"Mary and Max" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Have you ever written a letter to a friend, somewhere far away? You have a friend? If not, then simply find the phone book of any city on the plan ete and closing his eyes, poke a finger on a random open page. It works. After all, the magic of chance are not accidental. If not - then you should not be watching this cartoon, and Adam Elliot just a slave to his illusions, which have nothing to do with reality. But to be honest, even the illusion so tempting that I want it to just stay in the background when
clear from the first minute of Hollywood. «3D - blockbusters" and shining his super-heroic, hyper-humor and a happy ending, which appears -So out of the ordinary, it immediately becomes an event, but only in narrow circles. Contemporary art like fireworks or a soap bubble - bright, enchanting, but is short-lived and leaves a feeling of emptiness inside. Well, what else there are nuggets in the world as Miyazaki, Barton and, of course, one of whom will be discussed. Adam Benjamin Elliot took a truly masterpiece painting "Mary and Max" (2009), which, by the way, I can be, and have not looked would never, if it was not a random question my friend.
This seemingly strange life story of friendship and 8-year old Australian Mary Dinkle and lonely 44-year-old Max Horowitz, living in New York, is a long time in the heart and becomes a simple and understandable. My emotions overwhelmed me, perhaps, why I write this crappy review. What is striking is the ease with which the author lets us in Mary and Max Life, devotes the innermost secrets in their loneliness, reveals their complexes, we see strange characters and even read their letters. Surprisingly accurate Adam Elliot conveys the perception of noisy, crowded and dirty world of Max, the hero who sees through the prism of gray and boring tones, contrasting brown, color, provincial world Mary, whose baby, pure imagination draws its quite different. Joy, pain, expectation, meetings, drop-offs, friendship and insults, life and death - just like in real life. So real world of "Mary and Max." Existentialism, which is impregnated with a cartoon, so concretely perceived that the contrast between the comical and tragic moments start to worry as their own, because believe me, every second from beginning to end, all too understandable and close to the world of Mary and Max, painfully close. You well remember their childhood, their dreams, their secrets? This is the area for which you have any peregryzet throat. You carefully keep it and cherish as being a bright and clear, it is like the sunlight coming through the tulle to the nursery. Now try even for a second touch to the serene state, trying to become for a moment the child, without the silly stereotypes, hypocrisy, the hassle of paper on which you are wasting your life, but it turns out it's not so easy. This film - a small life. Well, that Eliot chose the clay, not actual people, because the fragile, sensitive souls are so similar to clay and stone, tired faces of the people - not at all
«God gives us parents, thank God, we can choose the friends." - Mary is simply amazing that phrase. As the same way, just a child sees the world. Inside each of us live these heroes, their images - it is our projection, but projection is clean, devoid of stereotypes, masks, cruelty and indifference. Everything considered abnormal Max, an outcast, the loony. Maybe this we need to be treated? Maybe we have something broke inside? What is abnormal in an effort to raise the Max stubs or his shyness? Just what does it differ from the majority? What do not understand it, or rather do not want to understand and accept this as it is? Why ask these questions, hammer head, it is easier not to think about it. Right? "There are two infinite things in the world: the universe and human stupidity. For the universe, however, I can not vouch for "- quoted aphorism Max your favorite scientist Einstein
have such honest and true masterpieces of animation will never be a wide range of fans.. I was struck by the fact that almost none of my friends have not seen this film. My friend says that she likes the movies Burton, because his characters are of a grave inside, as if they were dead, but every day I get up and pretend that they are alive, that smile, that see the meaning and even the ability to love and to do good deeds. Nothing like? World characters within these surprising. We are given the opportunity to look at their world through their eyes. But today, you see this film, it is possible, even for a few hours immersed in thoughts, let the tears. In the morning you wake up again, put on his mask successful and happy man, and go to the pseudo-favorite work, bonding pseudo-favorite labels with teabags, or dig into a pile of papers in the office, which, incidentally, is the same. Although, of course, this whole controversy The aforementioned does not provide any answers to questions. Nobody will be able to solve your problems, but you. The way to solve - this is the way inward, and not vice versa. So a lot of talk about this coveted, sweet, illusory freedom, but no one can show it as the face of God. There is no formula to achieve it
You need to look deeper and appreciate the people to keep a true friendship -. This teaches us a director in its unusual history. If at least one person will change, see the "Mary and Max", it means that not in vain has been the work. Otherwise, why do you need to present work? You know, all this conceptually sustained nonsense even one percent does not convey emotions hidden inside. Look at this masterpiece as the key that unlocks the world anew, or a reminder of something forgotten. Have more to such works. Protect your world and a nice view.

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