"Mary and Max" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Instead of preface.
void. Stupor. Shock. I saw your face - without a mirror, without any reflections. Eyes staring at the screen, which until recently Mary smiled. Awareness: a machine that does not understand and do not understand. What then shall I do if I understood everything? And then everything becomes razmyvchatym, unreal, and I quietly watching from the sidelines as my cheeks tears rolling, visible and invisible. And only now, after nearly 2 months after the black-and-white frames and full of shock, I can tell you that with all my heart fell in love with this movie.
This story is something simple as ABC. In some inexplicable and complicated. This film - one of the few of them with you can draw and draw. This film has only one reward that most deserve it. Film legend, film heritage, film memory.
When can only cry ...
Her name is Mary Daisy Dinkle, she was 8 years old, she lives in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, she had a horrible brown birthmark on his forehead. Her mother is very fond of sherry and often borrows something from the store. She puts the box under his skirt that Mary knew that she will return. Her father makes a wide variety of stuffed birds and is working at the tea factory. He attaches strings to tea bags. Most of all, Mary loved varieties of tea "Earl Gray", and wanted to marry a man called Earl Gray. Hate her classmates, parents ignore. And so on rainy days, Mary, his cheek pressed against the glass, dreaming of the devoted and loving friend.
His name is Max Jerry Horowitz, he, 44 years old, he lives in New York, in America, it is the lone Jew who does not understand people. And he does not understand them. I do not understand how you can not throw garbage, how to be able to guess what you think an unknown person. He is ill, his doctor calls this disease Asperger's syndrome. His condition is very strange, it feels all and all, it is lost and turns into a blind kitten. He has no family. He realizes that he only needed one
What has pushed these people with a huge age difference, with different fates, but exactly the same needs
Just Mary pointed at a thick book and got to the max.?. She could bump into anyone, but hit him. What's that supposed to mean? Only the fact that the fate - not fiction human
It just took a huge black felt-tip pen and start to display beautiful letter on crumpled paper.. All her childlike, her feelings resulted out. Letter flew, flew and flew ... After two continents, in 9 days, 6 hours, and 47 minutes it diagonally circled the globe and collapsed in the Max box. He took a thin, but this precious letter, opened, read ... And so began the story.
Mary was happy. She was not afraid to tell the whole truth about himself in his letters. She just felt that she had a friend. A Max suddenly found that its value does not scoff at it logical in every part, but it is extremely unusual ideas together. What a strange feeling to suffer from the fact that you do not have a friend, and suddenly find that you have one. Little eight-year girl Mary clung to the 44-year-old Max, how to save. And it came. For both of them.
Every letter, every word ... Memory. Each touch of the pen or a typewriter ... Memory. It is true that for which they fought. This memory is not melting, not disappearing. And they remembered, wrote, felt. That's really what the letter ... Mary sometimes frightened Max. He had to struggle with the fear of their methods: he got up on a chair and well-read shaking like a leaf. Then he calmed down and quietly wrote another letter, as if nothing had happened. Mary still did not recognize. But the years go by, months running, the days fly by. Mary went to college and nurture a dream to help Max, so they finally met. She mastered, it failed. But Max was frightened. And it took many days before they asked each other's forgiveness ...
She wanted peace of mind. Mary more than anything in the world is held. The mailbox is empty. Loop waiting for the neck. Memories of her in a circle, from which she could not escape. There comes a time ... and cheerful melodious bell breaks the silence. Big box waiting for her in the pouring rain. Dear Mary ... you're alive.
She's alive. He saved her life. His parcel has arrived at a critical moment. Now she knew what to do. Mary came to him, and not for answers, not for questions. She came just to look into the eyes of the man who replaced her parents, a friend, a mentor. She was afraid of his reaction and misunderstanding. She knew every detail of his face, but she wanted to collect puzzle together. But instead she was met by a ...
fantastic imagination, unusual animation, or rather, a simple clay. Words can not express how grateful I am Adam Elliot for his film. 'Mary and Max' takes place as our life - that he is remembered. Calm narrative voice, the black humor and the concept of the dream, which is not in the movie, but that becomes a conclusion from the picture. 'Harvey crumpet', wait for me.
With titles and to this day I am haunted by the music of a very good composer. His name is - Dale Cornelius. His melodies tear the soul in the truest sense of the word, like Aaron Zigman in the film 'Bridge to Terabithia' and Jan Kaczmarek in 'Hachiko'. His great theme merged with the black-and-white film frames and struck sharply and unexpectedly.
She opens the door. Gray world shine in her eyes. Her feelings were mixed, she did not know what to think. Avalanche, which Mary did not resist, took away her farther and farther away. But she stood. And afraid to step forward. What did she see? Max room brought her back in the days when she was a little eight-year Mary Daisy Dinkle. It has not changed. And then she saw him.
His thick, heavy body stuck to the couch. The chest does not rise, the heart is not beating. The body will remain on earth, but the soul will fly where? But Mary just sat down and looked at him. She knew every detail of his face, but could not take his eyes. They have separated the two continents, 9 days, 6 hours and 47 minutes, and joined Noblet, loneliness and chocolate. He saved her life, but she could not save him ...
best animated film of 2009. And do not care what the Oscar went to the cartoon 'Up'. For me this film - the best. It is impossible to describe, because the words are different, but all have the same feelings. Masterpiece.

10 of 10
p.s. We'll be together.

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