"Memoirs of a Geisha" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Geisha are not courtesans and not wives, they sell their art, not the body. They create a different, undercover world where beauty reigns. The very word Geisha means mistress. Being a geisha is to be a living work of art. " After watching the 'Memoirs', these words really attain the truth, because many people still believe that a geisha - a woman is selling or in simple words - a prostitute. And you know, though ashamed to admit it, but before the premiere of Rob Marshall, I had absolutely similar to the submission. The first thing to say thank you to Arthur Golden, - the creator of the eponymous novel, the right to buy immediately adaptation of one month after the publication of the book. After the light was born crazily beautiful, romantic and touching tale that can immerse you in an inspiring story, tells the story of a girl whose eyes were so similar to the rain. Watching life Sayuri, we are witnessing an unusually interesting period, which takes place in the first half of the last century in Japan. In those very difficult times, it was an honor to become a geisha for many girls, but in fact, they often became geishas not because it was their choice, but because they have no choice was not. And become it is not so easy - for this you need to work hard learning the art of conversation, dancing, playing musical instruments, and of course the seduction. Once in the mother's house, Sayuri, do not even suspect that soon the fate of her so radically changed and it becomes the most famous geisha in the city, who loved a good chairman and will carry their love through the years. But can a geisha afford to love? ..
'Did you know ... All I did after that meeting on the bridge, I did not get closer to you. " This phrase sounded in the final scene of the painting in a beautiful gazebo in the middle of the river clear, touched me to the quick. And the truth - all that has happened to Sayuri up to this point, has been strongly linked with the desire at first a simple maid, at least once in life to see a person who once comforted and gave her hope. There, in the bustling center of town, on a small bridge, the chairman comforted the weeping girl and bought her plum ice cream - looked into her transparent like water, eyes, and forever became a dream for her. A few years later, under the guise of a decorated elaborately geisha, this girl does not cease to hope that the desire that she guessed in a small chapel, donated by the chairman throwing coins in a box under the bell, will come true! And then, when they come true, and Sayuri saw again his love, the circumstances are not allowed to tell him the truth, and when she first experienced the whole truth of the victim, which is necessary to go to these unique women who are called geishas. Zhang Ziyi, beautifully played her character, not only in the dramatic sense of the word, but also in the physical, because in order to convey as much meaning through the gait, the look and dance moves, you must be very thin and graceful litsedeykoy!
In picture are two other actresses who have left me indifferent. First of all - this is the famous geisha mother, who is divine portrayed Michelle Yeoh. The woman, a man capable of stopping at a glance, bring to mind gently revealing his thin wrist, interested in its mystery and mystique. For Sayuri, my mother began to everyone - teacher, teaching her the tricks and subtleties that should have a geisha, and a friend with whom you can share, as well as his mother, who has achieved for your child's welfare and success. Yes, of course, much has been done and for their own benefit, but one must admit that deep down she is very sympathetic to Sayuri. Mom - the real geisha, and if she says that they are not allowed to feel - it does not mean that she does not know what it is and does not understand the loving soul - it's just once again proves the wisdom and inner strength of a woman who with It takes advantage of his position and destiny. But the second female character who liked me too badly, is the exact opposite way of my mother. Treacherous Hatsumomo, - another famous geisha in the spirit can not tolerate their opponents and capable of any meanness. For the first time looking at the eyes of Sayuri, Hatsumomo immediately hated this girl - and hated not because of a little orphan smell of fish, but because they saw in it the beauty that once its eclipse. And though the soul of this woman was enveloped in black envy, but the heart of a thick layer of ice - Hatsumomo too sincerely loved and crazy with that become a favorite she was not meant to be. Sayuri, deep down understand this desperate woman, because there is one thing common between them - it's desirable, burning, killing and maddening - Forbidden love ... Gong Li was excellent - it's difficult to put into words all the emotions and feelings, who feel looking at this game is incredibly beautiful, eccentric and deeply sensual actress
I do not deny -. 'Memoirs' in general, rather sentimental and tearful deliberately, but on the other hand, very difficult for me to imagine how such a story can be presented differently. And before you get behind the view of this picture, you just need to prepare for the very slowness of the narrative, which makes it possible to savor every elaborately staged shot, every musical overture composed by the brilliant John Williams, poignant phrase sounded from the lips of the characters like poetry, as well as leisurely enjoy the graceful manners, grace, costumes and entourage at the time. Believe me, the tape can not only move too sentimental audience, but also to present the truth in aesthetic pleasure, however, like in this case can not for everyone. Especially interesting is granted the first half of the film, where we see the gradual transformation into a true geisha Sayuri, but that's the end of the second half, it seemed less interesting and a bit lengthy. But in general, the tape still looks quite exciting and interesting.
P.S. 'Memoirs of a Geisha' - it is a beautiful tale about the fate of the girl with eyes the color of rain. Sensual love story, over which time has no power. Skillful painting, showing a lot of bright and colorful sketches. And finally - a real tribute to the amazing women of a bygone era
'We can not say to the sun "shines brighter" or rain "Lei weaker", geisha can be the man's wife only half, we wives hidden cover of night, and yet, see. good to see so much evil, to understand that prayer is heard girls have the courage, but she so did not realize is it can not be called happiness? '
8 out of 10

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