"Meet Joe Black" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

1.Neveroyatnye adventures of the immortal hero in the mortal world
'Joe - a lovely name. This simple-hearted, strong ... '
- Obeah, Obeah! I will die ..
'Meet Joe Black' - it's an intriguing film with a touch of philosophical justification of the existence of supernatural forces. It is quite an unusual look at the story, which could be called 'The Incredible Adventures of the immortal in the mortal world. " I reviewed a lot of films with this theme, for example, is Dr. Manhattan line in 'Guardians' bloodsucker Lestat in 'Interview with the Vampire' and Mr. Milton in 'Devil's Advocate'. You can also compare the considered film with the series 'In the moonlight', which clearly expressed love line vampire Mick St. John and the usual death of the journalist.
But I must say, the innovative streak movie 'Meet Joe Black' is that immortal essentially, in this case, the reaper, not attributed to contradictory features of the human soul. Joe Black as though turned from marble, it is not shaking over petty human problems, he knows his job, he has a firm belief, based on the full acceptance of the phenomenon and the inevitability of fate. He is straightforward and is able to look any further than the little people, concerned about the unpredictable future and their own well-being. However, it behaves more naturally and humanly than the characters surrounding it are likely mimicking human parody on tiny ants nervous than proud members of the species Homo Sapiens. He sharpened a sense of curiosity, thirst for the new and beautiful. He says what he thinks, and his straightforwardness discouraging others that he always gets to the point. When viewing these things begin to realize how stupid you did when lied to others and to himself, rather than admit the obvious and make the right decision.
Why fear something to do because of the unknown? Why torture yourself silly thoughts 'Recipients will not get' when you want to just go and do? After all, the outcome is never predict it may be unexpected. You just need to have the courage to do what is necessary. It does not matter if the forecasts and statistics are contrary to your intentions. In the words of Dr. Cox from the series' The Clinic ',' Statistics only works when people are many. For one, as the case may be, he is useless. " Your event can be successful, even if there are no objective reasons. The adoption of such global categories as 'Death', 'Accident' and 'inevitability' useful for the world of one particular person, because, really, who are we to know everything. Our business is to follow his convictions, and the work of fate - to decide which of our aspirations to come true, and what not. And if a man takes on too much, trying to redo everything for themselves, many nervous about their future well-being, it ceases to be adequate and become petty and low, ready to go on dirty compromises with conscience.
Philosophy decision factor 'Inevitable ', which is built around the plot of the film, it is a bit like' Outcast 'Robert Zemeckis. This phenomenon is something charming, touching and appealing. Resigned because a person can make reasonable and appropriate actions, he becomes capable of a new free-open-minded thinking, thereby opening his soul to life, its freshness, beauty and harmony.
2. Concept of love for William Parrish

- Multiply the above to infinity, elevated to the level of eternity, and even then you will not be able to assess the scale of the phenomenon
I note that. in the second half of the film Joe Black reflective displays certain characteristics of the hero. Sophisticated, confident and unwavering in his convictions Reaper in the body of a young man begins to realize that such a choice, and how hard it is sometimes to take the right decision. His' client 'William Parrish presents him an important lesson: If you love someone, then you should first think about his welfare, not his
Ol' Billy appears as a 'protector', 'lawyer' humanity.. Masterfully played by Anthony Hopkins, this character shows reaper nelogkost human proportion, the degree of difficulty making decisions that are beneficial to a loved one, but not for you. It reveals the human virtues such as compassion and self-sacrifice. Strong and principled, wise and decent, this old man is a hope that human goodness is not yet completed in this world that people can be like it, and therefore deserve the right to life. Before leaving, he leaves behind to new virtues that will be the continuity of its so rare today qualities as responsibility and decency. And they will always be at the core of such an important zhizneobrazueschego thing as love.

3. And finally ...

.... actually saying about the movie, not his philosophy, I want to mention an interesting story, an incredible game Brad Pitt, who was able to convey the laughableness visit the Angel of Death in the human body, and amazingly beautiful and touching ending. Love line, in my opinion, is rather weak, but it's not in the least spoil the impression of the film.
For a new look at the subject line 'The Incredible Adventures of the immortal in the mortal world "without unnecessary snot, tears about the boredom and monotony of eternal existence, bored for lack of excessive romanticizing short human life, for stunning the cast, with the image of the Reaper, for peanut butter for good nenavyaschivy humor and a surprisingly successful arrangement of the song 'What a wonderfull world' put
deserved 10 out of 10 PS
And do not forget, 'From death and taxes, no one is safe. "

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