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Painting "Meet Joe Black", filmed in 1998, the third film adaptation of the play by Alberto Casella "Death takes off." The work is placed on the screen twice in 1934 and 1971, leaving his original name.
Media mogul Bill Parrish and held a wealthy man who has made himself. He built a successful media empire from scratch, raised two loving daughters: Alice and Susan. His life was clouded only his wife's death. Not a day goes by that he did not think about it.
On the way to work suddenly admonishes Susan Parrish sure to experience a love that will give her wings, filled with happiness and joy. After all, live your life and not to anyone not to fall in love, "and it means not to live at all».
That same morning Susan accidentally met in a cafe with a charming guy and falls in love with him. Feelings of young people are mutual.
eve of the 65th anniversary of Parrish. Time metered Bill to earthly life at the end. Death no longer walk with him. Parrish life, its values, principles, precepts daughter love impress sinister essence of the oblique. Death is tired of his duties, and decides to take a vacation. She was curious to know the world of people.
Death appears before Bill ordinary guy, a friend of Susan Cafe. Henceforth media magnate would have to be her guide in the human world. Instead Parrish prolong life on vacation Death. The main thing that was interesting to the spirit of oblivion.
When Death tired to rest, it will take Bill with him. In addition to the body of a young man with a sinister nature of oblique acquires the name of Joe Black.
Joe speaks with Susan, who is in love with him ever since dating in the cafe. Femininity, gentleness, tenderness, sincerity girls fascinate him. Joe's first love experiences.
that the director wanted to convey to the audience the story of the holiday of death, which was bored to perform their duties sad? According to Martin Brest, it helps a person to understand the death of the true value of his life
filmmakers call the viewer:. "Lived a metered so that even came for you Death, wanted to try the taste of your life." Endlessly eternity spirit of oblivion regularly performs his routine, monotonous work, he was bored. Bill's life is so inspired by Death, she is curious to try what is to live according to the principles of "current client":. Energetic, passionate, learning human sensations, feelings, fun
film touches upon the theme of loneliness and love. Love between a man and a woman, between parents and children. Since the creation of the world the spirit of oblivion alone. He knows no other condition for as long as he does not know what it means to love and be loved, to be fit to the person who you care about.
Susan, the youngest daughter, has always been a favorite of Bill. Alison saw and understood it. The eldest daughter gives Parrish understand how she loves him and knows what he feels for her the same feelings. Alison brings to his father how much he means to her, no matter what.
Director of the film said that the world will rescue honesty, integrity, love, generosity, and respect. Actions of the main characters, it proves it's audience.
Production raises the question of credibility. The film talks about how important it is to listen to your heart, it's not lying. Following the dictates of the soul, like Susan and Bill, finding happiness becomes a matter of time.
Earth holiday gives Death a lot of discoveries. At first, Joe took a simple human pleasures like peanut butter cookies with jelly sandwich with lamb
Falling in love with Susan, a collector of souls understands the main meaning of life on earth -. Love. Joe learns for the first time what it is to love.
Bill Behavior at the edge of the grave amazes and delights Joe. Parrish is about to complete his earthly journey, but it does not bother the millions of state, which he leaves. Bill concerned about the fate of his beloved daughter, the future of the company - its creation, the cause to which he devoted his life. Family, relatives - that's who Bill Parrish sorry to say goodbye. Courage, nobility and dignity of the Bill in the last days of his life inspire respect, even the spirit of oblivion.
touched two director's findings. The first image of Death. In the picture it is presented not traditionally horrible, cold-blooded and ruthless, and being the knowing human world. At first, the viewer sees a naive child, then an ardent lover and finally a mature, responsible, wise man. Purpose of Life ... the spectator perceives the efforts of Death
second -. Episodes in which Death is talking in the hospital with a terminally ill clairvoyant, watching with interest the efforts of the people to prevent the inevitable. Susan day saves people from sickness and death, working as a doctor, and in the evening kissing the person with whom she is fighting so hard and whose appearance slows.
Another success of the film has become a strong actor's work, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani. Their skills, they created a story that does not give off the screen. Anthony Hopkins managed to live rather than to play your character. His Bill Parrish strong-willed, energetic, assertive businessman and simultaneously adored his daughters father. Brad Pitt convincingly embodied two very different characters: a charming, smiling young man and a sinister, cold, relentless collector of souls. His Joe Black, strong, shy, sensitive, responsive, and at the same time hard, solid, self-respecting people. The actor brilliantly conveyed changes since Joe Black during the Earth holidays. Claire Forlani sensibly played a girl who is not particularly believe in the passion, excitement, elated and other delights of love as long as it meets the character of Brad Pitt. The actress managed to convey sensitivity, femininity, softness, impetuosity of her character.
Convincing acting, thoughtful dialogues, directing discovery and music by Thomas Newman helped to create a movie in which you plunge headlong. Staging quietly tightens gradually and suddenly carries covers, so you're afraid to breathe
«Meet Joe Black." - an exciting, powerful, dramatic, charming film about love. The film has everything: nobility and dignity, deceit and betrayal, love and self-sacrifice, a thirst for life and dedication. Topics expired while living humanity.
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