"Mary and Max" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The history of friendship beyond the age and distance, "Mary and Max" - the first animated feature Australian animator Adam Elliot, who, however, did not suffer a disadvantage Oscars, received in 2003 a statuette for his short plasticine creation "Harvey crumpet»
It would seem. on the subject of friendship for a long time says it all, but if you think about it, it is difficult to find such a cinematographic that with the same force would have shown this light feeling on the background of flawed world. But Elliott does not blame people or peace in their shortcomings and asks to recognize them, to love yourself for who have and enjoy the small pleasures that life brings. The formula of happiness is the recognition of inferiority, not as something bad, but the natural, absolutely normal and even positive. «All human beings are imperfect. Even bum on the street is not ideal », concludes the protagonist.
What can be said about the heroes, but what they said themselves. Her name is Mary Daisy Dinkle, she lives in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. She is 8 years, 3 months and 9 days. Her favorite color - brown, your favorite food - sweetened condensed milk, but, of course, she loves chocolate. His name is Max Jerry Horowitz, 44 years old. He lives in New York, in America. He has 8 tracksuits, all the same. It weighs 352 pounds and high as 6-foot tree. He loves to play the lottery and 9 years in a row selects the same numbers. They had almost nothing in common except the love of chocolate and a lack of friends. Curiosity and a random address from the directory gave rise to eighteen correspondence, and perhaps the most touching friendship, set on the screen
humor Adams inimitable -. He even tragedy can present with irony, to say nothing of the most pressing everyday life, turns a cartoon in a wonderful and somewhat crazy sequence. In the whirlwind of fall chocolate, fish named Henry, other pets, dreams and experiences, memories and all those little things that play for each of the characters a big role.
For example, Max's childhood would be to evoke pity for him, but the presentation of the material is saturated with a touching sense of humor. Inability to recognize emotions required him to carry a book, memo, where painted facial expressions, from happiness to anger (the same book, only "facts" was Harvey crumpet).
But in addition to the main characters, and such features have secondary images, like the old man, which is thirty-five years old was afraid to leave the house, or the father of Mary, who worked in a factory for attaching ropes to the tea bag. In the cartoon reigns outside metaphorical absurdity, in which even the black and white New York opposed serpievomu Melbourne, as the difference between the old photos or difference between children's loneliness Mary and Max psychosis.
Since the "Harvey's crumpet" Adams added experience, plasticine animation looks more professional at times, however, the theme and the images have remained almost the same - a strange psychological disorder, an abundance of pets, small trade, gravestones, all this translates into a fun retelling of a life and strange men, whose history is more photographic in nature, there is the effect of watching a family album.
Early Short is so close, "Mary and Max", that they can be considered parts of the same world, but at different times. Even the question, not whether crumpet relatives and Max Horowitz, and even if it is not, then send "Mary and Max" to the early work can be counted in tens. We can not say that this film is ideologically new for Elliott, however, techniques used herein, skill and more confident directorial acumen make it brighter and more expressive in comparison with its predecessor.
If you think of other films, the characters, writing to the Town Hall over the counted the number of cigarette butts discarded by their window, always carried a negative character. Here they run the show, and this expresses the idea is not ideal in the style of tragicomic clown dregs of society, whose joy and feelings sings cartoon. There are no ideal image, and thus, it seems that they do not have anyone to emulate. This is probably one of the greatest merits of the film: the chanting of all that is beautiful in person, without the ideal forms of individuality as such, is the vector
Who knows, maybe the world would be a better place if it was not. standard "right" person, like on a desert island with a mirror in which to survive, have to love yourself
Summary:. touching tragicomic cartoon about friendship by correspondence, which tells everything beautiful that can be found in the gray everyday life.

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