of blue-eyed Sayuri not simply retell through what she went through, but also to make some serious thought to the question that has long pondered well. We can say that the experiment was a success and 'Memoirs of a Geisha' is like 'The Last Samurai' will leave a big mark on the world of cinema.
Thank you for your attention and enjoy your viewing!

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