Media role Essay

Today, in the era of globalization, the consumption and production of media and communication varies from one person to another and among groups as well. Some groups dwell with a relation to highly technocratic media life, while some groups still live with a traditional media life. Nonetheless, it is a renowned fact that media has influenced each fragment of the social fiber irrespective of the groups in every parts of the world.

Visual media, at the first place provides a view, an insight of the society or a community. It portrays a fine detail of what viewers ought to see. Moreover, it also provides liberty for all to represent their own will or say in a certain matter. But on the other hand, it also limits the imagination of the viewers to the screen they are being subjected to. The onlookers have least perception of their own. They believe in what they see and take that as universal truth. Above all, most illustrations are misrepresented. Though in some cases media does endeavor to portray the other ‘true’ side of the mirror but it’s too occasional.

This essay would provide an insight of the role of media in representation of the different marginalized groups. Before going into detail, one must know what a marginalized group is. Therefore, Cambridge dictionary defines ‘marginalize’ as “to treat someone or something as they are not important.” Another dictionary defines it “to put or keep (someone) in a powerless or unimportant position within a society or group.” By keeping both the definitions in mind, one can come to a point that marginalized group is community of least significant people who have no authority or say in a society.

Visual media usually misrepresents the marginalized groups. These groups might be discriminated on the basis of their religion, gender, region, or nationality. One of the chief reasons why they are misrepresented is that they have no opportunity to speak out their true story and represent themselves accordingly. We can rightly say that construction of consciousness is very important in the production of knowledge.

If we see through the visual media and try to pin point some examples of marginalized community, there is a divide that separates European and non-European women. Within the European women as well, there is a line that divides the lower and upper class, showing the hierarchy that prevails. The media only tells the instances and stories of the positioned, high privileged and respectable societal roles such as mothers, sisters and daughters. Women that are portrayed in the minority are often not recognized. This interprets how the general inhabitants in society are misinformed even though they feel like they are informed. The media is the one that decides which stories are to be told. Picking out the movie “The Blind Side”, can be rightfully exemplified here as an illustration of the above argument.

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