Medical Career to Journalism: Are They Familiar? Essay

The first career of choice is a medical doctor. They are responsible for examining, diagnosing and treating patients. Medical doctors should be people who have the passion for making improvements in other individual’s lives. The probability of finding work for a medical doctor is often high in several societies. It stems from the high demands for their services as they are mostly outnumbered by the populations in their places of practice. There have also been instances where doctors are sourced from other countries especially when there are predicaments e.g. during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa thus proving the fact that those in this career can easily find employment in comparison to others.

There is a comparatively small percentage of people going into the career of a medical doctor. It stems from several factors such as the costs, length of time and the complexity of this field of study. The costs involved in becoming a medical doctor has recently soared. Different studies have shown that a newly graduated medical doctor leaves the medical school with a debt of $166,750(Kristof 1). The timeline for becoming a physician can be very daunting for the students. It often takes six years because of the four years spent at the medical school and a few more for specialization. They on average earn fifty thousand dollars annually. However, some quarters have reiterated that this is not commensurate with the time, money and energy spent in ensuring the wellbeing of patients.

The job satisfaction amongst medical doctors is comparatively small. It is because some of them feel less remunerated and appreciated by their societies and employers. In most instances, the probability of becoming a medical doctor have often been deemed to be low. It is evidently portrayed by the high numbers of people who drop out of medical school and opt for other less demanding courses. The probability is also low because of the high financing that is required during the period that one is in the medical school. A primary controversy faced by medical doctors is consistently staying compliant to the rules of practice in the face of the massive digitalization that has occurred.

The second career of interest is journalism. It is a job that investigates and reports news e.g. social and political events, current issues and even popular trends (Pearson and Johnston 7).The career has often been deemed to be lucrative because of the limelight and attention that is received by the parties. The probability of finding work in journalism is often low stemming from the fact that there are several individuals with a journalism degree but very few opportunities exist for them in the market. There is a large percentage of people moving into this field. It is because of the successes that are commonly associated with the already established in the industry. On average, the cost of the study is thirty-four thousand dollars that cover the tuition fees, books, and even accommodation.

According to the pay scale in the United States, a journalist’s income is thirty-nine thousand dollars annually. The job satisfaction in this career is comparatively higher than the medical doctors’. It because jobs in TV and broadcast usually have several avenues for successes such as participating in product endorsement of companies which otherwise increases the revenue streams for the professionals. It is, however, a stressful career as the media personalities often have busy schedules and work environments constantly dealing with deadlines and even unpleasant occurrences. The combination of a journalism and a law career has been to known to be a good career choice. In this profession, the controversy is the issue of biasedness that various journalists have been accused of practicing.

In conclusion, it is worth making the hypothesis that choosing the profession of a medical doctor is better than the journalist. It is because of the numerous advantages that medical doctors have over the latter concerning the high probability of finding employment, higher remuneration and even the high ratings that they receive because of the assistance that they offer to humanity.

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