"Mary and Max" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

* «A life - it's not a box of chocolates" - an important note the reviewer
alienation, loneliness, alcoholism, the problem of excess weight, and communication - from the time of the first viewing "Plasticine crows, "we seem to be without saying a word, but simply obeying the natural course of things, we decided unanimously not to listen to the advice," Do not stand still, and do not jump, do not sing, do not we dance, where there is a building or a suspended load. " Grown up, grown ugly, do not become wiser, and have not figured out in life, we acquired a bunch of not very good habits and even more disappointed in himself and his own, neplastilinovoy universe. Children's fascination with the world (if it is to accept that any have) been replaced by online autism and stupid time-limited lower health for coffee / cigarettes / fast food / cherry brandy / TV (underline). That is Georgia was suspended as it is necessary to crush, and director Adam Elliot, by the way, the owner of an Oscar for the short film "Harvey crumpet" in the business, knows a lot about.
Actually, what happened is blatant impudence, for which Hollywood kinodela perhaps, if they could have filed for Elliott in court. Hollywood kinodela they like - trying to find the perfect recipe for success, with a thoroughness centennial bureaucrat follow all yuzannym-pereyuzannym laws and stamps, collect movies like Lego from ready detalek, customize, hone business plans constitute, develop strategies to reach the maximum part of the target group, invite media stars, spend millions on glossy, perfect schedule. But here there is a kind of Australian nugget of conventional clay pile something completely nepolitkorektnoe, wrong, do not fall into any of the existing paradigm and at times udelyvaet all this "creativity" of the creative which is not more than in the process of the protagonist at the production plant . condom
by genre, history, lasting 70 to 90 years, suffering from Asperger's correspondence, bloated, nyurkskogo Jew and a notorious, Australian girl with a birthmark on his forehead - a typical American Kai saga, like some of the beloved "Forrest Gump." But this is just the genre ... Because, in fact, the film adaptation of the letters thing yet original and yet nezatertaya, but in the Spirit, "Mary and Max." - this is the most un-American and negollivudskoe work that only you can create. 'I could never understand why honesty improper quality. Maybe that's why I have no friends ... "- says the protagonist, and Elliot, as if agreeing with him in nepodhodyaschesti lies, even trying to be in a position to themselves, in order to earn their friends on the other side of the screen, and as a serial killer perechikav good half of the characters, along with the hopes of a happy ending, to tell the truth cuts his plasticine.
One may believe that from the surrounding chaos sooner or later fashioned harmony and never being absurd and meaningful way, and just be like the puzzle to find a key to it. You can believe that since the distance between New York and Melbourne nowadays easily be overcome, then there is progress, and we are moving forward to what there a brighter future. It is possible to believe, but every day that notice that the surrounding reality becomes more and more gray and dull, the world only skukozhivaetsya at him hopelessly crowds of the same self-Maid menov and Cinderellas and also wonder why a new world has been brought for the next turn . You can learn to respond to quip, to protect the shiny thesis, fight not perfect property appearance, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the story will end not like a fairy tale, and for example, the fact that a handsome prince would prefer not improved you as well, under the laws of the absurd world - "a friend from New Zealand." You just wake up one morning, not the kind you see in a mirror, and a replica of his parents. Devachkovye dream of simple happiness and mustachioed Scottish groom with tea boxes do not come true, alas, but ugly ducklings and do not turn into beautiful swans. As it said in another movie? "We all grew up in front of a TV set, and believe that one day become a millionaire, movies heroes and rock stars ... But we will not they ever»
Friends replaced bought in a pet shop aquarium fish with a serial number, the confessor -. Personal psychoanalyst indifferent issuing platitudes, thing - a career, real life - surrogates in the form of useless hobby to distract young people from all of the "star of horror" - that's the whole progress. In contrast to the "Forrest Gump" greatest achievement legless invalid will simply moving beyond its shell. The world seems to be, the truth has become more common and understandable, but people are more fragmented and not well understood each other. Vulgar variation of the idea of ​​superman in the form of American Dream as it is not particularly warm in the cold world "color children's surprises" - winning the lottery, the symbolic "first million", the IQ level, popularity, ideal appearance, but nothing at all is not worth
. but fortunately, the filmmakers are not idiots, and I apologize for repeating understand happiness differently than American producers. Told smart shots, the gray-brown imperfectly glossy visuals and voices FS Hoffman and Toni Collette, the story of Mary and Max oh, how far from the Hollywood slezovyzhimalki. From this sad fate saves her bright, black humor, and it's not corny, kindness, coupled with a sweet message of 'God gives us relatives, but, thank God, the friends we choose. " Yes, it was not destined to become stars, thanks to the stage mother, father, and God for the Nobel Prize or an Oscar or create a corporation with fruit and vegetable title. Only if it is necessary? Tears in a bottle, gnarled figures, chocolates, cans of condensed milk, alternate versions of the expense of where babies come from and poignant confession of two, did not meet, people flying between the two continents - if this is not enough to warm up and "smile head" then welcome to the Hollywood cinema. If you think that these little things that make up life, a good reason for that smile - see "Mary and Max"

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