"Meet Joe Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Good day, dear friends! 'Meet Joe Black' for me was the movie that can be reviewed more than once. And I'm really interested to watch it, even though I already know what will happen next. Watching him, I rest, enjoying the virtuoso actors, interesting dialogue. This movie makes me think about the eternal and sometimes rethink this or that act.
I want to thank the director Martin Brest for the opportunity to see this film. After all, he - one of the main people, thanks to which we are able to contemplate this film. Martin - American film director, originally from New York. His films have always rated on kinopoisk. Many of his works at the hearing, such as' Midnight 'or' Scent of a Woman. " 'Meet Joe Black' was 8.0 out of 10. It was the starting point for the careers of some actors, but more on that later.
I love old movies and good actors, I can not deny myself the pleasure. So this film, its slowness and mystery appeal to me as the first time. It seems to be already know and still hope and worry. The film is long more than three hours, it seems very much, because no active measures for those three hours does not take place, as they say action, you will not find here.
What this film? I do not know how to describe briefly. In the life of a middle-aged, but an influential person has Death in human form, and her name is Joe Black. But Death does not want to just pick up your customer wants to live a little on the ground. But then there is something that no one expected. What exactly? This you will see for yourself, if you decide to see this movie.
film strikes a combination of multiple subplots. It affects performance of the actors, accurate transfer of all the thoughts and ideas of the story. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you watch with bated breath, for every line, every smallest detail in a scene, such as the face and where needed that capture perfectly. Long, long, it does not excessively overloaded. And at the same time in it - life, actions, and feelings, sometimes played flawlessly at times -. Just very sincerely
What will you do if one day you hear an inner voice, but not his own, and the other-worldly? The first step is the fear of the unknown, and then the inevitable. For death comes to nice of you to talk and inquire about health. She comes and tells, without hesitation and without feeling pity for his victim. Just do not know how. It always has been, but as in any rule there are exceptions.
who like myself is Death, the Devil, Satan? Scary image draws our imagination, the most harmless of which it is a horned monster, spewing flames. Realizing that this was not the best guise of travel to Earth, Death chooses a body - a nice young man with piercing eyes at the sight of which reminded except that the angels in heaven. What an irony, a sense of humor! Now it is not Satan, is a man with a sonorous name Joe Black. Mysterious companion, Parrish lived in the house and changed the usual course of life. We used to get mad at the death, but that it takes us out of this life, but it is important to understand that death is not good and not evil, it's just inevitable. Interesting idea of ​​the film, which causes worry and worry from the beginning. Especially since the manifestation of love line ... Girl in love ... in death. And then Death is in love with a girl. It is terrible even to think. I would not say that this is the best role of Brad Pitt, maybe because this its philosophical, a little awkward, absurd image of the angel of death is too unusual for me, but the role is definitely noticeable and bright!
Three hours of pleasure in the contemplation of beauty performance fine actors. Anthony Hopkins, which is more like every minute of the film, affects the depth and wisdom of his character. Claire Forlani, of course, a rather atypical person in the movie. Many facial expressions of emotion on the face of the kaleidoscope ... maybe someone may seem superfluous, but in my opinion it is this atypical heroine and her modest, but it is not so shabby appearance and like real sympathy
interesting character -. Joe Black . So different and strange. The touchingly gentle, innocent, good, then blindly cruel and callous, unaware of the reality ... the ironic, the self-confident ... So many characters, so many feelings. Brad Pitt is not only devilishly handsome, but damn talented, once he got it all to express and make the viewer believe.
In the film, many touching, achingly sincere, moments that make this film such a sweetheart. The scene of the first kiss, the first and only erotic scene - just art, but not callous picture, and full of emotions and feelings of art, a masterpiece ...
'Are you good to make love. It's like to feel a man's arms, which makes it the first time. " Rare film makes a happy smile and wipe the tears of joy and admiration for the innocence and beauty.
This film remains in the soul forever. After seeing it, you have it hardly ever forget it. He keeps in mind the feeling fragile, but light and airy happiness is in the air, and a touch of regret that all this is not always
In summary -. I highly recommend this deep, philosophical film for viewing. I'm sure it will make you think about many things!
Thank you for your attention to my review!

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