Mars Essay

My planet that I can say I have most personality with is Mars and it is my zodiac planet. I am an Aries accordioning to the zodiac signs, I was born in April during Aries season. Aries people are ruled by Mars and are also the first fire sign in the zodiac. Mars is red because of iron on the surface has been exposed to oxygen and has become rust-like. Mars has season like earth because they have similar tilts. Mars is a superior planet not like mercury and Venus. Mars is also smaller than Earth and Venus. My personality is small, but I have huge ambition and ego. When I want to do something or like something, I work hard for it till I have it but when am not interest it takes me forever to get something done even if it could have taken me an hour, but I would do it in five or nine hours. I must be very interested in something for me to get the best result. Mars has water but it’s in the form of ice and it can be found on its North Pole. The only time that I can have a cold-hearted heart is when someone that I trust with my life lies to me in my face or behind my face. I am not the kind of person that hold on to anger, if you knowledge what you do to me and be sincere with your apology I will forgive you and I will give you a chance but if you continue to lie then I will take my love back, turn my back on you and I will move on and act like we never had a relationship. If I see you in public, I will smile but I will not stop to chit chat and waste my time. Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos just like how I got two personality, Mars is named after the Roman God of war Ares who had twins’ sons named Phobos and Deimos. My first personality is I’m very independent I like to stay to myself a lot, even when I need help, I could be screaming for help on the inside and not ask. It takes a lot out of me to ask for help, plus I grow up in a huge family for 11 siblings and I am the youngest to think I would like to play with them, but I wouldn’t it, I would be sitting by myself doing whatever I wanted to do. My second personality is impatient, I have a problem with that since I was a kid. I don’t like playing the guessing games, my friends know when they need to tell me something, they just go straight to the point otherwise I will stare at blank face like something is wrong with them if they want me to try to guess. Or if they are like guess what happened to me today at school, I would ask them what happened if they continue what me to guess, then I usually say that it wasn’t important to begin with and then I would leave without saying anything. One whole day on Mars is 37 minutes longer than on earth and a year on earth is 365 days but on Mars is 687 days but this is because Mars moves at a slower pace around the sun. Mars has the biggest volcano, its three times bigger than Mount Everest and its call Olympus Mons and it has the longest dust storm in the solar system it can last for months and it can cover the whole planet. Mars is small but big with attitudes because it’s half the size of Earth ad it’s twice the days in a year, has the biggest mountain on it and the longest dust storm. I am a short person when it comes to height but my attitude isn’t as big as Mars but I have an attituded; I don’t not like people walking over me or anybody if I see that I mostly say something to that person and I get irritated fast, one little tiny thing can change my mood completely but also one tiny thing can make my mood a whole lot better, I could be in a bad day but I passed by a road that has pretty flowers that warms my heart.

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