Media of promotion Essay

Place: Niagara Escarpment is the best location of horseback riding business. It is most prominent natural wonders masterpiece of living art. This incredible region located in Canada’s most ecological diverse part, Southern Ontario. This place is known for its foremost scenic landforms and best place for recreational activities. Niagara Escarpment support variety wild plants, animals, birds and other scenic views. People can enjoy wonderful experience on horseback and observe the richness of this place. Through us people have opportunity that want peaceful environment and spend some time with nature.

Newspaper: For the promotion of horseback riding business newspaper is the good advertising medium. It is less costly media to promote any business and has fewer competitors as compare television, radio and direct mailing. Around 40% adult people read newspaper in Canada on daily basis and once in a week. Old people more tend to read newspaper with morning tea and before go to bed. People often read newspaper or check advertising column due to their reading habits and spend leisure time. Promoting business by newspaper is beneficial because people who are free and want to go on trip can visit Niagara Escarpment and enjoy horseback riding. Niagara Fall Review is a local newspaper read by people on daily basis. This newspaper has strong local focus and distributed near Fort Ellie. Another newspaper for promotion of business is The Globe and Mail. This is most selling national newspaper in Canada. This must be helpful to promote business across the Canada so that people from other states can also enjoy horseback riding with us. For promotion, we will be printed our business advertisement clearly with highlighting headline to draw the attention of readers. We will give add with photo of horse, the name and logo of business. We provide a web address and contact number so that reader can contact us for more information regarding our price and plans.

Magazines: magazines are another effective medium of promotion due to colourful images. Because any print of article, advertising etc in magazine produce a clear picture to readers. People read magazines due to interest and reading hobbies. Canadian Geographic magazine include all aspects such as travel, places, wildlife, science, technology, education, health etc. It provides material for all ages. So print a promotional advertising in this magazine help to target reader of all ages.

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