"Memoirs of a Geisha" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This picture - the embodiment of charm. Embodied subtlety. Embodied aesthetics.
Japan, 20th century. I brought a little girl from a poor fishing village in the service of the house of geishas, ​​forever separated from the house and from the family, which was forced to sell it, and it was not her way back.
Forget all that was before in your life. ..
and small Chio had to start life all over again, in an entirely new and unfamiliar place. The house of geishas she found a friend who shared with her his cherished dream.
-If you will listen to Mother, she will send you to school and make a geisha ...
-Make someone?
-Geyshey . As Hatsumomo. We'll drink sake, and sleep until noon ...
Many little girls dream of becoming a geisha, not knowing what the price goes to that dream. Not all enrolled in school geisha might become them later
seemed that fate has turned against small Chio -. His sister she had lost her parents died in a house of geishas nazhila enemy. Then one day, when sad Chio stood on the bridge, a pretty good stranger bought her an ice cream cone, and supported her in a difficult moment, and the man became her good genius and the love of her life. And her image immediately imprinted in his heart.
And the moment I turned from a girl who lives in a vacuum, in person for the purpose.
Chio was praying in the temple, that someday it has become a geisha. And fate smiled at her. Generally Chio was not only a beautiful and gentle woman, but also single-minded, she aspired to the dream.
From whom you have such amazing eyes?
However, why were Sayuri 'eye color rain ', which all surprised and enthralled? I can allow only two choices-that one of her ancestors was not Japanese, and that she had a rare genetic disorder. Yes, it was a very bold move-Asian with blue eyes. Had never seen such.
film is truly international, Chinese, Japanese women are playing an actress. Of course, the Japanese are different from the Chinese even superficially-but because the film does not lose its charm. All the actors and actresses perfectly coped with their roles.
very interesting to show the transformation of the main character of Sayuri in Chio, from the child in compelling the girl that could stop the man with one eye. Of course, with such eyes, many would stop. And the music that accompanies the transformation-just mesmerizing
The beauty for us is inseparable from flour ...
Indeed, sometimes it was sad to see Sayuri -. That poor geisha had to undergo in order to achieve such beauty and talent. Especially when her hair combed and she went to his head in Fig. And I learned to walk on a high platform. Incredibly beautiful movement, dance, who had Geisha comprehend.
Meme-san was strict with Sayuri, to make it a first-class geisha.
And Sayuri has become such-and his charm, talent and beauty drove many men crazy -but her heart belonged to only one Chairman.
so I decided that I will cover my heart and keep my heart for him.
She had to close her heart, because love had geisha privileges.
She is beautiful as a flower, cherry and exotic, like a bird of paradise. Silk kimono her bright, white face, red lips, eyes-deep whirlpool. And her heart-temple, closed from everyone.
What do you think, geisha can love? Never!
Geisha could not do anything to solve itself because it solved all the others. Very sorry Sayuri because the will of the fate of her first close acquaintance with a man there with a very elderly person, for many reasons. Really could not someone younger to find?
Dance Sayuri in the theater do not understand everything. Since its first movement smooth, then chaotic. But I really liked the dance, it is stunning. Sayuri danced with deep feeling and drama. One can see a similar drama intelligible only to the Japanese ...
End paintings imbued with drama-war separated Sayuri with a loved one and deprived of her career. Far away in the mountains, she lived in constant anxiety for the President. And I would like to quote a poem of a famous poet of the Middle Ages:
When in the capital may be accidentally
you suddenly ask, as I live here I-
You be quiet: like the towering mountains hazy,
Misty just in my heart ...
well, after all the hardships she again became a geisha, and finally met with the President, and they confessed to each other's feelings, who hid for years and could not be opened .
Many said that in this film a little purely Japanese. There is a deal of truth in it. But, if there were more Japanese, he would not be more beautiful.
Particularly pleased with the acting Zhang Ziyi and Ken Watanabe. Organically looked.
Thanks to the creators of the film. This lovely picture so relax ...
9 out of 10

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